Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 European Ban Lifted, Except In Germany

Last week we brought you news about Apple’s injunction against Samsung banning them from importing their new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 into all European countries. Well luckily for Samsung an announcement has been released stating that Apples injunction, banning Samsung selling their Galaxy Tab 10.1 across Europe has now been temporarily lifted in all European Countries except Germany. Where the injunction against Samsung Electronics GmbH, a German subsidiary of Samsung still stands.

No details have been released as yet to why there has been a U-turn within the Düsseldorf district court about the applied injunction. But the lifting of the ban until after Samsung’s August 25th appeal hearing is good news for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Twitter Facts & Figures (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered just how big Twitter has become or the number of tweets that its send on a daily basis? Well a great infographic has been put together collating all the facts and figures you could possibly want to know about the Twitter social network.

Did you know that 54% of Twitters users are women and 47% of users have children or 70% of all Twitter accounts are based outside of the US? Well, view even more eye opening facts about Twitter after the jump.

Twitter Infographic

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Google Launches New Catalog App (video)

If you enjoy browsing through colour catalogs you will be pleased to know that today Google has announced the launch of its new Google Catalog application which is now available to download.

Google’s new Catalog application includes a range digital catalogs that can be browsed on tablet devices and smartphones allowing you to search for products, view videos and even purchased featured products with ease. Google Catalog currently covers a range categories including fashion, beauty, jewellery, home, kids and gifts, with more being add over the coming months. Watch the video after the jump to see Google’s new catalog application in action on the iPad.

Google Catalog App

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Starbucks Promotion Gives Away Free iOS Apps To Customers

If you own an iOS device and enjoy a coffee it might be worth popping into a Starbucks near you. Starbucks has announced another new promotion today in partnership  with Apple in which they will be giving away free iOS applications.

All you need to do is drop to a Starbucks and pickup a ‘Picks of the Week’ card which will include a promotional code that can be used within the Apple iTunes app store.


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Supply Change Issues May Delay iPad 3 Launch?

Over the last few months rumours have been circulating that Apple might be launching a new iPad 3 late in 2011. However new rumours are now circulating that supplying chain issues might affect the rumoured launch date of the iPad 3 pushing it back into 2012.

Sources close to Apple’s supply chain have explained to the Digi Times that Apple has cancelled its iPad 3 supply schedule for the second half of 2011. Other reports are also indicating that Apples new A6 processor is also not going to be ready until 2012.

iPad 3 Supply Chain Issues

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Swype Launches New Flagship Software Keyboard Exclusively On Sprint Nexus S 4G (video)

If you are lucky enough to own a Sprint Nexus S 4G you might be pleased to hear that Swype and Sprint have partnered to bring an exclusive offer to their customers, offering Swype’s new flagship keyboard to Nexus S 4G owners.

The new version of Swype’s keyboard includes several new features including personal dictionaries, automatic capitalisation of proper nouns, together with the ability to use gestures to launch application on your smartphone, such as Facebook, Google Maps and Twitter. Watch a video after the jump to see the new Swype keyboard in action.


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Tagg Pet GPS Tracker (video)

If your dog is prone to running off when unleashed in an open space, and sometimes a little tricky to track down. A new GPS tracking system designed for pets has been launched which might be able to help you keep a remote check on your dog via your smartphone.

The goal of the Tagg system isn’t just to find a lost dog, the Tagg system has been designed to help you not to lose them in the first place, allowing you to see where your dog is and be notified if he or she wanders a little too far from home.

Pet tracker

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Street Fighter x Tekken, Gamescom 2011 Trailer (video)

If you are looking forward to the launch of the new crossover Street Fighter x Tekken fighting game expected to be launched in March 2012.  A new trailer has been released showing details of how the games systems will work.

The game will feature characters from both the Capcom’s Street Fighter and Namco’s Tekken series and will be based on the 2D gameplay of Street Fighter as opposed to the Tekken series. Watch the latest trailer from Gamescom 2011 after the jump.

Street Fighter x Tekken

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ViewSonic Unveil ViewPad 10Pro Pricing And Configuration Options

ViewSonic first introduced their new ViewPad Pro10 device back at the end of May when they also announced a few specifications. Yesterday ViewSonic officially unveiled their new ViewPad 10Pro tablet together with configuration options and prices.

The ViewPad 10Pro tablet has been designed to offer dual operating systems, allowing you to run both Windows and Android on the one device. The 10.1 inch tablet is powered by a new 1.5GHz Intel Atom processor Z670, supported by 2GB of integrated memory equipped with a 1024 × 600 capacitive multi-touch panel, providing Full HD 1080p video playback.

ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro

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Doom Classic FPS Game Arrives On iPad

If you area a fan of the classic game Doom created by id Software you might be pleased to know that you can now play the classic first person shooter on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The game has been available on smaller iOS devices for some time but now id Software has released an update making it playable on Apple’s iPad complete with Retina display support.

The DOOM Classic for iOS devices includes the original three episodes: Knee-Deep in the Dead, Shores of Hell, Inferno as well as Episode Four, Thy Flesh Consumed, providing you with 36 levels of non-stop carnage and first person shooter action.


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Mac OS X Lion Drops Support For Analog Modems

Analog modem support is the latest causality to have been discovered with Apple’s new OS X Lion software. Joining the list with other such as Rosetta and Quicken who have also lost support and features.

Apple dropping the analog modem drivers is mainly due to Lion running in 64-bit most of the time, while drivers for older analog modems are still stuck in 32-bit. Even if you plug in Apple’s own analog USB modem in to a system running OS X Lion you will receive the message below.

Lion Analog Modem Support

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ZyXEL Unveils Aerobeam Wireless HDMI Adapter

ZyXEL have unveiled their new Aerobeam Wireless HDMI Adapter this week which allows you to stream content directly to your HDTV from your media and game devices.

Simply plug any HDMI device, including Blu-ray / DVD players, game consoles, smartphones and tablets, into the Aerobeam WirelessHD transmitter and connect the receiver to your HDTV. The WHD6215 Aerobeam Wireless HDMI Adapter will stream full 1080p video including 3D and supports  7.1 surround sound audio.

ZyXEL Aerobeam WHD6215

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