SIM Free Samsung Galaxy Nexus Lands In The UK

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus went on sale in the UK last week, and it was available through mobile retailer Phone4U on contract with a number of the UK’s mobile carriers, and now the SIM free version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is available in the UK.

The guys over at Clove are selling the SIM free Samsung Galaxy Nexus for £429 plus taxes which works about at £514.80 including taxes and they have said that they will start shipping the device out to customers tomorrow.

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Happy 5th Birthday Nintendo Wii

Only last week Microsoft’s Xbox 360 reached its 10th Birthday and Sony’s PlayStation 3 celebrated its 5th birthday. Well this week Nintendo’s Wii has now also turned 5, celebrating its release in the US five years ago today.

Over those five years Nintendo has sold over 88.3 million Wii consoles worldwide as of October 2011, and when the Wii first arrived it brought with it a whole new motion interface to the gaming world.

Nintendo Wii

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$99 Vivitar 790HD 3D Camcorder Launched

If you are looking for a budget 3D camcorder to capture your holidays escapades, this new 790HD 3D camcorder unveiled by Vivitar this week might well be worth a closer look. The 790HD 3D Camcorder is equipped with a 5.1 megapixel recorder, together with a 4 x zoom, and a flip out 2.7 inch LCD display to play back and view you recordings.

The 790HD is a fix focus camcorder and has a built in 16MB of storage which can be increased to 32GB using SD Cards. It also includes an analog mic together with a an lithium battery capable of providing up to 60 minutes of 3D recording, and HDMI output for playback on your big screen television.

Vivitar 790HD 3D Camcorder

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Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet Gameshow (video)

A team at altLab in Lisbon have used a number of sensors and a little Arduino wizardry to create a very unique kind of hat which is capable of measuring the discomfort level you are currently under, whilst eating taco’s.

The helmet measures your discomfort by measuring your perspiration, temperature, and the rate at which you drink down fire quenching liquid provided by the two helmet-mounted bottles filled with a mix of water and yogurt. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet Gameshow

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Improved Android Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard, Available To Download For 2.2 And Above

If your mobile device runs Android 2.2 of higher and you would like to improve the keyboard. You will be pleased to know Google’s new Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard is now available to download from the Android Market.

The new Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard brings with it better targeting, a simpler suggestion bar, together with a nice user interface face lift.

Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard

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Joy Factory StormCruiser iPhone 4S Bicycle Mount

Joy Factory has announced their latest accessory for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4, the StormCruiser, which is a bicycle mount for your iPhone 4S that will let you attach you handset to your bike’s handle bars.

The StormCruiser case is designed to protect your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S from water, dust and grease, so it could be a good accessory for mountain bikers.

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Counter-Strike: GO Beta Arriving On PC This Month

The original launch date for the new Counter-Strike: GO Beta was delayed after Valve received feedback from professional gamers and testers. The results revealed that there were just too many crashes and issues that needed to be sorted before it was launched so its beta launch was delayed.

Now Valve are more confident with their new Counter-Strike: GO code and if you have been patiently waiting for the release of the new beta, you will be pleased to know that it is expected to arrive before the end of the month on November 30th.


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USB Memory Compartment Concept

If you have every needed to lend a memory stick to a friend, but couldn’t hand over your USB stick due to the data on it being needed by yourself. A new concept has bee designed by Hyunsoo Song from SADI which overcomes the problem in a simple way.

The memory concept allows to break your USB stick into compartments, allowing you to store different data on each. when you need to share data with a friend simply unplug the correct compartment and hand it over.

Memory Compartment Concepts

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Activision Bans 1600+ Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Users

As Activision explained when they launched their new game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, there would be no toleration of cheating, hacking or the use of exploits by users.

In response to that statement this week Activision have backed their statement and announced that already 1600+ users have been banned due to attempts to cheat, hack, or use glitches within the game to obtain an unfair advantage over other players.


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Nintendo To Launch Zelda And Mario Themed 3DS Bundles 24th November

Nintendo has announced that its will be launching special edition versions of its 3DS handheld console this Thursday the 24th of November, and both of the bundles will retail for $199 each.

The first bundle will include a flame red Nintendo 3DS and the Super Mario 3D land game, whist the second bundle will include a special 25th anniversary Comso Black 3DS console and The Legend of Zela: Ocania of Time 3D game.

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Asus Padfone To Come With Quad Core S4 Qualcom Snapdragon Processor?

We have already heard a few details about the new Asus Padfone, which we are expecting to launch in February of next year, and we know that it will be made up of a 4 inch Android smartphone and a 10 inch tablet dock which the phone is inserted into.

Now it would appear we may have some details on what processor will be inside the Padfone, as the guys from Notebook Italia have discovered some Benchmark details on the Padfone and it looks like it will feature a quad core processor.

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