Apple TV Hacked To Run Fullscreen iOS iPad Apps At 720p (video)

The developers behind the Apple TV MobileX project have released a new video of their work this week, which shows iOS applications running in full 720p via a modified Apple TV.

In the video after the break you can see Apple TV MobileX being used to run applications such as Facebook, Maps, Safari and YouTube. However most of the applications available in the Apple iTunes App Store should also run without a problem say the MobileX project development team. The video below is not using AirPlay, but running the iOS applications directly from the Apple TV scaling them to 720p.

Apple TV Apps

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Boost A Bicycle With A Powered Ridekick Add-On

It’s like a bicycle accessory for the lard asses lazy out there. If you’re too broke to buy a scooter and have to make do with a crummy bicycle, the Ridekick pretty much saves your day. It’s a mini-electric engine connected to your bike like a small trailer. Ideal for scaling slopes and other difficult terrain, the Ridekick saves a person the hassle of converting their bikes with a motor. The Ridekick allegedly does well when cruising an empty highway with Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” blasting out the rider’s iPod.


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Thermosensitive Pillow Gushes All Sorts Of Colors

So yeah, you’ve got this pillow and it’s soft and comfy. But wait, that’s not all! See those hand prints? The catch is the Thermosensitive Pillow is…thermosensitive, which means your body heat ‘reflects’ on the surface. Would’ve been cooler if the pillow could also warm you amid the winter chill. Also, there’s a catch to its colorful feature.

Thermosensitive Pillow

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FLEXiT Is The Led Light Panel That Is Twisted Into Form

Powered by a trio of AA batteries, the FLEXiT is the best possible solution for radical lighting next to sticking bulbs to Play-Doh. Simply put, FLEXiT is a flexible mat studded with 16 LED bulbs. The resulting illumination make sit ideal for a variety of work environments, be they under your car or perhaps even in the bowels of the earth–that’s right, in that gold mine you’re digging in that vacant lot next to your house.


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Fake It Till You Make It: The StarScreen Social Backdrop

Nothing suggest/implies/screams ‘fake!’ better than a crummy technicolor backdrop on a nylon screen. This is barely high-tech but is awkward enough to merit some contrived measure of acclaim. If you haven’t figured out what it does, the StarScreen is a prop for your teleconferencing and Skype sessions–a ‘vivid’ background to lend an utterly false sense of where you’re at. Thus, have a white sand beach in place behind you rather than the dirty garage you actually live in. For example, of course.


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Tether Your Wineglasses With The, Uh, Tether (Video)

Way to go, branding! Okay, enough snark for now so that the product at hand may be scrutinized properly. Seen below is the Tether in action. What it does is provide an easy grip for fragile wine glasses. Of course, since the world is in the grip of the holidays, the Tether becomes ever more practical as wine and champagne are served in jolly abundance.  At seven inches long, each Tether allows for an easy grip on the stem of a wine or champagne or even cocktail glass. Because nothing is more teeth gnashingly frustrating than wet glasses slipping from your oily fingers while trying to clean them, the Tether arrives right on time.



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Scanadu Tricorder Is Supposed To Be A Health Scanner For Kids (Video)

‘Supposed’ because at this point it’s little more than a concept, though its function is pretty straightforward. It’s a tool for assessing a subject’s health, armed with the kind of software whose read out would render a trip to the doctor pointless. The gadget is from the year old startup of the same name headed by Walter de Brouwer. Based in California, Scanadu is aiming for a 2012 release for households, where parents can use it to look after their kids.

Scanadu tricorder

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Do Not Ingest: The Pill Dock For iPod Nano

Simply put, the Pill is a speaker/dock for iPod Nano’s that is so new no specifications are currently available. Inspired by ubiquitous medical pills, the Pill has a speaker on one end and a slide-in/slide-out display to fit an iPod Nano. It apparently has embedded volume and selection controls as well, however, little else is available about the product. Seen below is a step-by-step graphic on how to utilize the pill via an iPod Nano insertion.


The Pill

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Vintage Blade Runner Concept Sketches Made Public

Warning: They will blow your mind. If you think Syd Mead is the most badass concept artist to ever consult for Hollywood productions, get a load of Ridley Scott’s own contributions (plus a few others). Mr. Scott of Alien and Gladiator fame is legend for his detailed storyboarding. In fact, he’s right up there with James Cameron when it comes to mad drawing skills. Not kidding—the spaceships on Aliens and the nude sketch of Kate Winslet on Titanic? James Cameron’s work. No wonder both directors have a proclivity for epic films. Though Mr. Scott’s oeuvre is a bit more eclectic.

BladeRunner sketchbook

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Monstrous gAtari Does Sweet, Sweet Music (Video)

Turns out there was a music festival in Japan recently and one of the participants  is this dude named cTrix, who performed with his gAtari. That’s him pictured below wielding the beast. Take note of his facial expression–it’s a mix of awe and wonder as he grasps the mighty…thing in his feeble hands. It’s a heavily modded (emphasis on ‘heavily’) Atari console impregnated with effects pedals and other devices. The resulting instrument can reduce the unworthy to cinders via its sheer musical/visceral mind-exploding aural madness.


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