Processes Your Payment Using A Photo of your Credit Card (video)

A new mobile commerce application with SDK called has been launched by two former AdMob execs. The new application uses a smartphone camera to take a photo of a customers credit card and then allow a business to charge card holder.

The team have targeted their new application at developers by creating a handy SDK which allows developers to simply drop the service in to applications that they maybe creating. Watch a brief demo of the system in action after the jump.


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Google Adds Automatic Mobile Rendering To Its Google Sites Service

If you have used Google Sites to create your online presence for either your personal or business website. You might to interested to learn that Google has this week rolled out a new feature to its Google Sites services which now automatically renders your site in a mobile format for iOS 3.0+ and Android 2.2+ devices.

The most noticeable automatic adjustments include; aligning the header layout and top bar, fitting the width of the site to match the device’s width and smart handling of sidebars, horizontal navigation, and dropdown links within your site.

Google Adds Automatic Mobile Rendering To Google Sites

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Dolby Unveils 3D Kids Glasses

Dolby has this week unveiled a new line of 3D glasses for the use in cinemas, specifically designed for children. Rather than supplying 3D glasses in one size cinemas can now provide the smaller Dolby 3D Kids glasses as an alterative for young viewers.

Apart from their smaller size the children’s 3D glasses use exactly the same technology os their larger adults versions, making use of multilayer optical film lenses available through 3M.

Dolby Kids 3D Glasses

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Winkelvoss Twins Are Suing Facebook Again

Yesterday we heard that the Winkelvoss twins had decided to agree to the settlement with Facebook for $65 million and drop their case against Facebook in the supreme court, now you would think that would be the end of the matter between Facebook and the Winkelvoss twins.

Now according to the LA Times, the Winkelvoss Twins are taking Facebook to court again, this time they are accusing Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg of not turning over important information to them during litigation.

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Team Fortress 2 Meet The Medic, Is Now Seeing Patients (video)

Finally after more than two years waiting for the next “Meet The …” movie from Valve, today they have released the new “Meet the Medic” video. All 4 fantastic minutes and nine seconds of it.

The new movie also comes with the great news that Valve is now making the Team Fortress 2 game free for all, forever! Using the rational that if Valve can entice more players onto their Steam network the better it will be for their business, and what could be a better way than giving away Team Fortress 2 for free.

Watch the highly anticipated “Meet The Medic” Team Fortress 2 movie after the jump. Enjoy!!

Meet The Medic

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Volkswagen Develops Temporary Autopilot To Help You Drive Your Car

Volkswagen has developed a new temporary autopilot system for cars called TAP, which Volkswagen describes as a semi automatic driving mode that will drive your car at the speed you have selected and also keep you at a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

The system is capable of reducing the vehicles speed before a bend, and is also designed to maintain the cars central position within the lane markers, and it is also capable of observing lane rules and also speed limits.

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Cut The Rope Now Available On Android (Video)

Apart from Angry Birds another extremely popular game on Apple’s iOS platform is cut the rope, good news for Android owners as cut the rope is now available as a free download for Android devices from GetJar.

Cut The Rope will be available for free on GetJar for the next week, after that it will be available in a number of other app stores including the Android Market, have a look at the video below of Cut the Rope running on Android.

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iPad Invisibility App Is Awesome (Video)

The usefulness of the iPad 2 rear meagre camera has always left it a little redundant but now a new app called Invisibility uses the iPad 2′s rear camera to create a variety of fantastic optical tricks.

The new Invisibility application has been designed and created by Levity Nolvety and uses a combination of the iPad 2′s rear camera and gyroscope to create a wonderful invisibility effect on the iPad’s screen. Watch the video after the jump to see the magic tricks performed allowing the screen to behave like transparent glass.

Invisibility iPad 2 App

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LaCie CloudBox HDD, Provides 100GB Of Personal Cloud Storage (video)

LaCie has unveiled a new cloud storage solution its just added to its range called the LaCie CloudBox. A hard disk drive that allows you to take advantage of cloud storage to keep your files safe from data loss.

The LaCie CloudBox copies of your data both locally for fast access via your computer and also a secure copy on the cloud. Protecting your data just in case something should happen to your local external LaCie CloudBox or computer system. Watch the video after the jump, for a walk thorough of how the new LaCie CloudBox works.

LaCie CloudBox

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New Android Eee Pad Transformer 2 To Feature Quad Core Processor?

We recently heard that Asus were working on a new Eee Pad Transformer 2 tablet, which is expected to launch in 2012, with Microsoft’s Windows 8, but now it seems that another version of the Eee Pad Transformer 2 tablet will launch later this year with Google’s Android OS, before the Windows 8 model.

According to a recent report from Digitimes, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 will feature a quad core processor, and considering that we heard yesterday that Asus were working on a new 13 inch Android based laptop that will uses NVIDIA’s quad core Kal-El processor, we suspect the news of a quad core Android based Eee Pad transformer 2 is more than just a rumor.

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Apple’s iPad Is Responsible For 97 Percent of Online US Tablet Traffic, 89 Percent Worldwide

ComScore have been busy crunching data and have today released a report using their new metric for tracking web traffic by device and connection, which reveals some very interesting statistics. In the analysis below of thirteen countries covering five continents, the table shows how traffic is sourced from various devices.

The table below show that the iPad across all geographies, contributes more than 89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets and the share of non-computer traffic in the United States puts the iPad at a nearly 97 percent.

iPad US Online Traffic

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InfiniteLoop Tablet And Smartphone Stand (video)

Another interesting design concept has started it journey on Kickstarter looking to make the jump from concept to production in the form of a very innovative tablet and smartphone stand called the InfiniteLoop.

The InfiniteLoop stand has been designed by Designer and  Engineer Tim Gushue, who says he enjoys designing products that simply make sense. The InfiniteLoop stand is just that, a simple loop of plastic with a twin core of flexible metal and was born out of Gushue’s frustration of not being able to find an iPad stand that could accommodate all uses. Watch the video after the jump to see the new InfiniteLoop stand in action and the thought process behind it.

InfiniteLoop Tablet And Smartphone Stand

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