KOKO MUO Concept Watch

If you thought TokoyoFlash had cornered the market for weird and wonderful watch creations, Spanish designer Azahara Morales aka Löytö Esineiden has a few ideas, to give them a run for their money.

Morales latest watch concept design, the KOKO MUO takes a traditionally styled watch design and transforms the face into an elegant timepiece constructed from Titanium and showing the time in a fairly easily way to read.


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Google Starts Trials Showing Image Adverts In Gmail

Google has today confirmed that it is now show images in the right hand side column of Gmail that was once only the realm of text only adverts.

The adverts have started to appear over the last few days and the team over at Search Engine Land have been investigating the reason for the new adverts and received a statement from Google who said they were running trials.

Google Gmail Image Adverts

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Samsung Sells 2 Million Galaxy Tabs In 3 Months

Samsung has announced that they have now sold more that two million Galaxy Tab Tablets worldwide since the Android tablet went on sale three months ago.

The Samsung Galaxy range of tablets and smartphones has been extremely popular for Samsung, and with new models rumored to be launching next month, we suspect Samsung will be having a good year with its Galaxy range in 2011.

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Amazon Kindle Lands On Windows Phone 7

Amazon have now released their Amazon Kindle application Worldwide for Windows Phone 7 and providing a user interface you would expect from a Windows Mobile 7 app.

The new app as on other OS’s provides access Amazon’s Kindle library of e-books and also a huge range of books from Project Gutenberg allowing you to download over 33,000 free ebooks to read.

Amazon Kindle WP7

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Egypt Cuts Of Access To The Internet

The protests in Egypt have been featuring heavly in the news this week, we already heard that Twitter and Facebook had been blocked by Egyptian ISPs and now it looks like the majority of access to the Internet in Egypt has been cut off.

According to the Guardian, its is the actual Internet service providers are offline, and there are reports that there is just one ISP in Egypt with a working connection to the Internet.

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Sony Wins Restraining Order Against Geohot

Sony has won a restraining order against Geohot, George Hotz, as they have managed to convince a judge to keep the PS3 hacking case in San Francisco, and Sony was granted the order to stop ‘immediate and irreparable damage to SCEA’ before the trial begins.

The court has also ordered Geohot to hand over any devices within the next 10 days which include computers, USB drives, hard drives CD Roms and any storage devices that his jailbreak software is stored on.

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Apple TV More Popular For Netflix Than iPad

Netflix has announced that Neflix users are watching more movies on their Apple TV than they are on the iPad, and this sounds like a no brainer until you compare how many iPads have been sold against Apple TV’s.

Apple has sold over 1 million Apple TV’s, whilst they have sold over 15 million iPads, so you would think more people would be using the Netflix service on their iPad.

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Sony NGP (PSP2) To Feature Longer Battery And Cost More Than Nintendo 3DS?

It looks like Sony and Nintendo are going to be competing again for gamers cash, and Sony’s SCEA president Jack Tretton has hinted that the Sony NGP will feature a better battery life than the new Nintendo 3DS.

This could mean between 4.5 to 7 hours of battery uses, which seems pretty good considering the large 5 inch OLED display, and the processing power it comes with.

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Geeky Gadgets Featured On Pulse News App

One of my favourite apps on the iPhone and iPad is Pulse News, it is basically a free RSS reader app and many of our reader will have seen it featured on the site before.

The guys over at Pulse News have decided to feature Geeky Gadgets on the Pulse News App for both iOS devices and also Android devices, and it will be featured on the app later today.

pulse news

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Sony Says 3D Not Right For Portable Consoles, Means Nintendo 3DS

Anyone who’s heard about the PSP 2, or NGP as Sony are calling it for some reason probably couldn’t help but imagine for a moment that on top all the frankly stupid amounts of technology already residing on an edge bleeding so profusely it needs a transfusion, Sony could have also added 3D.

Nintendo’s day, however, went on only partially ruined, mostly because Sony isn’t above just tracing arbitrary lines in the sand when it comes to 3D.

Sony NGP (PSP2)

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Nintendo Will Not Be Releasing 3DS Lite Any Time Soon

Shrinking consoles, from the PSX, PS2 and PS3 Slim, all the way to the DS Lite, shrinking consoles are pretty much a part of how hardware evolves. Nintendo are probably the first platform holder I’ve ever heard openly rebelling against the status quo, but I’m not entirely convinced they’re making much sense.

“The first thing (Nobuo) Nagai-san, who’s in charge at the Uji plant, said to me when he looked over the designs for Nintendo 3DS before mass production began was ‘This time it’s fully packed right from the start’,” says Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata.


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