Kinect Used To Create Lightsaber Battling Robot Arm (video)

If you need to brush up on your Lightsaber skills this new battling Lightsaber wielding robot arm created by researches at Stanford University might be the perfect practice opponent.

The team have used a Microsoft Kinect motion controller to help the robot determine where its opponents Lightsaber is, enabling it to decide on the best tactic to use , whether that be a defensive stance or an all out attack. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Kinect Lightsaber Robot

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Samsung Galaxy R Android Smartphone Announced

It looks like Samsung has another new smartphone to add to its Galaxy range with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy R, which is headed to the UK and it shares many similarities with the popular Samsung Galaxy S II.

According to the guys over at Cnet, the Samsung Galaxy R will feature a slightly smaller display than the S II, measuring 4.2 inches although it will feature the same 480 x 800 pixel resolution, the display is also reported to be a Super LCD display rather than a Super AMOLED display on the S II.

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Zynga Accused Of Stealing Farmville Source Code From Competitor

Zynga the company behind the hugely popular Facebook game Farmville has been accused by games development company SocialApps of stealing source code and using it to create Zynga’s blockbuster game Farmville together with other games within the Zynga portfolio.

SocialApps claims that it entered into an agreement with Zynga during 2009 to develop a farming game, based on its existing Facebook title myFarm. SocialApps says that the two companies entered into an agreement which then allowed Zynga to get its hand s on the source code, after which it Zynga servered ties with SocialApps and created Farmville.


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OS X Lion And New 2011 MacBook Airs Coming Wednesday?

We have had quite a bit of speculation over the last few weeks on when exactly OS X Lion would launch, and now the latest date is tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th of July according to a number of reports.

The guys over at Mac Rumors have received information that Apple retail stores have received copies of OS X Lion to install on their machines, and we have also heard that Apple have started training store staff on OS X Lion.

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Asus’s Newly Updated Xtion Pro Live, PC Motion Sensor Launching Soon

Earlier this year Asus launched their Xtion motion sensor controller which was designed to bring Microsoft Kinect style control to the PC. However when compared to the Kinect device Asus’s Xtion Motion controller came up a little short on specifications.

Asus is now looking to correct this with the launch of their newly updated second generationPC motion sensor in the form of the Asus Xtion Pro Live. The new device is now equipped with a pair of microphones perfect for voice commands, together with a webcam 640×480 resolution.

Asus Xtion Pro Motion Sensor

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Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access iOS App Gives A Sneak Peak At 40+ Hours Of Bonus Footage

If you are looking forward to the highly anticipated release of the Star Wars The Complete Saga on Blu-ray you will be pleased to know that you can now get a sneaky peak at the 40 plus hours of bonus footage using the Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access App.

The Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access App will be available to fans to download on iOS devices tomorrow and includes a sampling of the bonus materials that will feature on the Blu-ray collection, including never-before-seen content sourced from the Lucasfilm Archives such as matte paintings and concept art; prop, maquette and costume turnarounds; supplementary interviews with cast and crew.

Star Wars Blu-ray Early Access App

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Tokyoflash Right Angle LCD Watch Concept

We have featured quite a few different watch concepts from the guys over at Tokyoflash, the last one which was designed by one if their fans has actually made it into production, so we will probably see this new concept design become a reality at some point in the future.

The latest watch concept from Tokyoflash is called the Right Angle LCD watch, and as usual with all their watches it takes a bit of brain power to work out what time the watch is displaying.

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Motorola Droid 3 Teardown

The team over at iFixit have been busy again dismantling technology and this week have applied their screwdriver to the Motorola Droid 3 smartphone which now features a dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor.

iFixit has given the new Motorola Droid 3 a repairability score of 6 out of 10 and explains that the battery is easy to replace and that no security screw have been used in the construction of the device. However most of the components within the Motorola Droid 3 have been mounted to a single ribbon cable which means that replacing one component requires replacing them all.

Motorola Droid 3 Teardown

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Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 Prototype Appears On Video

Last month we got our first look at Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphone which is codenamed Sea Ray, and now a new video has appeared online which shows this new Nokia Windows Phone 7 device running the RTM (release to manufacturing) version of Windows Phone 7 Mango.

As you will see in the video below the device features physical Windows Phone 7 buttons on the bottom of the display, it had been rumored that these would be removed and replace with virtual buttons.

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LulzSec Return To Hack Murdoch’s Sun Newspaper, News International

Last month we heard that @LulzSec, the group responsible for many of the hacking attacks on a large number of sites, including Sony, had ended their hacking campaign.

Now it seems that LulzSec is back, and their latest target is Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, which has come under massive criticism over the last month for the phone hacking scandal that saw Murdoch close down his most popular UK newspaper the News of the World, and LulzSec decided to hack one of Murdoch’s other publications The Sun as well as his News International website.

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CNN 24 Hour iPhone News Streaming Is Now Available

There’s news happening right now, and you may be missing it. CNN is well aware of the amount of time its viewers waste on inconsequential activities like sleep and is now acting to curtail them by offering a 24-hour news stream. For now, only subscribers of AT&T, Comcast, Cox, DISH Network, Suddenlink or Verizon may tune in, however.

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AMD Says Xbox 720 Graphics Will Look Like Cameron’s Avatar

It’s that time of the home console life cycle, folks. We’ve already seen the first contender unveiled, now all manner of baseless conjecture about the next two ones is going to be rolling downhill, as these things will. It doesn’t help that one of the peddlers of the tidbits of non-news is AMD, who in a bid to raise its flagging profile has come out with the following scintillating scoops.

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