FlowPaw Teaches Computer Coding By Building Gizmo Projects (video)

Learn Computer Coding

Anyone interested in learning to code or would like to help someone else learn, may be interested in a new educational coding platform called FlowPaw which has been designed to make learning computer coding interactive, fun and engaging.

Designed by DSP Robotics based in London the FlowPaw comes complete with its own drag-and-drop software which enables learners to create gizmos quickly and efficiently and see how they work.

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BMW M2 Coupe Coming In 2015

BMW M2 Coupe

BMW recently launched their new 2 series coupe which replaced their previous 1 series coupe, and now it looks like the company has a high end M version on the way, the BMW M2

According to Autocar the new BMW M2 will launch in 2015, the car is said to come with a turbocharge 2.0 litre six cylinder engine with around 370HP.

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Bitcasa Unlimited Cloud Storage Scrapped In New Infrastructure

Bitcasa Unlimited Cloud Storage

Bitcasa the cloud storage company that made a name for itself by offering customers unlimited cloud storage via its Infinite plan, has today announced that unfortunately it has too close the Bitcasa unlimited cloud storage package due to abuse and underuse.

While closing the Bitcasa unlimited cloud storage on November 15th 2014, Bitcasa has also announced a range of new packages that are available ranging from 1TB up to 10TB. 1 TB for $9.99 per month, 1 TB for $99.00 per year or 10 TB for $999.00 per year.

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Nexus 5 Back In The Google Play Store

nexus 5

Google recently pulled the Nexus 5 from their Google Play Store, the handset was removed before the launch of the new Google Nexus 6, and many people thought that the nexus 6 would replace the Nexus 5.

Good news if you have been wanting to buy the Google Nexus 5, as the device is back on the Google Play Store, and it retails for the same price as it was available for previously.

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Users Reporting Crashes And Continual Reboots

iphone-6 plus

Some owners of the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus smartphone which launched earlier this month have been reporting that their Apple smartphones have been crashing causing the mobile device to go into a loop which continuously reboots.

Some Apple iPhone 6 Plus owners claim to be on their fourth replacement device after taking them to Apple stores to be repaired. Although it does seem to be only effecting the larger storage 128GB iPhone 6 Plus.

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Oppo To Announce Another Device With Oppo N3 This Month

Oppo N3

Oppo has been teasing their latest smartphone over the last few week, the new Oppo N3, the handset will be made official at a press event on the 29th of October.

Oppo has now released a new teaser photo, which you can see below, and it shows the Oppo N3 hidden under a curtain, although there is another device next to the handset, so it looks like the company has something else as well to announce.

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Easy-Macro Lens Offers Easy Smartphone Macro Photography (video)

Smartphone Macro

Anyone who enjoys taking photographs with their smartphone but would like to engage in a little more smartphone macro photography. Might be interested in a range of macro smartphone lenses created by Adam Hicks for both iOS and Android devices.

The Easy-Macro smartphone macro lens is available in either 2x, 4x, and 10x magnifications and can be backed over on the Kickstarter with pledges starting from just $13. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Easy-Macro lens and see it in action.

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LG G3 Android Lollipop Update May Land By End Of 2014

LG G3 Android Lollipop

Google is expected to start rolling out the Android 5.0 Lollipop update early next month, and now we have some possible details on the release date for the LG G3 Android Lollipop update.

There have been rumors that we would have to wait until early next year for the LG G3 Android Lollipop update to be released, although according to a recent report, the update will hit handsets before the end of 2014.

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Rest Composure Apple Watch Charger Dock Announced

rest composure

The Apple Watch will go on sale some time in early 2015, and now one company is getting ready to launch a dock for Apple’s new smartwatch, called the Rest Composure.

The Rest Composure is designed to dock and charge the Apple Watch, and it integrates the new Apple Watch Magsafe Adapter, meaning it can be place on your desk or any other flat surface to dock the new smartwatch.

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3D Camera Equipped Dell Venue 8 7000 Tablet Unveiled For $499

Dell Venue 8 7000

Dell has today in a roundabout way unveiled details of the new Dell Venue 8 7000 release date and price by making available a new web page where consumers who have a voucher to claim a free Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet can request one.

In the small text underneath the application form Dell reveals that the Venue 8 7000 is worth $499 and that shipping will commence towards the end of November.

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