BlackBerry Oslo Smartphone Leaked


A photo and some specifications have been leaked of a new BlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry Oslo which is apparently going to launch later this year.

The BlackBerry Oslo appears to have a similar design to the BlackBerry Passport with a touchscreen display and a three row QWERTY keyboard.

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Google Cardboard VR Certification Program Launches

Google Cardboard VR

Starting today, manufacturers and designers that are creating Google Cardboard devices and app can now apply for a program Google Cardboard VR certification badge, enabling potential users to know, at a glance, that a VR viewer works great with Cardboard apps and games.

Since its launch 100’s of Google Cardboard applications have been created and are now available to download via the Google Play store, as well as a variety of different Google Cardboard visors that have been created in a wide variety of different materials and can even be 3D printing at home.

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Apple To Offer Apple Watch Basics Workshops In Apple Stores

Apple Watch

Apple are launching their new Apple Watch next Friday the 24th of April, although you wont actually be able to buy the device in Apple retail stores until June.

Apple will be offering a new Apple Watch Basics workshop in their retail stores from next Friday, where people will get an introduction to their new Apple Watch (if they manage to get one) and its features.

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Office 365 Video Launched By Microsoft For Internal Communications

Office 365 Video

Microsoft has today launched a new service for Office 365 users in the form of the new Microsoft Office 365 Video feature. That takes the form an intranet website portal where people can login post and view videos within your business or organisation.

The new service is like a private YouTube service for companies to use to post internal marketing materials, tutorials or anything else they can think of.

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Nextion Low Cost High Performance TFT HMI Series (video)


Makers, developers and hobbyists that are looking for an objective orientated display solution to reduce the development time and difficulty whilst creating projects may be interested in a new piece of hardware that is being launched over on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website called Nextion.

The Nextion UART TFT HMI LCD allows you to stop using the GUI library, enabling you to build your user interface in a WYSIWYG editor on your PC, and then easily download and install it on the  LCD Nextion.
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Adobe Previews New 3D Features For Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC

This week at the 3D Printshow taking place in New York, Adobe has taken the opportunity to showcase previews of three new features that will soon be available to use their Photoshop CC app.

Adobe revealed thathte new features will allow users to automatically adjust 3D object resolution as well as quickly and powerfully convert images into bump maps that can be applied to the surfaces of 3D objects.
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Chrome For iPhone And iPad Updated


Google has released a new version of Chrome for Apple’s iOS and the new version of Google’s web browser comes with some new feature.

The new version of Google Chrome for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is designed for faster browsing and quicker access to voice search, you can see some of the features included in the update below.

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WindMap Wireless Wind Monitor That Connects To Your Smartphone, Tablet Or Web (video)

WindMap Wireless Wind Monitor

If your outdoor sports such as sailing, windsurfing or kiteboarding require you having knowledge of the wind including its direction and speed or you just like to know as a point of curiosity.

You might be interested in a new wireless wind monitor that has been created by Vaton Technologies called the WindMap. WindMap has been specifically designed to provide accurate when data using a wireless wind monitor that can be connected directly to your smartphone, tablet or website to deliver HyperLocal RealTime wind data.

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Now Available For Pre-Download And Digital Pre-Order (video)

Witcher 3

Witcher fans will be pleased to know that from today the game is now available for digital pre-order and pre-download ahead of its official release next month.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will finally be officially launching on May 19th 2015 after a few delays that have pushed back the original launch. Check out the gameplay demo below to whet your appetite before the games launch.

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