Google Updates Mobile Search

Google has updated its Google Search for mobile devices, and the latest version comes with a range of new features which now makes it easier to search using your mobile device.

Google Mobile Search now features a number of shortcut icons on the mobile homepage which allow you to automatically search for a range of things based on your location, like restaurants, petrol stations and lots more.

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Bowers & Wilkins PM1 Loudspeakers Announced

Bowers & Wilkins has added a new pair of loudspeakers to their range with the launch of the Bowers & Wilkins PM1, which are a pair of high end bookshelf speakers designed to be used with your HiFi.

The B&W PM1 bookshelf speakers stand just 25 inches tall, and each one weighs in at 20lbs, and they feature a Mocha Gloss finish and a new tweeter design plus a new cabinet design.

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Linux Live LiLi, The Bootable Linux Thumb Drive Creation Software

Linux Live have created a neat little software package that can help you create Bootable Linux OS thumb drives that can be opened under Windows. LiLi allows you to create live USB stick with any distro you would like enabling you to save files and setting between reboots.

Each drive you create using LiLi comes with is own VirtualBox allowing you to boot it from directly from within Windows.  No knowledge of VirtualBox is required as it automatically creates an .exe file on your new Linux drive that will take you directly into a virtualised session of your desired mobile distro.


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Iceland Writing Its New Constitution On Facebook

Politicians reacting to technological advancement with something other than knee-jerk legislating and purblind confusion? Colour us stunned, but apparently Iceland’s elected 25-member council has moved the Constitution-writing process online, where any of the two thirds of Icelanders currently on Facebook can have their say.

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HTC Desire Android 2.3 Update Cancelled By HTC

Updated 15th June 2011.

It looks like HTC has changed their mind and the update is back on, full details here.

Bad news for owners of the original HTC Desire, as HTC has announced that they wont be releasing an official Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the original HTC Desire.

According to HTC the reason that the update has been cancelled is because the HTC Desire doesn’t have enough memory to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the HTC Sense UI.

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Wooden Retro TV iPad Dock

We have featured quite a few different iPad cases, stands and docks here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is designed to make your iPad look like a retro TV, the wooden retro TV iPad dock.

This fun wooden retro TV iPad dock will work with the original iPad and the new iPad 2, and it has been handmade from wood, and each one is made to order.

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Skype Enabling Video Calls Via Comcast Cable Boxes

A new partnership between Comcast and Skype that has today been announced by both companies will shortly allow users to be able to make Skype video calls via Comcasts TV cable boxes.

The new service will start in 720p resolution but is planned to be upgraded to 1080p alter on, Comcast customers will also be able to send instant messages via Skype on a television while watching their favorite TV show at the same time. Comcast customers will also be able to access mobile features conveniently through Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile app.


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Amazon Rumoured To Offer Prime Movie Streaming On Its New Android Tablets

Its has been rumoured by analysts this month that Amazon is currently developing a new service that will stream movies to its forthcoming own-branded tablets. The new rumoured Android Amazon tablets will support its video streaming system, which is currently offered free to Amazon’s Prime customers.

The Boston-based research firm Detwiler Fenton’s claim could be the first well-sourced confirmation of the service, reports of which were purely speculative until now. Rumours also suggest that the new Amazon tablets will heavily support Amazon’s Cloud Locker streaming music service, and the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Tablets

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Apple iPad 2 Telescope Camera Lens Case

We have featured a few of these add on camera lenses for the iPhone and various other smartphone before here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is an add on telescope lens for the new iPad 2

According to the manufacturer, the iPad 2 Telescope lens will give you up to 6x zoom on your iPad 2′s camera, and it also comes with a case for the back of the iPad 2 that the telescope lens can be connected to.

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AT&T Won’t Unlock Your Existing iPhone 4?

Apple started selling an unlocked iPhone 4 in the US earlier today, it is the GSM version which has previously been available with mobile operator AT&T, and now it seems that AT&T is unable to unlock your existing iPhone 4 for you.

According to @chronicwire, and Mike for Gadgetsteria, who have both contacted AT&T, the company has said that they are unable to unlock any iPhone 4′s at this time.

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Toshiba Camileo B10 And P100 Camcorders Arrive In The US

If you live in the US and have been jealous of other countries already enjoying Toshiba’s new Camileo B10 And P100 Camcorders you might be pleased to know that they are now arriving in the US.

The Camileo B10 And P100 Camcorders are primarily entry level cameras the B10 will cost $120 and the P100 $180. Both offer 1080p full HD recording, impressive zoom capabilities, double as 16-megapixel still cameras and are compatible with Windows and Mac OS systems.

Toshiba Camileo P100

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HTC 7 Pro Lands On US Cellular

Some of our readers will remember the HTC 7 Pro which we featured on the site a while back, it is available in the UK as the HTC 7 Pro and in the US with Sprint as the HTC Arrive.

The HTC 7 Pro will now also be available in the US with mobile carrier US cellular and it shares the same features and specifications as the HTC Arrive on Sprint.

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