Google Cr-48 Laptop Ships With Sticker Pack For Custom Look

Google has started shipping its new Cr-48 laptop shipments with a sticker pack that now allows you to customise your laptop to your own tastes. Google are shipping their Cr-48 without any of the normal graphics card and processor manufacture advertising graphics and comes shipped as a lovely sticker free matte black laptop ready for you to personalise.

Google Cr-48 Stickers

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White iPhone 4 Soon To Go On Sale In The UK

Yesterday we told you that the elusive white iPhone 4 had appeared in AT&T’s inventory, now it looks like it will shortly be available in the UK as it has appeared on the websites of two mobile operators, Three and Orange.

Both websites have the white iPhone 4 listed, although you can’t order them yet, so we suspect they will be available very soon.

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iPhone 5 And iPad 2 To Feature NFC

We have been hearing rumors for quite some time on the new features that will launch with the new iPad 2 and iPhone 5, now Bloomberg are reporting that the new iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will feature NFC capabilities.

NFC or Near Field Communication would add a range of interesting new features to the iPhone 5 and iPad 2, one of those could be a new mobile payment system.

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Google Cloud Print For Mobile Lets Your Print From Your Smartphone

Google has just announced that it has expanded its cloud printing service, and you can now print documents from your smartphone, which includes printing mobile documents and also documents from Gmail for mobile.

You can now print out documents from Google Docs and also Gmail directly from your smartphone to your printer, and Google are obviously looking to take on Apple’s AirPrint service.

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Will Apple Sell The iPad Alongside The iPad 2?

We are expecting Apple to announce the second generation iPad or iPad 2 within the next couple of weeks, possibly on the 9th of February, but what will happen to the original iPad.

Will Apple stop selling the original iPad, or will they continue to sell it alongside the new iPad 2 at a reduced price, this would be the logical thing for Apple to do as the original iPad is one of the most popular tablets, with sales of 14 million in 2010.

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New Bulletstorm Trailer Makes Anatomical Predictions About Combos

I kind of liked Bulletstorm when it looked like a laid back unapologetic game’s game. This, though, the distinct and careful pronunciation of every curse word known to man kind makes it look like it’s trying way too hard.

Also, if you were worried that Cliff Bleszinski’s musings on the game’s vaunted inspiration, the exquisite space western Firefly, mean that all the cactus impaling will take a back seat to a half decent plot, don’t fire up that online petition just yet.

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Disney Firing Some Of The Epic Mickey Developers At Junction Point

How is it that huge corporations are still forgetting that most people walk around with tiny machines in their pocket that have the ability to disseminate any scrap of information to millions of people who will gladly pass it along?

Or rather, how is it that they don’t care enough to remember? Not that if Disney, in this case, did, it would even bother to put any spin on the subject. Everyone knows the lay of the land by now.

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Handyscope App And Gadget Turns Any iPhone Into A Dermascope

Handyscope, dermascope, what’s the difference? Handyscope is the optical attachment that transforms your iPhone into a dermascope, which a dermatologist can use to properly examine your skin. But the whole gadget isn’t complete with its own app, which allows the iPhone to multiply its magnification power for observing awful acne.

iPhone dermascope 02

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Active Media Products SaberTooth ZF SSD Upgrades Small Ultraportables

If you are the user of a small ultraportable notebook or netbook that uses a 1.8-inhc HDD or SSD and you want an upgrade the choices are slim. Active Media Products unveiled a new upgrade option today called the SaberTooth ZF turbo ZIF SSD that is a direct upgrade for many small machines on the market.

SaberTootj ZF SSD

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