Netflix says that Comcast is costing it customers

netflix logoEven though Netflix has been vocal about net neutrality, the company has had to give in several times and enter into peering agreements with major Internet service providers like Comcast. Even though they would rather not. Netflix says that this is because Comcast was costing it customers.

You might remember that Netflix recently petitioned the FCC to deny Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable. There are several potential issues with the proposed business move and one of them was details on how Comcast’s past throttling actions have cost the company customers.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Press Render Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most eagerly awaited device of the year. Samsung has teased the device on a number of occasions in the past.

Rumors suggest the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will take some design cues from the recently announced Galaxy Alpha, and we’ve seen that in a few leaked images as well. Recently, a press render of the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has surfaced, which shows an almost similar device as we’ve seen in leaked images before.

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Apple iPhone 6 To Come With NFC Chip (Rumor)

iPhone 6 NFC

Some images of the logic board of the alleged iPhone 6 have leaked several times in the past, revealing that the NFC may finally be a part of the iPhone 6.

Recently, Feld n Volk, the luxury iPhone maker, revealed some images of the logic board of the iPhone 6. The images reveal that the NFC chip is also present on the logic board of the purported device.

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Xiaomi To Sell 40,000 Redmi 1S Handsets on September 2nd Via Flipkart


Xiaomi has started selling its handsets in markets outside China, and it seems the company is getting its fair share of success in those regions. The Chinese OEM launched the Xiaomi Mi3 in India, which went on sale several times in the past few weeks and hardly took a few seconds to sell out.

Now, the company is expanding its product portfolio in India by introducing the budget-friendly Redmi 1S, which will go on sale from September 2nd and will come with a Rs. 5,999 ($99).

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Moto Maker Down, New Smartphones Coming?

Moto Maker

If you visit the Moto Maker website, you’ll be greeted with a message that it’s getting a tune up. While it’s mere speculation, there’s a chance we may get to see new handsets up on the website when it comes back, or it could merely be just a maintenance update.

Motorola has scheduled an event next week, but the company is not going to IFA 2014 in Berlin. The company has already sent press invites to the media about their event on September 4th, where the company is expected to launch a number of devices.

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OnePlus to Abandon the Invite System from October

OnePlus One

Oneplus One is one of the best Android devices available in the market right now, but it’s not easy to get yourself a unit. To score a OnePlus One, customers need an invite which are given as a part of contests going on OnePlus’s website or via a person who already owns one.

This may have restricted the sales of the handset since it’s not widely available as other flagship devices. However, things are about to change in the near future as the company mentioned that they are going to abandon the invite system starting October.

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Image of Moto X+1 With A Leather Back Leaked

Moto X+1

Motorola did mention about the Moto X successor at MWC 2014 earlier this year, and we’ve heard countless number of rumors that it will come with more customization options, as well as top-notch specifications.

We’ve already seen the press render of the device, courtesy of @evleaks who revealed it as a retirement gift. And now, TkTechNews has shared an image of the Moto X+1 in all its glory, with a leather back.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Certified in China

Xperia z3

Sony Xperia Z3 appears to be a minor upgrade over the Sony Xperia Z2 which was announced earlier this year at MWC 2014. The device is also expected to launch in the US, with rumors hinting that Sprint may carry the device when it launches.

Recently, the alleged Sony Xperia Z3 also passed certification in China, suggesting that we may get to see the device in the coming weeks.

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Nike+ Running App Announced for Samsung Gear S

Nike+ Running

Samsung appears to be on the right path with its new Samsung Gear S smartwatch. Not too long ago, the Korean company signed a deal with Nokia to bring the HERE maps navigation service to the Galaxy handsets as well as the Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

It appears that it’s not just Nokia, Samsung has also partnered with Nike to bring the Nike+ Running app to Samsung Gear S when it launches in October.

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Apple iPhone 6 To Feature 1GB Of RAM (Rumor)

iphone 6

It’s raining iPhone 6 leaks from the past few days. We got to see leaked images, rear shell of the alleged iPhone 6 and what not in the past few weeks.

Previously, a rumor suggested that iPhone 6 will feature the same amount of RAM as the iPhone 5S, that is, 1GB. Well, now another report mentioned that the purported iPhone 6 will indeed feature 1GB of RAM.

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