HTC Vigor To Be Droid Incredible HD?

Earlier today we showed you a leaked press shot of the new HTC Vigor smartphone, which is reported to be headed to Verizon Wireless in the US, and now according to the guys over at Droid Life, the HTC Vigor will be called the Droid Incredible HD.

The news comes from a leaked internal memo from Verizon, and as you can see in the photo below, the Droid Incredible HD is being called the world’s first HD smartphone.HTC Vigor

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New Google Propeller Social News Reader App Being Developed By Google

Google is currently developing a new social, news reader application designed for the iPad and Android devices and will compete directly with the likes of the well known Flipboard app. Reports indicated that Google is currently creating the application but at this time has not released any details regarding their new Google Propeller application.

The first report of the new application was published by digital pundit Robert Scoble on his social feed on Google+, revealing the news that Google are working on the new Google Propeller app.

Google Propeller

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Star Wars Origami Style (video)

Using the paper folding craft of Origami, Moleskine the makers of luxury notepads has created a stop motion video to celebrate the Star Wars films and  promote their new line of limited edition Star Wars featured note pads, which also look pretty cool. Watch the Star Wars Origami style after the jump. Enjoy!

Star Wars Origami

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Chrome Web Store Now Available In 24 More Countries

If you have been waiting for the Chrome Web Store to land in your country, today might be the day as Google has today announced that their Chrome Web Store has now rolled out to 24 more countries.

Originally when launched over nine months ago the Chrome Web Store was only made available to US residents but today European countries have now been added together with Hong Kong and Mexico to name a few, full list after the jump.

Chrome Web Store

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Panasonic’s Evolta Robot To Take Part In Ironman Triathlon

It looks like Panasonic’s Evolta Robot will be the first ever robot to attempt to complete an Ironman Triathlon, as he is taking part in the famous Hawaii Iron man Triathlon, and is hoping to finish the 140 course withing one week.

The Panasonic Evolta robot is just 7 inches tall and has already completed some impressive challenges which include walking from Tokyo to Kyoto and climbing the Grand Canyon.

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Wooden Sega Saturn Laptop Style Console Mod

If you are a fan of all things Sega you will definitely appreciate this wooden Sega Saturn console created by Turkish modder c_mon. The wooden laptop styled Sega Saturn is equipped with a 5 inch LCD screen borrowed from a PSOne and installed under the flip top lid.

The Sega Saturn electronics are housed in a custom CNC-cut wooden case which mimics the same lines of the original Sega Saturn console, and a blue electroluminescent wire as been added around the cd drive.

Wooden Sega Saturn

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Windows 8 Tablet vs iPad Running iOS 5 (Video)

We have already seen Windows 8 running on a number of different tablets, and now the guys over at Winrumors have put together a video comparing Windows 8 running on a tablet to iOS 5 running on the Apple iPad.

The video below shows a wide range of functions running on each device and compared side to side, which gives us a good idea on how Windows 8 for tablets compares to iOS 5.

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Original Valve Portal Game Free To Download For a Limited Time

If you haven’t already given Valve’s amazing Portal game a go, nows your chance to give it a go for free. Valve has opened up the original game in the Portal series to download for free.

The original Portal game was first released back in October 2007 as part of the Orange Box Bundle and soon gained a strong following being released as a stand alone game in 2008.


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HTC Vigor Press Shot Leaked

We have already seen some photos of the new HTC Vigor and now the first official HTC Vigor press shot has been leaked, and we also get some more information on the possible specifications of the HTC Vigor.

The HTC Vigor is expected to feature a dual core 1.5GHz processor, and a 4.3 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which would make it one of the first HD smartphones to market.

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Bose Soundlink Mobile Speaker Dock Unveiled

Bose has today unveiled their new speaker dock which was mysteriously announced earlier this week. The new speaker dock is now officially called the Bose Soundlink Mobile and provide a portable speaker for Bluetooth devices.

The Bose Soundlink Mobile is equipped with 4 x midrange drivers, and 2 x intriguing “waffle” woofers placed opposite each other and designed to provide powerful bass without making the speaker dock vibrate. Its rechargeable battery will provide around 3 hours of life at full volume, and around 8 used at normal levels says Bose.

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