Facebook Confirms GeoHot Is Their Latest Employee

The other day he heard a rumor that George Hotz, or GeoHot, the hacker famous for jailbreaking the iPhone and also the PS3 had started working at Facebook, and now Facebook has confirmed to ZDNet that GeoHot is their latest employee.

Facebook wouldn’t give any details on exactly what George Hotz’s job at Facebook entails, although we did hear recently that Facebook are working on a new iPad app so maybe he has something to do with that.

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Sony: “Virtual Reality” Coming Back

Sony’s plan to make absolutely sure video gaming involves some sort of headgear for the conceivable future is proceeding apace, with further details of its head mounted display popping up to entertain/horrify us. “So we have our new HMD – or head-mounted display – which was announced at CES earlier this year, and you can see that we can now get back to where we really wanted to get with virtual reality in the ’80s,” according to SCE Studios exec Mike Hocking.

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Intel’s Cloverview To Beat Windows 8 To Market

Intel doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to bringing mobile silicon to market in a timely fashion, but we’re hoping that with Nvidia’s Kal-El nipping at their heels, they will be starting to turn that tradition around. If Intel’s Director of Product and Technology Media Relations Bill Kircos is to be believed, intel is all set to deliver a  “nice one-two chip-software punch”, with the Atom Clover platform comprised of the Cloverview processor due out at the same time or even earlier than the turncoat Windows 8.

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Google Launches Google+ Social Network

Despite Google’s previous attempts at entering the social network arena, chances are a far larger proportion of you reading this will tweet it or like it on Facebook than share it on Buzz. Google’s latest push is a bit different  though, aiming to tackle one of the problems social networking has been having since inception: you don’t want to share everything with everybody and you don’t want to constantly curate lists of friends to share specific things with.

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Sunglasses are Made from Human Hair

These sunglasses may be the grossest sunshades I have ever heard of. They things are made from a mixture of some sort of resin and actual human hair. I assume the hair is the sort that was hacked off at a barbershop and then put inside the resin to achieve the design. I will say that the glasses look pretty cool and if I didn’t know hair was inside they might be ok to wear.

Hair Glasses

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Sony offers New PSP-3000 Value Packs in Japan

We are all expecting the PS Vita to land in November of this year and the PSP-3000 that we have today will disappear. It’s really time for the PSP-3000 to leave; it was never that great a portable console to begin with. Sony needs something that will compete with the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Whether or not the PS Vita will compete we can’t say at this point.


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EVE Microtransaction Row Could Cost CCP $1 Million Pounds Or More

One thing you may know about long time MMO staple Eve Online is that it features a unique blend of spaceships, politics, mining and  a player-run economy that may just be  unique in video games. On thing you may not know about Eve is exactly how well organized that community can be in reacting when it feels strongly about something. Like developer CCP’s plan to introduce microtransactions, which has elicited something of a reaction.

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Gameloft Announces 12 Games Headed To All Mobile Platforms Before Christmas

Gameloft has announced a new range of games that it will be launching on all mobile platforms before Christmas, the list includes titles which are already available on  some mobile platforms like Apple iOS as well as some new ones.

The 12 games that Gameloft will be launching for mobile devices include Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Lego Batman, Immortals, Wild West Guns, Gangster Rio: City of Saints, Real Football 2012, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Midnight Pool 3, Driver San Francisco, Sid Meier’s Civilization V,  Where’s Wally and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

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Mimobot Unveils Transformers USB Flash Drive Line

With Dark of the Moon exploding in theatres tomorrow (are you reading this Michael Bay?) Mimoco have unleashed a special edition Mimobot Transformers USBs. Of course, rather than release an entire horde of swell-headed Autobots and Decepticons, only the respective leaders of each faction are given their due. Seen below are Optimus Prime and arch rival Megatron in their 1980s glory.

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Apple Starts Refunding Final Cut Pro X For Unhappy Customers

Apple recently launched the latest version of its Final Cut Pro video editing suite, Final Cut Pro X, the reviews of the software haven’t been that amazing as many users don’t seem happy with the changes over the previous version of Final Cut Pro.

Now according to The Next Web Apple has started issuing refunds to customers who were unhappy with the software, who have filed a request to Apple through the Mac App Store customer service.

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Tag Heuer Link Smartphone Just $6,700 (video)

If you prefer a smartphone with a little more bling stuck to the outside and less features on the inside, then this new Tag Heuer Link smartphone might well be worth a look.

Underneath the leather, alligator, lizard-skin and diamonds is a smartphone powered by a dual-core processor supported by 1GB of memory running Android Froyo with 16GB of storage, and a 4G radio. Watch a promotional video of the Tag Heuer Link smartphone after the jump.

Tag Heuer Link Phone

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