BlueStacks Android App Player For Windows 8, Named CES Innovations Winner for 2012

BlueStacks has announced today that it has been developing an Android App Player that will be compatible with Windows 8 when it arrives later their year. The BlueStacks App Player will allow users to load and run Android applications within the Windows 8 Operating System. BlueStacks is currently actively working with top PC manufacturers to pre-load the BlueStacks App Player on Ultrabooks, tablets, notebooks and all-in-one desktop PCs.

BlueStacks Windows 8

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Vizio VAP430 Media Streamer With Google TV Announced

Vizio has announced a new Google TV device, the Vizio VAP430 Media Streamer, it can be hooked up to your HDTV via HDMI and can stream content to your TV via WiFi.

It comes with a built in Chrome browser and you can stream content to the device from tablets, smartphones and computers, plus content can also be streamed to the device direct from the cloud.

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iRig Mix iOS Mixer, Introduced By IK Multimedia At CES (video)

IK Multimedia has showcased their new iRig Mix at CES this week, which is the first mixer specifically designed for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices. But offers the same controls you would expect from a professional DJ mixer, including crossfader, cues, EQ and volume controls to name a few.

iRig Mix allows DJs to use a traditional setup with two devices, with one plugged into each of the independent channels, or a single iOS device. Providing a great solution for solo musicians or small ensembles that use one or more iOS devices to play live. Watch the promotional video after the jump to see it in action.

iRig Mix

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Confirmed For Sprint

We heard a rumor recently that Google’s flagship Android smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be headed to US mobile carrier Sprint, it is now official as Google has recently confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus will be available with Sprint in the US.

Google made the announcement on Twitter, and they also announced that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus will offer support for Google’s new NFC payment system, Google Wallet, something that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon doesn’t have.

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Rocstor Amphibious Secure Portable Storage, With Integrated Smartcard And Keypad Authentication

Rocstor has introduced their new Amphibious hard drive which has been built to keep your documents and files safe and secure, offering up to 1TB of storage via either traditional hard disk drive or solid-state drive (SSD). The rugged enclosure is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium and has a a built-in smartcard slot and a built-in keypad for authentication.

Rocstor Amphibious hard drive

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Samsung Shows Off New Series 9 Notebook At CES 2012

Samsung has launched a new range of its Series 9 notebooks at this years CES, there are two new models in the range, one with a 13 inch display and one with a 15 inch display, and the 15 inch model features a 14 inch chassis.

The new Series 9 notebooks come with the latest Intel Core 15 and i7 processors and you can also have up to 8GB of RAM in the 15 inch model, 4GB in the 13 inch model and up to 256GB of SSD storage.

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Sensics Unveils Android Powered 3D Natalia Immersive SmartGoggles (video)

Sensics is looking to bring a more interactive and immersive experience to gaming and computer use, with the unveiling of their new Natalia Immersive SmartGoggles. The goggles can be paired with game consoles, phones, tablets, or PC’s, and are powered by a 1.2 GHz, dual-core processor running Android 4.0 on board. Supported by a powerful graphics and 3D accelerator and 1 GB of memory. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


Sensics Smart Goggles

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OnLive Launches Virtual Windows Desktop App For Apple’s iPad

OnLive is well know for its popular cloud based gaming service, but now it would appear that the company has some plans to bring other software to the cloud, as they have just shown off a new application for the iPad that will let you run Windows apps on your iPad.

The will be available as a free download and it is called OnLive Desktop, it will give users access to full featured versions of Windows applications like Microsoft Word, Excel , PowerPoint and more.

OnLive Desktop

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Apple Releases iOS 5.1 Beta 3 To Developers

Apple has released the latest version of iOS to developers, iOS 5.1 Beta 3, which should mean that we are getting closer to the general release of iOS 5.1 which will hopefully fix the battery problems that a number of iPhone users have been experiencing.

It looks like iOS 5.1 Beta 3 has restored the toggle switch which allows you to turn of and on the 3G cellular data access, and also it comes with a new API that will allow app developers to flag content in their apps that doesn’t need to be backed up.

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Call of Duty Elite iOS Companion App Now Available To Download

Call of Duty gamers patiently waiting for the new Call of Duty Elite iOS companion application to arrive, will be pleased to know that its now landed in the iTunes App Store.

The Call of Duty Elite: Modern Warfare 3 app lets you view your statistics and tweak your custom classes while on the move and makes them ready for you to use once you return to your console. The app also enables you to track your Challenge progress to help you work toward the highest XP gains.

Call of Duty Elite iOS App

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Unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 Headed To The US

Nokia recently revealed their latest Windows Phone device which is headed to the US, the Nokia Lumia 900, and they also confirmed that they will be selling an unlocked version of the Nokia Lumia 800 in the US from February.

The Nokia Lumia 800 features a 3.7 inch AMOLED ClearBlack touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and it comes with Windows 7.5 Mango, processing is provided by a single core 1.4GHz processor.

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