Fake Siri App Lands On Android Market

Google doesn’t check apps that appear on its Android Market, and in the past this has lead to a number of fake apps appearing on the Android Market, the latest one is called Siri for Android.

The app is published by a developer called ‘Official App’, obviously an attempt to make people thin this is in actual official app, and the developer also has another app called Pinterest, which obviously isn’t from the Pinterest team.

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Verizon To Charge $2 Fee For Paying Your Bill Online

It looks like Verizon Wireless will be introducing a new fee for its mobile subscriber in January, if you pay your bill online or by telephone, Verizon will charge you an extra $2.00.

This new fee is reported to be introduced on the 15th of January, and whilst it hasn’t been confirmed by Verizon, leaked documents have revealed that Verizon intends to introduce this new fee next month.

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Amazon Sold Over 4 Million Kindle Devices In December

It looks like the release of Amazon’s first Android tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire has helped the company boost sales of Kindle devices considerably for December, as Amazon has announced that they sold over 4 million Kindle devices in December.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch and Kindle were on the top three spots on Amazon’s best seller list for December, with the new Kindle Fire holding the top spot.

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Samsung Mandel And HTC Radiant LTE Windows Phones Coming Next Year

It looks like we finally have some details on the first LTE Windows Phone smartphones from Microsoft, according to a recent report by the Verge both HTC and Samsung are launching LTE Windows Phone Devices early next year.

The two devices are the HTC Radiant and the Samsung Mandel and both handsets are reported to come with pre Tango versions of Windows Phone that offers support for LTE.

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Nintendo Working On App Store For Wii U Console

It seems the latest company who intends to launch their own App store is Nintendo, according to a recent report by the Daily, Nintendo are working on their own app store for their Wii U console which will go on sale in 2012.

According to the report, the new Wii U app store will offer full game titles to download to your console, as well as the latest games, as well as other apps which bring other functions to the console.

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Japanese Vending Machine Gives Free WiFi

If you want to find the strangest vending machines in the world, you have to travel to Japan. In Japan, not only do the vending machines offer some strange items to purchase, but they are very high tech as well. Take this new Asahi soft drink machine here.

WiFi Vending Machine

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Samsung Galaxy S And Galaxy Tab May Get ‘Lite’ Version Of Android 4.0

We heard the other day that Samsung were reconsidering releasing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the original Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

And now it would appear that the devices may not get the full version of Android 4.0, instead the update could include some of the features of Ice Cream Sandwich, sort of a ‘Lite’ version or ‘ValuePack’ version of ICS.

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Microsoft Testing Windows Phone SMS Bug Fix

We recently heard that Microsoft were working on a software update that would fix the SMS security flaw found in Windows Phone smartphone devices, and now according to a recent report Microsoft is testing out the update.

This would mean that if the testing of the update goes OK, Microsoft could release the update shortly, and if Microsoft finishes testing the update this week, we could see it launched some time next week.

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