Savepaste Toothpaste Carton Is Very Sensible

You know how a regular tube of toothpaste becomes increasingly difficult to squeeze as the contents diminish? See, designer tandem Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee have hit upon a novel idea. Think toothpaste packaging along the lines of a milk carton. The squeeze ease is still there, but in such a container, it’s now more efficient at dispensing the paste.

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Intelligent Bed Makes Intelligent Decisions To Avoid Bed Sores

‘Intelligent decisions’ means rolling the occupant/patient over to relieve the underlying skin of pressure. Bed sores are a pain in every construable sense of the word. Not only that, but the resulting infection could endanger the patients life and overall well-being. When there aren’t enough hospital staff to look after them, Swiss engineer/inventor Michael Sauter thinks the bed itself can do the job.

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MacBook Air Refresh Next Week, not This Week

Earlier this week there were rumors floating around that the MacBook Air notebooks would get a refresh this week. In fact, the machines were expected to be unveiled yesterday or today and that didn’t; happen. A source has come forward and said that the refresh was not set for this week.

MacBook Air

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Cisco Cius Business Tablet Jumps On To Verizon 4G LTE

Cisco has announced that its new enterprise level tablet will soon be arriving on the Verizon network and will be loaded with 4G LTE support. The new Cisco Cius tablet was first announced last month and will be equipped with a front-mounted 720p HD with a refresh rate of 30 fps and a seven inch, high-resolution widescreen super VGA touch-target display.

Other features include integrated accelerometer and 802.11 a/b/b/g/n WiFi together with a detachable battery which is reported to give you up to 8 hours of usage, Bluetooth and a microUSB port.

Cisco Cius Android Tablet

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Microsoft Registers Domain Names, But Why?

It has come to light that Microsoft has seemingly registered a few strange domain names over the past couple of days, which include the domains: and

The intriguing domains have been registered on the July 13th but no details as to why or what the two companies might be planning is known as yet. Could it be a new line of smartphones powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system?


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Spazzi Dancebot Robot (Video)

We have featured quite a few different robots here at Geeky Gadgets in the past, now we have a new fun robot which will dance along to you favourite tunes on a table or your desk, the Spazzi Dancebot robot.

Have a look at the video of the Spazzi Dancebot robot in action below, this cool little robot was created by Marek Michalowski and uses Arduino.

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Android Market Hits 250,000 Apps

Earlier today we heard some impressive figures on Google’s Android OS, Google announced yesterday during their earnings call that there are now more than 135 million Android devices, and that Google are activating more than 550,000 devices per day.

They also announced that the Android Market had reached a massive 6 billion download, which was up 1.5 billion from the end of June, and they have also announced that the Android Market now has more than 250,000 applications available to download.

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PS3 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation, Finally Arriving On July 28th (video)

If you own a PS3 and have been waiting patiently for the release of the latest DLC content to arrive on your console, you are going to be delighted to learn that the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation will be arriving on Sony’s Playstation 3 on July 28th. One full month after the same DLC arrived on the Xbox 360.

If you have already forgot what the DLC even contains, Black Ops Annihilation is made up of five new maps, 4 regular maps along with a zombie special map. The maps are called Drive-In, Hangar 18, Hazard, and Silo, together with a new zombie map, Shangri-La. Watch a brief run through of the maps in the video after the jump.

Black Ops Annihilation

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Acer TravelMate 8481 Notebook Announced

Acer has added another notebook to its range in the UK with the launch of the Acer TravelMate 8481 notebook, and it features a slim and light design with a range of powerful specifications.

The Acer TravelMate 8481 notebook features a 14 inch LCD display with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, it also comes with the latest Intel core processors, and up to 8GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive as standard, and you can also add in a 64GB SSD as well.

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Otterbox Unveil 3 New HTC EVO 3D Cases

Otterbox has unveiled three new cases it has just launched to help HTC EVO 3D owners keep their device safe, with the introduction of the Defender, Commuter and Impact cases. All three offer slightly different levels of protection and style to your HTC EVO 3D smartphone.

The Defender Series for HTC EVO 3D is perfect for people who need hardcore protection, while the Commuter Series for HTC EVO 3D is a slim case that offers a high quality safeguard against harmful bumps and shocks.


Otterbox HTC EVO 3D

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Microsoft Leaks New Social Networking Site

It looks like Microsoft has a new social network in the works, called Tulalip, which the company has just leaked on, a website which was registered by Microsoft back in 1998.

Microsoft has since removed the details on their new social networking site from Socl, and replace the details with the following statement.

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