Virgin Galactic Lands NASA Suborbital Testing Contract

Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s Virgin Group company developing space tourism spacecraft to make it possible for almost anyone to visit the final frontier at an affordable price. Has this week announced it has signed a contract with NASA to carry experimental technology and research equipment to the boundary between the Earth and space.

Virgin Galactic Lands NASA

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Facebook Revamps Facebook Gaming

It looks like Facebook has been waiting to launch its revamped gaming platform on Facebook, just a couple of hours after Google+ rolled out Google+ games, Facebook has announced that they have updated their gaming platform.

Facebook have made a number of changes to Facebook Games, which include a new game ticker, more room to play with a bigger gaming screen within your Facebook page, and the ability to bookmark your favourite games.

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Free Nintendo 3DS Games Offer Ends Tonight

We knew ambassadors in war zones tend to be short-lived, but Nintendo’s seem more akin to mayflies at this point. You may be familiar with Nintendo’s massive 3DS price cut meant to push the slow-selling handheld out of the rut it’s been inhabiting. You may even have heard of the Nintendo Ambassador program, which aims to pacify the early adopters feeling cheated by said price drop.

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Resident Evil’s Paul WS Anderson: Directors Don’t Know Video Games

Much like a Resident Evil zombie, director Paul WS Anderson is turning against his own kind. In keeping with the zombie theme, he asserted that “a lot of video game movies are made by directors who don’t know the video games they are based on from a hole in the head.” Some would argue, and by some we mean us here at Geeky Gadgets, that the not knowing games part isn’t the worst. The worst is not caring.

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Vuzix Debuts Cool Wrap 1200 Video Glasses

Like the idea of video glasses where you can wear these shades and get a giant virtual screen rather than having to watch on your smartphone or notebook screen. The reality is it’s very hard to not look like a weirdo sitting on an airplane wearing these glasses. Vuzix has unveiled a new set of glasses called the Wrap 1200 that simulate a 75-inch screen.

Wrap 1200

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35mm Camera Kit Is A Scale Modelers Dream

Ever have fond memories of scale model kits? We do. The heady smell of glue, the maddening precision, and the marvelous process of putting together a machine broken down into small plastic parts. Those days are dead and gone as the fine art remains the predominant preserve of young men.

That doesn’t mean unused skills will fade into distant memory. Seen below is a 135 Model camera currently available online for $13. When it’s shipped it comes in an assembly kit.

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Firefox 7 Will Use Up To 50 Percent Less Memory Than Previous Versions

If you have used Firefox for extended periods over the last couple of years you will already be aware that earlier version of Firefox have suffered from memory issues when its been used heavily for extended periods. Mozilla is already aware of this and in recent version tried to tackle the issues with some effect. With huge steps being taken in the right direction with their current version 5.

But with Firefox 7 Mozilla is hoping to crush the memory issues even further, users should see Firefox 7 using less memory than earlier versions, often 20% to 30% less, and sometimes as much as 50% less say Mozilla.

Firefox 7

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Kinect “Monkey Business” Wireless Puppet (video)

Ralph Kistler and Jan Sieber have teamed up and used a Microsoft Kinect motion controller, a handful of servo’s and a cuddly teddy. To create and interactive installation where users can move in front of a teddy and see it mimic their movements, like a wireless puppet.

First a wired frame skeleton was created and fitted with servo’s controller by the Kinect and a micro controller, the skeleton was then carefully inserted inside the cuddly teddy. Watch the video of how the mechanics were created and the final Monkey Business Interactive Installation in action after the jump.

Kinect Monkey Business Interactive Installation

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Apple Patent Reveals Plans For Projectors In iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

We have been hearing rumors for a while now that Apple is working to integrate projectors into future iOS devices, and now Patently Apple has discovered a new Apple patent which give us an idea of how Apple plans to integrate projectors in future iOS smartphones and tablets.

The new patent applications was published by the US patent & Trademark office today, and it shows that Apple is also looking to produce a projector accessory for its MacBook range as well as integrating projectors into iOS devices.

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PixelInvaders, Open Source LED Matrix Project (Video)

We just got an email from Michael Vogt from PixelInvaders to let us know about his new project, PixelInvaders, which is an open source hardware project for artists, and it is made from 3D RGB LED panels.

The PixelInvaders is capable of playing back real time generated video animations, the video below shows it in action, and multiple panels can be connected together to make larger displays.

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