iPad 3 To Feature A5X Processor?

Yesterday we heard a rumors that the iPad 3 would feature an 8 megapixel camera, and now we have another rumor, this time about what processor will power the iPad 3.

We have head in the past that Apple will release a new A6 processor for the third generation iPad, now a photo has been revealed which is reported to be of an iPad 3 logic board and as you can see from the photo below it comes with an A5X processor.

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Qualcomm Demonstrates Its Snapdragon S4 Image Features (videos)

Back in September 2011 we brought you the news that Qualcomm was looking to release a 2.5GHz Quad Core Snapdragon processor in 2012. Now ahead of the Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm has now unveiled and demonstrated their new Snapdragon S4 processor imaging features. We already knew that the S4 is the first mobile processor built using a 28nm process and the first to integrate 4G LTE.


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Google DART Arrives In Chromium Tech Preview

Google DART, Google’s new web programming language has now been rolled out within a Chromium tech preview release, enabling developers to get a first look at the new web language. Google DART was first unveiled by Google back in October 2011, and has been designed to ultimately to replace JavaScript as the common language of web development on the open web platform.

Google DART

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Assassin’s Creed Lost Archive DLC Arriving Feb 28th?

The new Assassins Creed DLC has been revealed to be called “Lost Archive”, if an email sent out by Gamestop to its customers is to be believed. The email sent out by GameStop also revealed that the new Assassins Creed DLC, would be arriving on February 28th, but this launch date has still yet to be confirmed by the games publisher Ubisoft.

Assassins Creed DLC

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Samsung Launches New Range Of Rugged Metal SD And microSD Cards

Samsung has rolled out a new line of rugged SD Cards and microSD cards this week which have been designed for digital imaging and mobile devices. The new line of advanced Samsung SD and microSD cards are finished in brushed metal and are available in High Speed Series 2GB to 32GB available in either Class 4, 6, and 10 varieties, and from 2GB to 8GB in the Plus Extreme Speed Series, all of which are also Class 10.

Samsung says that it’s new line cards are guaranteed to survive being submerged in water for up to 24 hours, being run over by a 3,200 pound vehicle, or resist can a magnetic current nearly as strong as medical magnets. Making sure that your data on the cards is given the best chance possible to survive whatever conditions you might throw at it. Prices after the jump.

Samsung rugged SD Cards

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Acer Revo 70, AMD E-450 Equipped Mini Desktop PC Launches

Acer has added a new mini-desktop PC to their range of systems this week with the launch of their new Acer Revo RL70. Which is equipped with a 1.65 GHz AMD E-450 dual core processor, supported by 2GB of RAM.

Graphics in this mini desktop measuring just 8.26″ x 8.26″ x 2.13″ are provided by the onboard Radeon HD 6320 graphics, and storage is in the form of the 500GB hard drive, which is loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system.

Acer Revo RL70

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Microsoft Unveils New Windows 8 Logo

Over the weekend Microsoft rolled out a new design for their Windows 8 operating system, which has now dropped the multicolour design for a single colour.The new Windows 8 operating system that will incorporate the new Metro, tiled navigation interface, has now received its new logo.

Which is reminiscent of Microsoft’s Windows 1.0 logo, and is light blue in colour, rather than multicoloured. providing a fresh,clean and simply logo for the new operating system when it’s officially launched later this year. Even if it does look a little like a flag.

New Windows 8 Logo

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Sparrow Mail App Landing On iPhones Next Month

If you use a Mac system you might already be using the great Sparrow mail client, that is available to purchase from the Mac App Store and makes reading and organising your email a much more productive and enjoyable pastime.

Now the developers of the Sparrow email Mac app have announced via the Pando Daily website, that an iPhone version of Sparrow will be arriving next month, mid-March.


Sparrow iPhone App

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PS3 SSD Upgrade Found To Improve Skyrim, Rage, Brink Performance

The question of potential performance gains versus sticker shock for an SSD is not something that keeps me up nights. In fact, SSDs are still firmly in my mental category of stuff that needs to seriously come down in price before warranting the average consumer’s consideration. However, in the wake of major new game releases struggling to stream massive textures through tiny amounts of RAM and taking advantage of the PS3’s fortuitous upgrade-friendliness, Eurogamer has decided to stick an SSD into a PS3. And then write about it.

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Supposed iPad 3 Images Point To 8MP Camera

The latest alleged sighting of the iPad 3 shows the back casing and lends some support to rumors that the new tablet might have an eight-megapixel camera. Taiwan’s Apple Daily has some comparisons between old versions and the new, showing a larger rear lens, speculating that it would have an eight-megapixel camera.
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