Apple Has More Money Than US Government

Like the Portal 2 song goes, this would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Not the fact that Apple has enough money to rebuild Cupertino in $20 dollar bills five times over, nobody would dispute the fact that it’s more than earned it. That whole corporation with more money than the country it’ currently residing in should be a bit of a wake up call, though.

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Dragon Age 2 Pulled From Steam Due To Legacy DLC

Just as the new DLC Legacy update is released for Dragon Age 2 by EA, the game has unceremoniously  been removed from the Steam games network by Valve, for breaking Steam’s Terms of Service. Rather than being made available via Steam’s own client, EA saw fit to release the new DLC via an in-game store, which has prompted Valve to remove the game from its network.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC

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Can The Collapsible Shot Glass Save Your Life?

Unlikely. Unless you drink from it to take medication. Will it be mistaken for a compact telescope? All it takes is some nitwit who’ll pull this out their pocket and exclaim, “I can’t see nuthin’!” Right.

Seen below is a shot glass, nothing more. It’s for people who need to lubricate their senses and taste buds every once in a while (we don’t condone alcoholism, by the way). Anyway, the Collapsible Shotglass is self-explanatory, a pocket contraption that can serve as a keychain and is ready for  some drinking anytime, anywhere.

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Alleged iPad Nano Clone Is Quite Impressive Specs-wise

It’s called the Timesnap, a wrist gadget that’s so packed with features we’re surprised it isn’t a smartphone as well. Fundamentally a well endowed MP3 and MP4 player, the Timesnap packs 4GB of storage space and video playing capabilities.

It’s a mean muzack player to boot and has an upgradable SD memory (goes to 8GB). On top of these lovely attractions, the Timesnap–hold your breath–is also an e-reader, though we doubt reading text from such a small screen would be enticing.

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Sony’s Qriocity Video Service Headed To Xperia Smartphones

Sony has announced that its Qriocity video service will be available on a range of Sony Ericsson branded smartphones form August the 1st and users of the service will be able to buy and rent movies on their Xperia smartphones.

The Qriocity service will be available on a range of Sony Xperia devices at first which include the Xperia Arc, the Xperia Neo, Xperia Play, Xperia Pro and other devices and it will be released as a software update to the devices.

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Virgin Media To Bundle Spotify With Broadband For Low Price

Spotify has been available in Europe for a while now, and recently launched in the US, and now Virgin Media’s CEO has announced that the company will offer the music streaming services with their broadband here in the UK, for a low price.

Virgin Media haven’t given any details on how much Spotify will cost with their various broadband plans, but their CEO said that the company would charge a ‘very, very low monthly subscription’.

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Google+ Now Has A What’s New Area (video)

Google has today rolled out a new feature to its beta Google+ social networking service, that’s been designed to help you stay up to date with the latest features added to the new Google+ service.

The recently added “What’s new in Google+” section enables you to read release notes for new features and developments within Google+ and contains a number of YouTube video’s explaining the features in detail and their purpose. Googler Natalie Villalobos introduces the new area in a video after the break.


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Samsung Galaxy R Gets Official, Full Specifications

We have already seen some photos and a video of the new Samsung Galaxy R, and now Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy R which will go on sale in Europe at the end of July.

The Samsung Galaxy R will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it features a 4.19 inch Super Clear LCD display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and processing is provided by a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

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