Hardcore Nerd News: Mysterious Particle Could Avert Climate Change

Ever been told/read/ever been informed about Criegee biradicals? If not, that’s perfectly okay. For the last six or seven decades since they were first hypothesized, Criegee biradicals were not even thought to exist. For that simple reason, no one bothered with any research on them. But wait, because at long last, Criegee biradicals could soon be getting the recognition they deserve.


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Nike Teases High End Golf Putter, Give Release Date

Truth be told, this writer isn’t much of a golf buff, but the compelling aspects that define Nike’s concept Method putter are pretty attractive. Inspired by the sexy contours and vivid profile of sports cars, the new Method putter from Nike is already being promoted as a gentleman golfer’s must-have. According to sources, it will be available for orders by the middle of next month.

Nike Concept Putter

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Sunflower Trend Catches On In Solar Power Industry

Since smart folks over at MIT and Aachen Uni get to do all the cool research no one else has the time for these days, new findings have revealed that sunflowers could make a huge difference in the nascent solar power business. It’s fundamentally about design, especially how sunflowers are themselves patterned by mother nature to optimally absorb sunlight. For proof, just mesmerize yourself with the pic below. It’s entrancing, to say the least.

Sunflower center

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Israeli Design Studio Outs Weird Manifold Clock, Need Funding (Video)

Looking at the Manifold Clock from the people at Studio Ve does inspire that much hated exclamation: ‘Look ma, no hands!’ True that. Because in lieu of hands, the Manifold has a flexible sheet of Tyvek that’s contorted as it slowly spins throughout the day. Turns out some sort of quasi-philosophical mindset was applied to this odd clock. According to the creators, since time is such an enigmatic concept why not impart this conundrumic idea to the time-watcher?

Manifold Clock

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Portable Ion Proton Sequencer Maps A Genome A Day

All thanks to the Ion Torrent semiconductor. Turns out this great innovation—a portable genome sequencing machine—owes its success to breakthroughs in chips. The company that builds the Ion Proton chip that goes into the Ion Proton Sequencer pictured down south is due (at the earliest) in mid-2012 is called Ion Torrent. If you’re already confused by the different names involved, that’s understandable.

Ion Proton Sequencer

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Scottevest Boxer Briefs Come With Dedicated iPhone Pouch

In case you’re the type who forgets to wear pants and ends up walking down the street without trousers, then this might be a good idea. Or maybe you aren’t comfortable having your sweet iPhone in a mere pants pocket; wanting more intimacy with the device, it’s better off if it were ensconced in the warmth of your briefs.

Scottevest boxers

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Doomed Russian Satellite To Crash Either Today Or Tomorrow

Remember Phobos-Grunt? It got written about as early as November last year when its dramatic launch from the Baikonour-Cosmodrome was royally screwed by engine failure. It might have made it to the stars but it has gone nowhere since. Ideally Phobos-Grunt should have reached Mars by now and launched a rover, which would give the Russian space program a lot of extra bragging rights. Instead, the historic mission has become a black eye for the Russkies and it’s likely they’re relieved Phobos-Grunt is going to crash somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Oh wait, nope.


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

In our Samsung Galaxy Nexus review we look at Google’s latest Nexus smartphone, and it comes with a range of impressive specifications, plus the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is Google’s third Nexus smartphone, and probably the most anticipated Android device to be released to date, as it is the first smartphone to launch with Android 4.0.

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Look Further Into Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window

Innovation is one way to get ahead and Samsung is hoping its new 46-inch LCD panel will get the interest of many. So what’s new from the South Korean company? It’s the new Transparent Smart Window, which, as the name suggests, is transparent and allows the user to get a glance of the view at the back of the screen.

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RIM Showcases In-Car System Powered By QNX

The recent CES showed off several cars integrated with those cool apps and not to be outdone, Research In Motion’s QNX platform was taken for a spin at a Porsche 911. QNX engineers placed a capacitive screen as replacement for the Porsche’s head unit to control RIM’s platform and the result was a more attractive and intuitive user experience, from VOIP calls to navigation.

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