Wrap-around Concept BlackBerry Smartphone

John Anastasiadis has created an innovative design concept for BlackBerry in the form of this wrap-around concept smartphone. Many designers seem to stay away from conceptual BlackBerry devices, but at the moment BlackBerry needs all the help it can get to reinvent its brand and line of smartphones. Perhaps they might take a few pointers from this concept created by Anastasiadis.

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Samsung Galaxy Camera With Android In The Works?

We have already seen one manufacturer launch an Android powered point and shot camera, Polaroid with their new Polaroid SC1630, and now it would appear that Samsung is looking into producing a camera which runs Google’s mobile OS.

Samsung recently filed a trademark with the USPTO, for the ‘Samsung Galaxy Camera’, and the trademark is related to goods and services with cameras and camcorders.

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Kenwood ODELIC Glass Speakers

If you are looking for something a little more unique in a pair of speakers, then these glass Kenwood ODELIC speakers might be perfect for you. They have been custom designed out of optical glass which has specially created by Kenwood to not shatter or break during playback.

However don’t expect the Kenwood ODELIC speakers to come cheap the stands for the speakers will set you back a nice $275 and the speakers themselves around $1400.

Kenwood ODELIC Speakers

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iPad 3 To Feature Dual Core A6 Processor?

Earlier today we saw some photos of an iPad casing which are reported to be for the new iPad 3, we have been hearing over the last few months that the iPad 3 will feature a higher resolution display, possibly with a 2048 x 1536 resolution and it will be powered by a new Apple A6 processor.

Everything we have heard about the new Apple A6 processor over the last few months is that it is expected to be a quad core processor, although now according to a recent report by The Verge, the A6 may not be a quad core processor after all.

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WASD Keyboards Will Create Your Perfect Custom Keyboard

WASD Keyboards has started a new service that will allow anyone to create their very own custom keyboard layout. Unfortunately you can’t change the shape of keyboard but you can arrange the keys in any configuration you would like.

Using the WASD Custom Keyboard designer tool to create and customise your keyboard. Create your own design by picking your own key cap colours and text, and you can either start from scratch or use a preset design to help you along.

WASD Custom Keyboards

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Nokia Lumia 710 Lands On Vodafone UK

The guys over at Vodafone just dropped us an email to let us know that the Nokia Lumia 710 is now available on their network here in the UK, and it is available for free on their £20.50 a month 24 month contracts and above.

As a reminder the Nokia Lumia 710 features Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, and has a 3.7 inch WVGA multi-touch touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, processing is provided by a single core 1.4GHz processor and it also comes with 512MB of RAM and 8GB of built in storage.

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iRobot Warrior 710 Robot Announced

iRobot is well know for making a range of robots, which include the Roomba, a vacuum robot for tidying up your house, and a range of other military and police robots.

iRobot is launching a new version of its Warrior Robot which is designed for EOD (explosive ordnance disposal), surveillance and other military tasks, the iRobot Warrior 710.

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iPhone Elevation Dock, Breaks All Kickstarter Records

You might remember back in the middle of December late last year a new design that was starting its journey on the popular Kickstarter website, called the iPhone Elevation Dock.

Even though the iPhone Elevation Dock time on Kickstarter is now coming to a close, the fantastic iPhone Elevation Dock has nearly raised $1 million in Kickstarter funding since its first appearance on the site. Breaking the all time Kickstarter funding record of $942,000.

iPhone Elevation Dock

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Mass Effect Infiltrator Game Arriving On iOS Devices

To accompany the launch of the new Mass Effect 3 game shortly to be launching on March 12th for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. BioWare has revealed that a new iOS game will be launching alongside and will enables gamers to play a storyline alongside the main Mass Effect 3 game.

Within the iOS Mass Effect Infiltrator arriving on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, actions affect the larger Mass Effect 3 storyline, and weapons unlocked in the mobile version can be used in Mass Effect 3. But EA has confirmed that you do not need to get Mass Effect Infiltrator to get Mass Effect 3’s best ending.

Mass Effect Infiltrator

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Asus Releases Transformer Prime Bug Fix Update

There have been a number of different problems reported by owners of the new Asus Transformer Prime tablet, one UK retailer even decided to stop selling the tablet due to the various issues.

One of the issue that a number of Transformer Prime owners have experienced is a random reboot issue on them device and n0w Asus has announced that they are rolling out an over the air update to fix the issue.

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Samsung Says No Press Conference At Mobile World Congress

Samsung recently announced that they would not be unveiling the new Samsung Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona, the company said that it would be revealed at a separate event later in the year.

It looks like MWC will be a low key affair for Samsung this year as they have told PCMag hat they will not be holding a press conference a MWC, of course this doesn’t mean that we will not see some new devices from Samsung unveiled.

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Sony’s Tablet S Finally Gets Rooted

Owners of Sony’s Tablet S who have been patiently waiting for a developer with the skills to root their new Sony tablet and open a door of new possibilities. Will be pleased to know that security researcher Dan Rosenberg has found a way to root the Sony Tablet S using the USB debugging system.

Rosenberg has unveiled a method of rooting the Sony Tablet S tablet by enabling USB debugging plug it into a Windows computer, and running a Windows utility created by Rosenberg.

Sony Tablet S

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