Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls Sequel Trailer & Release Date Revealed

Hot on the heels of From Software’s information slip yesterday, they’ve now decided to just dump the whole thing into our laps and by the whole thing I mean Dark Souls, formerly known as the Dark Project and affectionately known by masochists everywhere as “my next fix of Demon’s Souls after the servers for the first one will inevitably close down.”

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Company Of Heroes Online Has Been Cancelled, THQ Shifting Priorities

It’s usually sad to see a great game canceled, but when that game is actually an RTS that had a solid five-year run and the only thing that’s getting canceled is its brush with MMO-dom, then I guess it’s sort of palatable.

And if you’re still sore about THQ canceling the beta, consider the fact that it’s about the cost of a McDonald’s meal on Steam and you can have your fill of online play for no charge whatsoever in perpetuity afterward. Or as long as the servers are open.

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Microsoft Creates H.264 Video Plugin For Chrome

Only weeks after Google announced that its Chrome browser would be dropping the H.264 video encoder Mircosoft has now released a H.264 plugin for Chrome.

The new Micosoft plugin uses Windows Media Player to load the video format when Google’s Chrome browser sees an HTML5-based video but doesn’t have a WebM version available. Microsoft has already made a similar plug-in for Firefox which has never supported the H.264 video encoder, for use with Windows 7.


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Skype Competitor Viber Reaches 10 million Downloads

Viber the alternative VoIP to Skype we featured back in December last year, when it was originally launched as an iPhone application. Has now passed a significant milestone reporting it has had over 10 million downloads of its iPhone App in just two months.

Development is also under way for an Android version of the app that should be arriving in the Android Market sometime in March. Watch a video of the new Android app in action on a Samsung Galaxy after the jump.


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The Daily iPad Newspaper Gets Official

Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp has officially unveiled  The Daily in the US, and this iPad only publication will be available in the US from iTunes at 12pm EST.

The Daily will cost $0.99 per week or you can also purchase an annual subscription for $39.99, and according to the press announcements The Daily will features 360 degree photos, and high definition videos.

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Gameloft RPG Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden Arrives On iOS Devices Tomorrow (video)

The new Gameloft iOS RPG game Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden inspired by the Zelda and Secret of Mana games will arrive in the Apple iTunes App Store tomorrow February 3, 2011 on the iPhone and iPod touch and shortly after on the iPad.

The Sacred Odyssey Rise of Ayden game looks as though it could become quite a hit, if the gameplay is anything like the trailers, which you can view after the jump.

Sacred Odyssey Rise of Ayden

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HTC Thunderbolt Coming To Verizon This Month?

The last thing we heard about the HTC Thunderbolt was this it would be launching on Verizon wireless in February, and now it looks like the rumor could be true as Verizon has just announced on Twitter that the Thunderbolt will be launching ‘sooner than expected’.

Although Verizon hasn’t actually given an actually launch date, this new tweet today followed by the earlier rumored launch date of February leads us to believe that the Thunderbolt it will be available some time this month.

HTC Thunderbolt

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