Raspberry PI $25 Computer Coming In December

The last thing we heard about the Raspberry PI was that the company behind the device was getting ready to launch it now and it would appear that the PI will go on sale in December.

The Raspberry PI is a low cost computer that will retail for $25, and it is designed to make access to computers affordable for schools and people in developing nations, and it looks like the first ones will ship next month.

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Libratone Live AirPlay Cashmere Covered Ribbon Speakers Launched

You might remember the cashmere clad Libratone Live AirPlay speaker from back in July when they were first unveiled. Well if you had set your heart on one and were waiting for them to arrive in stores you will be pleased to know they are now available to purchase for around $700.

The wireless Libratone Live ribbon speakers support Airplay and have been designed to provide the sound of an an “acoustic instrument filling the entire room with sound.”  Reflecting the sound off the walls, to provide a  360° sound.

Libratone Live AirPlay speaker

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Nokia Cancels Nokia 600 Symbian Smartphone

Back in August Nokia announced three new Symbian smartphones that would come with Symbian Belle, one of those was the new Nokia 600, but now it would appear that the company has decided not to release the Nokia 600.

The Nokia 600 was due to go on sale for about 180 Euros and it featured a 1 GHz processor, a 5 megapixel camera, NFC, Bluetooth, and lots more, obviously Nokia has decided to focus its efforts on other devices.

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Nokia Lumia 710 To Hit T-Mobile US In January?

Nokia’s first new Windows Phone smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 800 will go on sale in Europe later this month, the other Windows Phone handset that Nokia announced was the Lumia 710.

When it was announced Nokia said it would be available in early 2012, and now according to a recent report it could be headed to T-Mobile in the US, some time in January, which would tie in with what Nokia has said previously about launching their Windows Phone devices in the US.

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LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker Camera, Uses 35mm Film And Hand Cranking To Create Movies (video)

If you have a pile of old unused 35mm film reels sitting around your home or office just gathering dust. This new LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker camera will allow you to create some very unique films by converting them into hand cranked miniature movies.

The LomoKino Super 35 will accept any 35 mm film cartridge and in 60 seconds snaps 144 images allowing you to recreate your very own Charlie Chaplin styled movie. Watch a demonstration of what can be achieved with a few 35mm reels of film and a little hand cranking with the LomoKino Super 35 after the jump.

LomoKino Super 35

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Nokia To Bring Tethering To Lumia 800 Windows Phone

Nokia recently announced its first Windows Phone devices, the Nokia Lumia 710 and the Nokia Lumia 800, the Lumia 800 will go on sale in Europe later this month, and it looks like Nokia will be releasing a software update to add new features to their flagship Windows Phone.

According to the guys over at Win Rumors the update for the Nokia Lumia 800 will ad the ability for WiFi tethering, and you will be able to connect other devices to it, a feature which is available in other Windows 7.5 devices.

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Need For Speed : The Run, New Multiplayer Trailer Unveiled (video)

EA it has today released a new trailer for its up-and-coming Need For Speed : The Run game which shows you a glimpse of what you can expect from the multiplayer side once it’s released. Allowing you to race against other players for virtual pink slips.

The teaser trailer also shows a number of new features which will allow you to earn extra bonuses as well as a new Autolog functionality. Together with the ability to create playlists of the various race types. Watch the new multiplayer trailer after the jump.

Need For Speed-The Run

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Miniature Surveillance Insects Under Development By The Military (video)

It may come as no surprise to you to know but the American Airforce is currently deep into the developments stages of creating surveillance insects which can fly wherever needed to provide reconnaissance and intelligence without the enemy even knowing.

The small winged surveillance insect pictured below has no camera connected to it but shows just how far the research has already come. Also if the US Air Force is happy to show details of the developments you can bet the stage they are probably on at the moment is far removed from the image below. For more information on the development of these new surveillance insects by the micro-aviary indoor flight test lab watch the video after the jump.

Surveillance Insects

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LG Optimus 3D Gingerbread Update Coming This Month

It looks like the LG Optimus 3D will be finally getting the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update, and according to the guys over at Android Central the update should be released on the 21st of November.

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread update will bring a range of new features to the LG Optimus 3D, as well as some new 3D specific features which include 3D video editing and 3D to 2D video conversion at higher bit rates.

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Apple Planning To Add DropBox Like Feature To iCloud?

Apple recently launched iOS 5 and iCloud, along with the new iPhone 4S,, in our iPhone 4S review, where we also tested Apple’s new iCloud service, we noticed one feature that was missing, the ability to store files in iCloud like you used to be able to do with Apple’s MobileMe service.

This is one thing that iCloud is missing, and a feature that many previous MobileMe users, myself included will miss, but it would appear that Apple may have plans to add some sort of file storage service into iCloud, possibly something similar to DropBox.

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Finder Concept Allows You To Find Those Lost Belongings

If you are like me and misplace your car keys or mobile phone just as you are about to dash out of the house. A new concept called Finder has been designed which uses RFID tags to help you locate those lost items quickly. Just make sure you don’t miss place the Finder itself.

The system works by allowing you to attach small RFID tags to your belongings which are then used to locate them when they lost by using the Finder device, as demonstrated in the picture below.


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