Lousy Chinese Parents Sell Kids For Gaming Money

Like many parts of Asia, cyber cafes are a crucial part of the Chinese social scene. No surprise to learn Li Lin and Li Huan met online and subsequently had kids. The terrible part comes in when they sold the tots for money. That’s right, tots.

In the course of four years the young couple, who are barely in their 20s, had three children, two boys and a girl, all of whom were sold for a bargain.

Chinese internet cafe
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Farm Tech: German Made Super Hard Plowshares To Revolutionize Agriculture

Scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute are testing a carbon coating that would harden modern plowshares. Seems trivial, but with world food supplies just a few years away from crisis and arable land becoming scarce, such small innovations are necessary.

The carbon coating that’s supposed to improve efficiency is called DLC or Diamond Like Caron. That’s because it’s so hard, it cuts through the soil with less resistance than a traditional plow.

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Sony Launches New S-Frame Digital Video Photo Frames

Sony  has today released information on three new S-Frame digital video photo frames it has juts added to its range. The DPF-HD1000, DPF-HD800 frames support HD video play back with videos including MPEG4, MPEG1, and Motion JPEG videos captured on digital cameras.

Both frames have an internal 2GB memory and the HD800 has an 8 inch display with a resolution of 800 x 480 and the HD1000 has a resolution of 1026 x 600 with a 10.1-inch screen.

Sony S-Frames

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Google Shopper iPhone App Updated With Nearby Deals Finder

If you enjoy bagging a bargain you will be pleased to know that Google has rolled out a new update to its Google Shopper application for iPhone today. The new update now makes it even easier to find businesses near your location who are currently running promotions.

In the new version 1.5 of Google Shopper, in addition to the ‘Shop’ tab, there are now two new tabs at the bottom of the app: Offers and My Offers. The Offers tab displays a list, or map view, of nearby offers which businesses have submitted through Google Places.

Google Shopper App

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Leica MP & M7 Lens Holder M And Stability Enhancer

If you are lucky enough to own a Leica Mp or M7 camera and have extra lenses to carry, this innovative Leica lens holder and stability enhancer fitting can help you leave your bulky camera bag at home.

The Leica Lens Holder M holder is screwed into the camera’s tripod bushing, and then a second lens can be attached to the holder’s bayonet mount. Once in place the additional lens can be used as a handle to provide additional stability whist taking your photographs.

Leica Lens Holder And Stabilizer

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Electric Propeller Makes Your Paper Airplane Go Further

The latest accessory that you don’t really need, but certainly would be a lot of fun is an electric propeller for paper airplanes, and it comes in the form of a kit that can be attached to any paper airplane.

The kit consists of a propeller which can be added to the airplane, and it can be recharged in just 20 seconds with the included recharging accessory, it certainly looks like it would be fun to use.

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Motorola Xoom 4G LTE Upgrade Coming In September

It looks like Motorola has finally announced when their Xoom tablet will get the 4G LTE upgrade, as they have started sending out emails to customers confirming that the upgrade will be available in September.

Motorola has been saying that the upgrade would be coming for the last few months, and many people were expecting it to happen before the end of the summer.

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Drift HD Extreme 1080P Camcorder With 170 Degree Field Of View (video)

Drift has this week unveiled their next generation extreme sports camcorder the Drift HD which is now 25 percent smaller than their previous sports camcorder the HD170. The new Drift HD is a point of view camera and can be attached to your helmet or vehicle whether it be a bike, jet-ski or snowboard to name a few, allowing you to record footage and giving you bragging rights on your exploits.

The Drift HD camcorder records in 1080P high definition and has a 170 degree field of view via a lens with can be rotated 360 degrees making sure you don’t have to miss anything due to the location of your camera mount.

Drift HD Camcorder

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iOS5 To Include Face Detection Software With API Support

Apple is expected to include sophisticated face detection software with it new iOS 5 due to roll out later this year, and will also be providing developers with facial recognition API for iOS 5 applications. Enabling an easy way for developers to integrate the new face detection features in to their new applications.

The new features are the result of Apple’s purchase of Polar Rose last year, a company who specialises in face detection algorithms. Some of which can already be seen in Apple’s new OS X Lion Photo Booth application, allowing birds to fly around user heads.

Apple Face Recognition

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iPod Touch 3G Leaked On Apple Website

We have been hearing rumors that Apple would launch an iPod Touch with a 3G data connection over the last couple of weeks, some evidence was recently found in the latest version of Apple’s iOS 5 and now it would appear that Apple may have outed it on their website.

As you can see on the photo below, the iPod Touch shows a 3G connection, and this photo appeared on Apple’s website recently, it has now been removed, but we just checked the UK Apple site and the image can still be found here.

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