Drinking Thru Ice Straws Will Make Your Brain Numb

If you’ve ever tried sipping really cold beverages, you know what we mean. The intensity of cold liquid running through your mouth leaves a sensation that’s both excruciating and unsettling at the same time. Forgive the excessive dramatization, but little else can be written about these newfangled ice straws that really grabs the reader y the collar.

Barbuzzo Ice Straw

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Steven Spielberg Halo Movie Rumors Alive Once Again

Here we go again. Steven “The Man” Spielberg is going to be on top of Halo the Movie thanks to a cryptic press release. This story unravels like a thriller, so be warned.

The intriguing part is despite the lack of credible evidence, the movie is actually supposed to be out by next year. Time to examine the facts.

Steven Spielberg

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Selk’Bag Camping Apparel Is Beyond Words

Exactly, since it’s more than an outdoor suit and a mere sleeping mat. It’s something else; a whole new breed of adventure gear. For thrill-seekers who prefer frigid climes, a Chilean graphic artist has conceived the ultimate in outdoor wear. It’s called a Selk’Bag after an indigenous Andean tribe. What it does is insulate the wearer from the bone-aching cold while also doubling as a sleeping bag.

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HIOD One Lets Bicyclists Chat Handsfree

I am not a big bicycle rider, but I live off a highway where during the few cool months of the year in Texas you will see massive packs of bicyclists riding. The thing I have noticed when they zip by my neighborhood is that they have to scream to be heard when talking.

HIOD One Bluetooth

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Each iPhone 4S Costs Apple $203 To Make, Says Report

A report has been compiled by the UBM research firm revealing the estimated cost to make a new iPhone 4S costs Apple approximately $200. UBM has analysed the overall cost history and the breakdown of each major component within the new iPhone 4S, an estimated a cost of $203 for each 32GB model produced.

Which puts it in around the same range as last years iPhone 4. Apple is selling their new 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB iPhone 4S models for $649, $749, and $849, respectively.

iPhone 4S

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Microsoft Planning Universal Gaming Portal?

Microsoft may have some big plans for its Xbox gaming service in the future according to a recent report, Microsoft is planning a universal gaming portal that would let you play your purchased games on a number of devices.

According to the report, if you purchase a game for one platform, say the Xbox 360, you would also be able to play the game on your PC or Windows Phone 7 smartphone, without having to buy another copy of the game for each device.

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Miramax Considering Partnership With Google TV And YouTube

This week the film distributor Miramax’s CEO Mike Lang has revealed that the company would like start a content partnership going with Google’s YouTube and Google TV.

During an interview with New Media Age at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, Lang explained that Miramax is aiming to expand its digital distribution content partners and hopes to include Google TV and YouTube within its partnerships.

Miramax is well known for its films such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, The English Patient and My Left Foot along, together with cult hits like Amelie and Chocolat.


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Blizzard Unveils Diablo 3 Weapons & Equipment

If you are looking forward to playing the new Diablo 3 game when it launches next year you might be interested to know that Blizzard have now unveiled the equipment and weapons that will be available to classes within the game. Including some very tasty statistics and DPS scores. However the list doesn’t show the statistics they will produce once you have crafted and modified them. Enjoy!

Diablo3 weapons and equipment

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Rdio Launches Ad Free On Demand Music Streaming

The guys over at Rdio just dropped us an email to let us know about the launch of their free, on demand music service offering with no ads, which the company said will redefine the digital music pace.

Users of the new service will be able to stream full music tracks on demand, see and hear what their friends are listening too, and share their favourite tunes on Twitter and Facebook.

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Pandigital SuperNova Android Tablet Announced

Pandigital has announced their latest Android tablet, the Pandigital SuperNova which comes with an 8 inch touchscreen display and features a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

The Pandigital SuperNova will come with Android Gingerbread and features a single core 1GHz processor, and 4GB of built in storage plus a microSD card slot.

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