Body As Joint Future Clothes Are Quite Revealing (Video)

Apparently we’ll all be semi-naked in the future. That’s not too far off the mark, if movies like The Fifth Element and Planet of the Apes (the people, not the apes) are templates for upcoming lifestyle trends. Seen below is a startling example of seamless clothes. Call it post-fashion and ultra minimalist from designer Yitzhak Abecassis. Don’t forget to catch the video after the jump.

Seamless Clothes

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Large Gummi Flavored Brain Selling For Not Much

Probably be a nice touch to a zombie costume party during Halloween. It also comes highly recommended for vicarious brain eating or a few Hannibal Lecter gags. “Why hello Clarice…” For some reason, judging by the pic below it does appear larger than actual brains. Hmmm, must be loaded with vitamins.

Gummi Brain

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Sleepbox Allows You To Sleep Anywhere

It’s actually meant for weary travelers whose work lives involve moving from airport to airport. What the Sleepbox does is provide a room for the night—or less—with total privacy guaranteed. Is it also the ultimate solution to homeless people?


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Velella Research Project Wants To Grow Fish In Aquapods

To date, fish for consumption are bred in large pens, thus making it easier come harvest time. This might not prove a sustainable process so the Velella Research Project is currently testing a new method involving an Aquapod. As pictured below, it’s a hexagonal submersible structure that moves with the ocean current. It’s still a prototype though and has no concrete results indicating it’s a viable replacement for traditional saltwater fish farming.

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Father-Daughter Team Build Homemade Tank (Video)

So as not to arouse the suspicion of authorities, let it be writ that the Mechatron is totally harmless. Sort of. That’s because it only packs an electric pellet gun. Now, if it fired rockets—you wouldn’t want to mess with the Beatty family if that were the case.

The paternal Beatty and his daughters (yes, daughters!) used a bunch of Arduinos and lots of  parts to assemble this mobile machine. It weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 pounds and puts DARPA’s own robotic ventures to shame.

Mechatron tank

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Here Comes The Zombie Virus! Scientists Turn Inorganic Matter Into Living Organism

The entire Resident Evil film franchise should probably be blamed for this catastrophe in the making. Might as well spread the guilt and include the TV adaptation of The Living Dead and a few rather zombie-filled first person shooters. But wait, wait, this isn’t exactly a zombie virus as depicted in movies (at least not yet). At the moment it’s quite the breakthrough. Revolutionary stuff!

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Weird Origami Cave Is Supposed To Be Some Sort Of Shelter

Apparently there is such an event as an Emergency Shelter Exhibition and all sorts of artists and designers participated. The happening was in Sydney, Australia and seen below is the entry of architectural firm LAVA. For some bizarre reason (it’s the color scheme definitely) the Digital Origami Emergency Shelter reminds us of green apples. Mmmmm, green apples.

Origami Cave

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Corsair Unveils Vengeance FPS Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse With Sniper Button And 7.1 Headset (video)

Corsair has just taken the wraps off its new line of Corsair Vengeance gaming peripherals which includes headsets, mice and mechanical keyboards all specifically designed with the FPS gamers in mind.

Corsair’s new Vengeance PC gaming range includes four new input devices: The Vengeance K60 and Vengeance K90 gaming keyboards and the Vengeance M60 and Vengeance M90 gaming mice. Watch the promotional video after the jump to see a little of what the new gear can provide.

Corsair Vengeance Keyboard

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Wooden iPhone And iPad Docking Station

We have featured a few different wooden docks for the iPhone and iPad here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is designed to let you sync and charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time.

This fun iPad and iPhone docking station has been handmade from cedar and it works with the iPhone, iPad as well as the majority of iPod’s.

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LG LU6200 Android Smartphone With HD Display Revealed

It looks like HTC wont be the only manufacturer who intends to launch a new Android device with a HD display this month, as details have been revealed of a new Android device from LG the LG LU6200.

According to the guys over at Unwired View, the LG LU6200 will come with Android Gingerbread and will feature a 4.5 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

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