Gyroboard Board Balance Trainer (video)

Anyone looking to improve their surfing or skateboarding balance skills when away from the beach, park or off season. Might be interested in this new Gyroboard which has been developed by New Zealand company Gyro Enterprises.

The Gyroboard has been created to allow you to hone your skills at anytime, and help you to improve your core strength, balance and coordination. Watch the video after the jump to see it the Gyroboard in action.


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OnLive’s Windows Virtual Desktop May Violate Microsoft’s Liscensing Agreement

OnLive recently launched a new app for the iPad that would let you use a virtual Windows desktop on your tablet, and now it would appear that Microsoft and OnLive are in discussions on whether the use of Windows in the app violates Microsoft’s licensing agreement.

Microsoft has posted on their blog about the issue, and have said they are in discussions with OnLive regarding their Desktop and Desktop plus applications.

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Android 4.0 ICS Update Now Available For Archos 80, 101 G9 Tablets

If you are the proud owner of either a Archos 80 or 101 G9 tablet, you will be pleased to learn that Archos has now made available Google’s latest Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system, which is now available to download and install.

As well as the latest Android 4.0 ICS update, Archos has also rolled out a few of their very own customisation for users in the form of a custom file manager and a video player.

Archos 80 G9

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Google’s Nexus Tablet, Made By Asus Coming In May (Rumor)

We recently heard a rumor that Asus may be building the first Google branded Android tablet, and now according to a recent report from Digitimes, the Google Nexus tablet could launch as soon as may of this year.

According to the report Asus and Google are working on a 7 inch Android tablet, which is aimed at taking on the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the device is expected to retail for between $199 and $249.

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Future Raspberry PI Shippments May Be Delayed

The first Raspberry PI computers went on sale recently, and the first batch of computers was sold out within a few hours, and now the Raspberry PI Foundation has announced that there may be a slight delay in future batches of the device due to a manufacturing hiccup.

The suffered a minor problem in manufacturing which has now been fixed, and the existing orders are expected to ship on time, but there could be a slight delay in the next back as they need to source some more parts.

Raspberry Pi

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Comcast Not Keen On Teaming Up With Netflix

Netflix said it is willing to have its service linked with cable and satellite providers but it seems it will need to be more convincing if it wants to make it a reality. Cable operator Comcast has turned down the idea, preferring to work on its own rather than exploring a possibility of teaming up with Netflix.

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Bioshock For PS Vita Going For “Show, Don’t Tell”

Sony wants you to know that Bioshock for the PlayStation Vita is being worked on. They asked Ken Levine, the driving force behind the series if he would kindly tell everyone about it. “We’re trying to figure that [announcement timing] out. I ideally wouldn’t have talked about the Vita game when I did. It was understandably important that, you know, Sony wanted us to share that information,” he told Joystiq.

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Valve Not Making Steam Box Console/PC

As much as the gaming public would love to see Valve try their hand at fixing PC gaming hardware, it seems the Steam Box rumours are just that: rumours. Valve has apparently built Steam Box prototypes, but only to test the upcoming Steam Big Picture mode designed for PCs hooked up to TVs. At least according to Valve’s Doug Lombardi.

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