Microsoft Complains To European Commission About Google

Microsoft has announced that they have filed a complaint with the European Commission against Google over competition issues and Microsoft is claiming that Google has taken a pattern of actions to entrench its dominance for search and search advertising.

Microsoft is basically saying that Google is using anti-competitive practices, and the announcement says the Google have been blocking Bing from indexing YouTube content, and also blocking Microsoft smartphones from accessing YouTube.

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Angry Birds Rio Lands On The Android Market

The latest installment in the Angry Birds saga, Angry Birds Rio, which recently launched on Apple’s iOS devices has now landed on Google’s Android platform.

It has been available for Android through Amazon’s App Store, since the app store launched last week, and the Android Market version is also free but it does come with adverts.

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Flickr Adds Easy Social Sharing Options

Flickr the image and video hosting website, has announced a new addition to its website in the form of a new social sharing feature, that now makes it easy to share your images with the larger social networks.

The feature has been created by Flickr to reduce the amount of uploaded you need to do to share a photo. Allowing you to only upload your images once, but share them everywhere.

The new options have been integrated as a key part of the photo page just next to the actions drop down. Previously Flickr would only allow you to share your photostreams, sets and groups to your friends and family via email.

Flickr Social Sharing Buttons

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Google Bringing Super Fast Broadband To Kansas

Last year Google announced that they would be testing out a new super fast fiber optic broadband network in the US, when it was announced Google invited cities in the US to apply to the program, and it has now chosen the first city it will trial the hew broadband in, Kansas City.

Google said that over 1,100 cities applied to trial the new broadband, and the trial will begin in Kansas City in 2012, and they will also be talking to other cities who are interested in the project.

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Boxee Box Receiving iPad Support In May (video)

Boxee has confirmed via a blog post that its iPad support will now be arriving in May when Boxee rolls-out a new firmware update. Boxee also explained that further updates to both to its Boxee Box and other Boxee-based devices will now arrive every three months from there after.

The new iPad support will allow users to video content from you iPad to any device on your network loaded with the Boxee software, whether its your PC system or MacBook Pro. Watch a preview video on the Boxee for iPad application after the jump.

Boxee For ipad

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Samsung 22 Inch Transparent LCD Display Goes Into Production

Samsung today announced their new transparent LCD displays, which were showcased at this years CES are now in mass production, the world’s first mass production line for transparent LCD panels. Yes, that is a room you can see behind the monitor pictured below.

Samsung’s new transparent LCD displays will be available in two models, a black-and-white and a colour , will both have a contrast ratio of 500:1 with WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050) resolution. The new displays also consume 90 percent less energy compared to conventional LCD displays.

Samsung Transparent Display LCD

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Google Launches +1 Button For Search (Video)

Google has added a new feature to Google Search, called +1, a new social sharing button that will appear in Google Search results, and it is designed to let you share recommendations withing Google Search.

The +1 button appears in search results next to search results and also next to Google adverts, and it looks like Google is attempting to take on Facebook and their Like button.

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HP Releases webOS Beta 3.0 To Developers

HO has released a beta of webOS 3.0 to developers who are enrolled in their Early Access developers program, so if you are a developer who wants to download the SDK you will need to sign up to HP’s Early Access developers program.

HP has said that this is the first webOS release which is designed for their new webOS tablet, the HP Touchpad, which was announced back in February.

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EA May Have New Ultima Online In The Works

EA has apparently been throwing its weight around trying to get freeware sites to stop offering Ultima IV, like they’ve been doing for a hefty span. Couple that with inklings of a massive MMO project in the works, as well as EA’s stated interest in reviving beloved franchises and we might just have the makings of one of the most spectacular franchise relaunches since Fallout.

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Team Fortress 2 Hats Raise $300k For Japan

It’s probably a drop in the bucket compared to the amounts in aid already heading there, but still. Take a moment to think this through. This amount was raised by one solitary company by selling tiny imaginary hats to people for  their tiny imaginary character which they use to habitually murder other tiny imaginary characters. I’m somehow hoping that if I keep typing this will start to make sense at one point.

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