Netflix Unveils New Child Friendly User Interface

Netflix has this week unveiled its new child friendly user interface (UI) that its been developing specifically for smaller users of their service. Currently the new child friendly navigation UI has a prominent scrolling bar at the top, showing favourite children characters such as Shawn the Sheep, Pingu, Hello Kitty and Big Bird to name  juts a few.

After a child clicks a featured character a new page then opens, (providing a similar feel of the BBC’s iPlayer app on the iPad) showing episodes featuring the character along the bottom. Netflix is developing their new UI to make the navigation for children more friendly and fun.

Netflix Child Friendly User Interface

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Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 Devices To Undercut Android Devices?

Nokia announced a while back that they intend for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform to be their major smartphone platform, and the deal between Nokia and Microsoft will enable Nokia to invest heavily in Windows Phone 7.

Now it would appear that Nokia intends to price its Windows Phone 7 devices competitively, particularly against the wide range of Android smartphones produced by a variety of manufacturers.

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Smart Phone Note, Holds Your iPhone While You Take Notes

An interesting accessory has been developed  for Apple’s iPhone 4 which is currently on sale in Japan and called the Smart Phone Note. The design incorporates a writing notebook together with a holder for an iPhone, allowing you to position your iPhone above your writing area for easy viewing when writing notes.

The iPhone cutout within the Smart Phone Note allows you to position your iPhone in either landscape of portrait orientations and even allows you to carry the Notepad with the iPhone in location providing access to the headphone socket, enabling you to listen to tunes as you carry it.

Smart Phone Note

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TableDrum, The Augmented Reality iPhone And IPad Drum Kit (Video)

TableDrum is a new app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that lets you turn virtually anything into a drum kit, the app syncronizes the sound of any real object and then triggers a response in real time with drum sounds.

The video below shows how TableDrum works, it certainly looks like a lot of fun from the video, and this is certainly different than any of the drum apps we have seen before here at Geeky Gadgets.

TableDrum iPhone App

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Goodyear Self Inflating Tires

Goodyear has announced a new innovation in tire technology that could soon make the humble tire pump to become obsolete. Goodyear’s new Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) will allow tires to remain inflated at the optimum pressure without the need for any external pumps or electronics, and have been designed to help improve safety and reduce fuel costs for users.

Even slightly under pressure tires can lead to an increase in fuel costs and if Goodyears new self inflating tire technology can help haulage companies and consumers save money its going to be a very welcome new product.


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Electra One, The Solar Powered Electric Plane (Video)

We have featured quite a few green gadgets and solar powered devices here at Geeky Gadgets, including a number of electric powered cars, but I think this is the first electric powered plane we have featured.

The Electra One is an electric plane which can fly for up to three hours at 100mph on one charge, and the plane is charged when it is placed in its hangar that featured solar panels on the roof.

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Amazon Cleans Up Its Kindle Store, Removing Duplicate Content

If you use an Amazon Kindle or one it its supporting applications on a tablet or smartphone you are sure to have noticed the increase in low quality and duplicate content trying to cash in on the surge in popularity with e-Books, which has appeared in the Kindle e-Book Store over the past months.

The low quality e-Books and duplicate content have been repackaged in a flood of  e-Books under a retail concept known as “private label rights,” or P.L.R. The surge of this kind of e-Book has always been a concern for Amazon as it will certainly damage the quality associated to their Kindle Store.


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Recycled Apple TV 1 Nixie Clock By Daniel Kurth

We have featured quite a few different geeky clocks here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is the creation of designer Daniel Kurth, the Recycled Apple TV 1 Nixie Clock.

This cool geeky clock was made from a first generation Apple TV, have a look at the photos below, definitely one of the coolest Apple themed clocks we have featured on Geeky Gadgets.

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Samsung Galaxy S Launching In US 29th Of August?

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been available in Europe for a while now, it has still to go on sale in the US, but now it looks like the wait is over as Samsung has scheduled a special event in New York for the 29th of August.

We suspect Samsung will officially been announcing the Samsung Galaxy S II for the US, and we will find out when it will be available with the major mobile carriers in the US.

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Apple Releases Of New Cupertino Space Ship Campus

Back in June we heard that Apple has plans to build a new ‘Space Ship’ campus in Cupertino, on the 98 acres of land they acquired from HP, and now Apple has release some new images which show what the campus will look like if it is built.

Apple will probably get the go ahead for the Campus, as when it was announced the Cupertino Council made it clear that they intended to work with Apple to make the campus a reality.

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Nokia N9 Turns Up On Amazon For $500

We recently heard from Nokia that they had decided not to sell the new Nokia N9 in the US and UK, but now it would appear that a SIM free version of the Nokia N9 has appeared on Amazon, which would mean you would be able to but it in the US after all.

According to the Amazon listing, the Nokia N9 is available SIM free for $500 for the 16GB model of $650 for the 64GB model it it will apparently ship on the 23rd of September.

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Mozilla Releases Firefox 6 Beta Early

Mozilla is scheduled to release Firefox 6 Beta tomorrow, but it looks like the files have already been released for Windows, Mac and Linux and are now available to download a day earlier than scheduled.

Unfortunately there aren’t any release notes as yet for Firefox 6 Beta , we can expect to get those tomorrow when it is officially released, although Firefox 6 brings a range of changes to Mozilla’s popular web browser.

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