Alien Dalvik 2.0 Brings Android Apps To Your iPad

If you are the proud owner of an iPad you might be interested to know that a new application called Alien Dalvik  is under development, that will allow you to run Android applications directly from your Apple iPad.

Myriad the developers of the new app will be demonstrating their Alien Dalvik 2.0 app running Android apps on Apple’s iPad, for the first time, at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011 this month. The CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011 conference runs from October 11th – 13th October.

Alien Dalvik 2.0

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Plextor Announces New M2P Series Solid State Drives

Plextor has announced a new range of Solid State Drive, the Plextor M2P series, and these new SSDs are the follow up to the Plextor M2S series that were announced earlier in the year.

They will be available in 128GB and 256G capacities, and feature random read and write speeds of 70,000 / 65,000 IOPS, and according to Plextor they are designed to be reliable even after years of continuous use.

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HTC Flyer Dropped To $100 At Best Buy (Updated)

Updated 6th October 2011

It would appear that Best Buy has made a mistake on their website, it isn’t clear as yet whether they will be honoring the $99 price that many people have paid for the tablet online.

It looks like Best Buy may be trying to get rid of some HTC Flyer tablets, earlier in the week we heard that best Buy had dropped the Android tablet down from$499.99 down to $299.99.

Now it would appear that Best Buy has dropped the price of the HTC Flyer tablet down to $99.99, although at this price we suspect they will sell out of the tablet pretty quick.

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Spotify Arrives On Your TV Via Western Digital’s TV Live

Today Western Digital have unveiled their fifth incarnation of the WD TV media player which now provides Spotify and Wi-fi connectivity. Unlike previous versions of the WD TV device the latest WD TV Live device has no built-in internal storage and only comes equipped with one HDMI connection.
As with Western Digitals previous TV devices it will allow you to stream digital content including photos, music, and video in virtually all popular formats and with support for different audio streams and subtitles.
WD TV Live

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RFID Music Table Created Using Arduino, iPod And RFID Tags (video)

A cool RFID music table has been created using Arduino, iPod and RFID tags to make it easy to change albums by simply changing the RFID tag. Each RFID tag has an individual code number relating the album and tracks on it which is them played from a connected iPod.

The design has been created for a disabled child who has trouble loading disks in to CD players and navigating menus using small buttons on mp3 players. To understand exactly how the concept works watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

RFID Music Table

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Mozilla Blocks Firefox McAfee Add-Ons Due To Excessive Crashes

McAfee’s Firefox plugins, Site Advisor and Script Scan have been causing a few problems lately for Firefox users and have been crashing the browser more often than not, resulting in Mozilla now blocking the scripts from Firefox for the second time this year.

Users of Firefox 6.0.2 and Firefox 7 seem to be most affected with the add-ons creating around 3,432 and 6,691 crashes in the week ending September 28th.

Firefox McAfee

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A Closer Look At The New Samsung Google Nexus Prime

Yesterday Samsung released a teaser video of the new Nexus Prime Android smartphone, which is the latest smartphone in Google’s Nexus range, and we got a brief glimpse at what the handset will look like from the side profile.

One Reddit users decided to do some work on the image with Photoshop, and the first image below is what he came up with, you can see the original Samsung photo below, which is the second one.

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Facebook For Android Gets Updated

Facebook has updated the official Facebook for Android app, although there isn’t much information about what is new in the Facebook for Android app apart from some minor bug fixes.

After trying out the latest version of Facebook for Android we haven’t been able to spot anything new, if anyone spots any changes that we have missed, leave a comment below and let us know.

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Google+ Update Adds Unread Notifications To Bowser Tab Bar

Up until today if you wanted to view your Google+ unread notifications you would needed to had used a a third-party extension similar to Surplus. However this week Google has now rolled out a a new update to its Google+ social network that has brought with it a new feature that now shows unread notifications directly in the Tab Bar of your browser.


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Nokia Sun Windows Phone Mango Device Leaked?

Nokia ius expected to unveil its first Windows Phone Mango smartphone at this years Nokia World, which takes place in London on the 26th of October, and we heard the other day that Nokia may unveil more than one Windows Phone Mango smartphone.

We are expecting the first Nokia WP7 device to be the much rumored Nokia Sea Ray, and have also heard rumors of the Nokia Ace, and now details of another Windows Phone Mango smartphone have appeared, the Nokia Sun.

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Gran Turismo 5, Spec 2 Update Details Unveiled

PlayStation has unveiled new details on the huge free update named “Spec 2″ that will be arriving in the next couple of weeks for the popular PS3 driving game Gran Turismo 5.

Developers of Gran Turismo 5 Polyphony Digital, have been listening and carefully reading feed back from GT5 users and have created the new update using player recommendations as guide. Introducing new improvements to greatly reduced load times, quicker menu response times, and adjustable opponent AI in Arcade Mode.


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BT Openreach Will Offer 300Mbps Broadband In The UK By 2012

BT Openreach one of the UK’s main broadband providers has announced this week that its launched its Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) product which will enable 300mbps broadband in key locations around the UK by Spring 2012.

Currently six initial locations have been selected:  Bradwell Abbey in Milton Keynes, Highams Park in North London, Ashford in Middlesex, Chester South, York and St Austell. But BT Openreach hopes to roll out the new super fast broadband to more locations.

BT Openreach 300mbps

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