Panasonic Lumix GX1 Gets Official

We have already seen a leaked photo of the new Panasonic Lumix GX1, and Panasonic has now officially announced the new Lumix GX1 interchangeable lens system camera, which comes with a 16 megapixel Live MOS sensor.

The Panasonic Lumix GX1 comes with an ISO range up to 12800 and it can record full HD video in 1080p in AVCHD format, and it also comes with an advanced AF system including practical full-time AF and tracking AF.

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Motorola Motokey Social Facebook Phone Announced

It looks like another company has decided to produce a Facebook phone, this time it is Motorola with the new Motokey Social, and as you can see from the photos it comes with a dedicated Facebook button.

The Motorola Motokey Social comes with a 2.4 inch QVGA display plus a QWERTY keyboard and there is also a 3 megapixel camera and a 910 mAh battery, and it also comes with integration for other social networks as well as Facebook, including Twitter.

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Motorola Corvair Android TV Controller Tablet Leaked

It looks like Motorola has some sort of other Android based tablet in the works, called the Motorola Corvair it is reported to be a TV controlled based tablet designed to be used with cable TV boxes.

There really aren’t many details on how the Corvair is supposed to work, although we do have some of the specifications which include a six inch touchscreen display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, WiFi and a 4,000 mAh battery.

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For The First Time Ever, Chinese Space Modules Dock In Orbit

On Wednesday China’s outer space bragging rights got a new lease after a couple of modules locked into each other the previous week. The operation is a first for the Communist country and marks a high point in their fledgling bid to conquer Earth’s near-orbit. Next up: A manned space station! Either that or they might as well just rent the ISS during its off season.

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Swanky Di Donato Guitar Breaks New Ground In Engineering

Among the most exciting innovations in the cumulative space of modern music is how technology is impacting music. Guitars in particular are in the receiving end of a few crazy ideas these days, from iPad-powered bodies to contemporary reinventions. The Di Donato from Italy, however, is in a league of its own. An odd mix of timeless craftsmanship and mesmerizing minimalism, the Di Donato is the guitar for our times.

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Mars500 Simulation Mission Finally Ends

This faux mission has gotten a lot of mileage here at Geeky Gadgets. But if this is the first time you’ve read about Mars500, don’t fret. It’s a multinational experiment involving several astronauts locked in a ‘habitat’ that simulates spacecraft conditions on a Mars journey. The 500 are the days they spent inside. Imagine that: 500 days locked in a faux spacecraft.

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Oh No! CIA Is Actively Tracking Twitter And Facebook

Not really surprising, as whole revolutions that topple governments transpire over social media. Whether this revelation is exciting or a whole new level of Big Brother voyeurism is really up to the reader. This week, Kimberly Dozier of the Associated Press reported on a secret CIA facility in Virginia whose sole purpose is to sift through social networking.

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Miniature Omni-Crawler Prototype Can Go Anywhere (Video)

As depicted below, this prototype really isn’t very big. It does model the omni-directional drive system perfectly though. Created by Osaka University nerds researchers as a solution for heavy-duty applications, the Omni-Crawler is a type of vehicle whose mobility is produced by a pair of cylinders. The big advantage this time around is it expands the directions it can move in. Compared to tracks for example, an Omni-Crawler is suited for any terrain. Okay, maybe not swamps, but a lot of other places as well.


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Japanese Robot Guide Dog Put Through Its Paces (Video)

Unlike their counterparts elsewhere, a lot of Japanese manufacturers actively invest in robotics. No surprise that robots of various shapes are frequently showcased in the news that’s posted here. This latest from NSK is no exception. More than just an ornamental toy, the ‘robo-dog’ is meant to serve a far more useful purpose beyond entertaining the people around it. Judging by the picture, it’s supposed to assist blind people. Oh, and the person it’s assisting isn’t really blind, more like acting the part through an eye shade.

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Chinese Lab Creates Cellular Anti-Flu Filter

Two scientific institutions from China have just published the results of their latest joint-experiments to combat the common flu. If you’ve ever suffered from the flu, this should be interesting. But be warned, explaining how it works is going to be taxing. See, rather than just plug your nose with cotton in the hopes it filters out the virus, what these scientists devised was a method to beat the flu at a microscopic cellular level. Ready for some brain carnage?


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China Pinches Rare Earths Production, Hurts Global Electronics

It’s been common knowledge these days that China has a monopoly on rare earth minerals. Sure, other parts of the world might have vast deposits, but when it comes to production, no one comes close to beating China. This kind of geopolitical-economic clout is now being used to good, if worrying, effect. News has just broken that China will not export any rare earth minerals for a whole month. In the board rooms of the world’s largest electronic companies, a lot of people are probably wincing right now.

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Asking For Trouble: The DIY Wolverine Adamantium Claws

Fine, the claws aren’t coming out between his knuckles. The point is they are real blades. Ice skating blades, to be specific. Here they’ve been sharpened to deadly, uh, sharpness. It can cut salami a dozen different ways for sure.

The guy wearing them? He’s no Logan, and he sure doesn’t have enough chest hair. While he’s no Hugh Jackman, the blades sure look impressive. We have the whole scoop on how he made them.

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