DXG Launches DXG-5F9V 3D 1080p Glasses Free Camcorder For $299

The DXG-5F9V camcorder has been designed to allow you to capture either 3D or 2D video at full high definition 1080p, and requires no special glasses to be able to view or film 3D movies. Its also equipped with a 120X digital zoom for video and a 60X digital zoom for still photography and includes HDMI connections for viewing on a large screen HDTV.

The 3D DXG camcorder is capable of recording 1920 x 1080 video at 30fps or 720p at 60fps in both 3D and 2D and features a 3.2″ LCD Monitor. it also comes with an internal 128MB memory but an SD slot is provided to expandable its memory up to 32GB.


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Onedof Turntable Will Play Your Vinyl Collection For $150,000

If you enjoy playing and collecting vinyl records the Onedof player might be the perfect accompaniment to your vinyl collection, unfortunately the only problem is it will set you back $150,000. The One Degree of Freedom (Onedof) turntable has been created by Colorado aerospace engineer Aleks Bakman and has been designed to provide virtually resonance-free operation.

The Onedof is equipped with a a massive sound-dampening platter that is suspended on a specially-developed self-centering bearing in a non-resonant liquid suspension, that has been created to eliminate the kind of shift or wobble common to all cylindrical bearings.

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Our Pad iPad App, Provides Access To Multiple Facebook, Gmail And Twitter Accounts

If you share your iPad with a number of other people in your household you will have already experienced the problems associated with trying to have a number of different accounts set up on one iPad. Unfortunately there is no easy method at the moment, or way to access multiple accounts for popular websites such as Gmail, Facebook or Twitter to name a few.

However a new application called Our Pad is trying to ease the situation a little by providing a method of accessing multiple accounts to these popular websites from one Apple iPad device. By allowing you and other family members or friends, to login to your favorite social networking sites and email services without having the need to type in a password each time.

Our Pad

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RIM And Porsche Design Unveiling A New BlackBerry Next Week?

Could next week bring the arrival of a new smartphone from a partnership between RIM and Porsche Design? Apparently Blackberry is sending out invitations inviting guests to a new preview evening next week on October 27th 2011.

The invitation pictured below was received by the team over at the Stuff Middle East website and hints of a new phone from a collaboration between Porsche Design and BlackBerry might be unveiled.

Rim Porsche

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NEC TeleScouter Augmented Reality Headset

NEC have this week launched their new TeleScouter Augmented Reality headset which allows the user to view a virtual 16 inch transparent display which is projected in front of them while wearing the headset.

The TeleScouter Augmented Reality system is equipped with a compact 500MHz ARM-based computer supported by 256 MB of RAM together with internal storage capacity of 2 GB. It can also connected to large networks via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is equipped with an internal battery which is capable of providing 4 hours of continuous use.

NEC TeleScouter

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Can Windows Phone Save Nokia’s Smartphone Business?

Nokia has released its latest quarterly results, and whilst the company posted a third quarter net loss of 68 million Euros, the loss was much lower than expected with Nokia increasing sales of lower priced handsets up 8 percent to almost 90 million units.

Next week, on October the 25th Nokia World will take place in London, and we will finally get to see our first Nokia Windows Phone devices, since Nokia and Microsoft announced their new partnership earlier in the year.

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Sony Music Unlimited Lands On Android Tablet Devices

Sony’s Music Unlimited service has today landed on Android tablet devices bringing over 10 million songs and ad free channels across multiple devices. The new tablet application is now available in the Android Market and free to download. Sony are offering a 30 day trail that will provide you with 30 days of free access to their Premium Sony Music Unlimited service.

After which you will then need to subscribe to a monthly package either Basic or Premium plan. The launch of the Sony Music Unlimited tablet Android app follows on from the launch of their  smartphone version back in June.

Sony Music Unlimited

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AT&T Activates One Million iPhone 4S Handsets

US mobile carrier AT&T has just announced that they have now activated more than one million iPhone 4S handsets since the iPhone 4S went on sale last Friday to Tuesday this week, and we also heard from Apple recently that they had sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S devices in the first three days.

iPhone 4S

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gMusic App Brings Google Music To iOS

If you are a fan of Google Music and would prefer to listen to it on your iOs devices rather than the tunes available in your Apple iTunes application. A new iOS application has been launched called gMusic that allows you to listen to music from your Google Music locker, and is the first native iOS application for Google Music.


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SteriPEN Freedom, Portable USB UV Water Purifier (video)

If you tend to travel a lot or are thinking of travelling to climates where the water may not be the purest it could be. The new SteriPEN Freedom, UV Water Purifier might well be worth adding to your gadget bag.

The little device can be charged via a USB slot and enables you to purify water, killing over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in a standard-sized glass in just 48 seconds. Watch the video of the SteriPEN Freedom in action after the jump to see how easy it is to use.

SteriPEN Freedom UV Water Purifier

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