Fast Food Delivery Service Unveils Eatensil Multitool

Like to eat? Then the Eatensil is for you. Think of a Swiss Knife, but instead of tools it has got several utensils for the consumption of food. This particular gadget is the creation of fast food purveyor Just Eat and suits a variety of food situations, be it Chinese take out or the golden cheesiness of pepperoni pizza.


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Xploderz Water Gun Is Serious Firepower

Sure, this might be a gadget blog, but the degree of sophistication some toys have these days can still surprise us. Seen below is the Xploderz X Stormer 1000, a particularly non-lethal water gun that fires solidified H2O projectiles at a target. It’s a clever hybrid of paint ball technology and traditional water guns, meaning you can still manage to get people messy during a particularly vicious exchange of gleeful fire.

Xploderz gun

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Russia To Deploy Bomb Proof Toilets

Bearing in mind a long series of suicide bombings in the last several years, Russian authorities have made it known that a special kind of public toilet will be available to the common citizenry soon. Claiming that it’s “vandal and terrorist proof,” the concrete covered toilet also has a few automatic features that would put lesser receptacles to shame. It might not be the height of glamor, but it’s safe to say surviving the Singularity and the rise of the machines is do-able while you’re sitting on this throne.

Russia Toilet

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Brainwave Activated Brain Bulb Lights Up Great Ideas

So at a recent Maker Faire Bay Area event this Jeri Ellsworth chick walks in with a bulb in her head. Is she daft? Certainly not. But brilliant, yes. What’s it for? Humor and big ideas. But lets focus on the latter: Ms. Jeri wanted to bring to reality the longstanding tradition of having a bulb go on in someone’s head every time an idea hit them. She wanted it literal and went about the task with aplomb.

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Is England Unprepared For A Zombie Apocalypse?

If the frank admission of the Leicester city government is anything to go by, then the answer is ‘no.’ Anyway, who is?

While the gist of this post is humorous, the evidence of its subject is rock hard and most grave (get it?). A concerned citizen of Leicester, fearful of such a terrifying event, requested to be informed of the exact measures the local gov was prepared to take in case of zombie attack/infection. Thanks to it being a Freedom of Information request, the local gov obliged. According to information governance rep Lynn Wyeth, Leicester can’t do much. So that’s a ‘no’ for preparedness.

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Sony’s Vita-PS3 Link Might Look A Lot Like Wii U Functionality

Seems Sony’s gotten “borrowing” down to an art form and is now proceeding to draw inspiration from the Wii U’s seamless switch between a separate portable console-like controller and the TV screen before the console is even out. Or, as it would have us believe, its developers are, as according to Sony, devs who have had the Vita for a while have been playing with similar ideas.

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Nintendo Wii U Only Supports One WiiPad

Well, it’s a good thing Nintendo managed to keep this little tidbit under wraps during E3, or the – um – less than toasty reception the Wii U received might have turned into a full on blizzard. In fact, we’re slightly amazed nobody there thought to ask this earlier and it certainly hadn’t even occurred to us that for all the hype surrounding this controller, the Wii U will only support one.

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Facebook Inbox, Free Speech Targeted By Blatantly Unconstitutional Tennessee Law

At least video games are off the hook in the latest well-meaning, but supremely misguided attempt by American politicians to legislate right over protected speech, or in this case image sharing over the Internet in the state of Tennessee. Offenders who “transmit or display an image” online that could “frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress” can find themselves at the receiving end of a hefty fine, or even jail time. So, even if the image turns up in a Google search, the poster is responsible and ripe for a lawsuit.

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Windows 8 Getting Xbox Live Integration

For those of you still baffled by Microsoft’s distressing near neglect of its by now embarrassing Games for Windows service, this bit of news may shed some light on the matter. Apparently the plan is to deeply integrate Windows 8 and Xbox Live, similar to the way the service has been integrated in Microsoft’s mobile offering, Windows Phone 7.

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Apple iCloud Not Supporting Windows XP

We strongly suspect all the support Apple has shown the venerable Microsoft OS with iTunes and Mobile Me has mostly been a way of keeping people from buying shiny new copies of Windows 7, but that’s all coming to an end with Apple’s music-streaming iCloud, which won’t be featuring Windows XP support and will need either a Vista or Windows 7 PC to run.

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Three Suspected PSN Hackers Arrested in Spain

Three suspected Anonymous members thought to be involved in the April PSN attack that took down the network for the better part of a month have been taken into custody by Spanish Police. One of the servers used in the attack has also been recovered. The capture in itself is hardly surprising, an operation of this magnitude was bound to mobilize law enforcement agencies, especially with the FBI on the case.

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