Intel Wireless Charging Bowl Launching Before End Of Year

Intel Charging Bowl

Intel has this month announced that their new Intel Charging Bowl which was first mentioned earlier in the year, will soon be available to purchase and will be made available before the end of the year.

The new Intel Smart Wireless Charging Bowl measures 10 inches in diameter and will allow you to easily charge your mobile devices by simply placing them in a bowl.

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Grand Theft Auto V PC Game May Include First Person Mode (Rumour)


The highly anticipated launch of the new Grand Theft Auto V PC version will be taking place on January 27th 2015 and now details have surfaced that could indicate Rockstar has been developing a first person mode for their new GTA V PC game.

The GTA 5 PC version has been a long time coming and the addition of a new first-person mode to the game might explain the delays in releasing the new title on to the PC.

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Nexus 9 Tablet From HTC Close To Release

Nexus 9

The last thing we heard about the new HTC Nexus 9 tablet, was that the device will launch some time in October, and now according to a recent report, Google and HTC are getting ready to release the device.

Google and HTC have apparently been working together on the Nexus 9 tablet for the last year, although neither company has confirmed the existence of the tablet.

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Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing (video)

iphone-6 unboxing

On Friday last week Apple opened sales of their new range of iPhone 6 smartphones from its retail stores, sparking long queues outside each as early adapters wanted to get their hands on the new iPhone 6 smartphones. Check out a couple of Apple iPhone 6 unboxing videos after the jump.

Apple launched two new iPhone 6 devices last week in the form of the iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus which is equipped with a larger 5.5 screen.

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Minecraft for Windows Phone is coming

MinecraftwindowsMinecraft is insanely popular. Unless you have been living in a cave you know this already. The game is available on a wide variety of platforms, but sadly Microsoft’s Windows Phone is not one of them. That may change soon, since Microsoft acquired the company behind Minecraft. No big surprise there. If you own it, use it on all of your platforms.

When asked if he could promise the release of Minecraft for Windows Phone, Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer replied yes. It was first rumored weeks ago, that Microsoft was interested in acquiring Mojang, the company that’s behind Minecraft. There was no official confirmation right away from the company, but last week it made the announcement that it had paid well over $2 billion for Mojang. That’s a ton of dough.
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Cortana will now define words


Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual private assistant exclusive to the Windows Phone platform, although the rumor is that Cortana will be coming to Windows 9 soon as well. In the past, the company has said that Cortana will be updated twice a month, so they are certainly serious about improving the feature set. That is good news if Microsoft Cortana is to compete with Siri.

The latest feature is a good one. Cortana now has the ability to define words.
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The New Moto X Will Not Come To Sprint

Moto X

Earlier this month, Motorola unveiled the new Moto X with upgraded specifications. There’s a bad news for customers waiting for the handset to land on Sprint in the US.

Motorola Mobility confirmed to a Sprint customer via Twitter that the new Moto X will not hit Sprint in the US. This should come as a disappointing news for Sprint customers as they have to switch to other carriers if they want to get the new flagship from Motorola.

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Verizon iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Gets VoLTE

iPhone 6

Not too long ago, Verizon kicked off its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service with a limited number of handsets, enabling the Advance Calling feature which also made its way to the LG G2.

The list of devices also includes the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, giving users the ability to simultaneously use voice and data over LTE. This should definitely give the new a feature a boost.

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Vodafone Buys 140 Phones 4U Stores, Saves 887 Jobs


Earlier this month, Phones 4U, a popular retailer in the UK, went into administration after carriers decided not to renew their contract. The decision also affected over 5,000 jobs, out which 800 were taken by Dixons Carphone.

Recently, it was also announced that Vodafone will buy 140 Phones 4U stores in the UK, saving almost 887 jobs. The stores will be re-branded to Vodafone stores in the coming weeks, but the deal is awaiting court approval.

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