Photojojo’s Tilt-Shift Camera For Budget Conscious Photographers

You might have already played around withTilt-Shift filters on camera apps and after effect software, but if you want to buy your own precision built Tilt-Shift camera you would normally need very deep pockets, with some lenses designed for physical tilt or shift costing as much as $8 million.

If your budget is a little bit more down to earth Photojojo have launched a new Tilt-Shift Camera for around $149 allowing you to create your very own Tilt-Shift photos for a fraction of the price.


Photojojo’s Tilt-Shift Camera

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Mozilla Unveils Firefox User Interface Concepts

Mozilla has revealed a glimpse at concept layouts from their designers which may be used in future releases of their Firefox browser. With a quick glance at the concepts you can’t help noticing the obvious Google Chrome influence. However looking more closely there are definite improvements on the Chrome user interface which have made their way into the concept browser which I sure hope make it to a release version for Firefox very soon.

Mozilla Firefox Concepts

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RemoteRinger Helps You Re-Enable Your Ringtone Remotely On Lost Silent Android Smartphones

If like me you have the tendency to sometimes misplace your phone, and then use the tried and tested method of ringing it from another handset, only to find you still have the ringer and vibrate functions disabled. A new app can now come to your rescue allowing you to re-enable your Androids phone ringer remotely.

The new Android application launched this week and enables you to send a special code to the phone together with a designated caller number followed by an SMS from the designated number to re-enable the ringer to normal with ease and locate your phone.


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Seagate Launches GoFlex Satellite Android App

When Seagate first introduced their new GoFlex Satellite storage and streaming external hard drive, it was predominantly supporting iOS devices. However as of this week Seagate has now made available an Android application that providers users with a seamless wireless connection to 500GB of storage to stream HD videos.

The GoFlex Satellite has been designed to be a battery powered mobile wireless storage device enabling tablet and Wi-Fi enabled mobile device users to extend the capacity of their storage. Previously the GoFlex hard drive was accessible by Android devices in a round about way using a browser on the connecting device. Now with the launch of the new application the connectivity is much easier and seamless, more on par with that provided to iOS devices through their native app.


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Pandigital Nova Android Tablet Arrives At Best Buy For $169.99

If you are in the market for a budget Android tablet, you might be interested to know that Pandigital’s new Nova 7 inch digital reader has just arrived at Best Buy for $170.

The 7 inch digital reader has a 600 x 800 resolution touchscreen and runs Android 2.3 operating system. Its also equipped with built in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity, and front and rear facing cameras, and internally has 4GB of storage powered by a 800MHz processor.

PanDigital Nova Android Tablet

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800Mbps LED Light Networking WLAN

LED Light networks have been under development for sometime, but the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI in Berlin, Germany has now been pushing the technology to its limits and is hoping to create a 800Mbps WLAN using the LED light network technology.

Currently the optical WLAN co-opts white LEDs used for regular illumination to transmit data up to 100 Mbit/s, by flickering the LED’s more rapidly than the human eye can see. Devices are then fitted with a simple photo diode to receive the wireless connectivity, with each LED light providing around a 90 square foot range for connectivity.

LED Light Network

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RIBA II Robot Designed To Help With Nursing Care

Researchers at RIEN and Tokai Rubber Industries in Japan have developed a new robot which is designed to assist with nursing care, and it is capable of lifting a patient from the floor or a bed up to 80KG in weight and then it can move them to either a bed or a wheelchair.

The RIBA II robot is designed to be an assistance to care givers and patients, and the companies who developed it intend to put these robots into production.

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Android Close To 50 Percent Worldwide Smartphone Market Share

Google’s Android OS has become incredibly popular amongst smartphone users, and now according to a new report from research firm Canalys, Google’s Android OS is getting close to a market share of 50 percent of smartphones worldwide fir quarter two of 2011.

According to the report which tracked 56 countries around the world, Google’s Android has in the lead in 35 of those countries with an overall share of 48 percent of the worldwide smartphone market.

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Symbian Belle Running On Nokia N8 (Video)

We have already seen a few photos of Nokia’s Symbian Belle, which is expected to be released after the Symbian Anna update, and now we have a video which shows Symbian Belle running on a Nokia N8.

The video was put together by Danyal Gerad, and it is around 8 minutes long so we get a good look at the user interface as well as some of the new features that will be available in Symbian Belle.

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HP TouchPad Gets WebOS 3.0.2 Update (Video)

HP has released a new update for their HP TouchPad tablet, the latest version is webOS 3.0.2 and it is designed to bring a range of new features to the HP TouchPad as well as some bug fixes.

The new features include a range of speed improvements, including speedier calendar event creation, faster scrolling in the email map, plus an improved auto correct feature, you can see the latest version of webOS in action in the video below.

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