Japanese Robot Guide Dog Put Through Its Paces (Video)

Unlike their counterparts elsewhere, a lot of Japanese manufacturers actively invest in robotics. No surprise that robots of various shapes are frequently showcased in the news that’s posted here. This latest from NSK is no exception. More than just an ornamental toy, the ‘robo-dog’ is meant to serve a far more useful purpose beyond entertaining the people around it. Judging by the picture, it’s supposed to assist blind people. Oh, and the person it’s assisting isn’t really blind, more like acting the part through an eye shade.

Robo Dog

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Chinese Lab Creates Cellular Anti-Flu Filter

Two scientific institutions from China have just published the results of their latest joint-experiments to combat the common flu. If you’ve ever suffered from the flu, this should be interesting. But be warned, explaining how it works is going to be taxing. See, rather than just plug your nose with cotton in the hopes it filters out the virus, what these scientists devised was a method to beat the flu at a microscopic cellular level. Ready for some brain carnage?


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China Pinches Rare Earths Production, Hurts Global Electronics

It’s been common knowledge these days that China has a monopoly on rare earth minerals. Sure, other parts of the world might have vast deposits, but when it comes to production, no one comes close to beating China. This kind of geopolitical-economic clout is now being used to good, if worrying, effect. News has just broken that China will not export any rare earth minerals for a whole month. In the board rooms of the world’s largest electronic companies, a lot of people are probably wincing right now.

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Asking For Trouble: The DIY Wolverine Adamantium Claws

Fine, the claws aren’t coming out between his knuckles. The point is they are real blades. Ice skating blades, to be specific. Here they’ve been sharpened to deadly, uh, sharpness. It can cut salami a dozen different ways for sure.

The guy wearing them? He’s no Logan, and he sure doesn’t have enough chest hair. While he’s no Hugh Jackman, the blades sure look impressive. We have the whole scoop on how he made them.

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Luminube Pillow Blinds You With Its Radiance

So instead of a bedside lamp, why not a glowing pillow? That’s the whole point of Luminube, a bedroom accessory that keeps your pillow glowing into the wee hours. It’s multi-purpose too, whether for bedside reading or just lighting up the darkness. The coolest feature is it works as a timer when synced with your iPhone. Not sure if a halo of light will be enough to wake anyone, but compared to the infernal noise of an alarm clock, this glow pillow’s timer is a gentle alternative.

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Get A White Board Anywhere With WhiteyPaint (Video)

If you’re into whiteboards and their erasable markers, then you should learn about WhiteyPaint. Sure, weird name, but it’s an interesting solution for when no white boards are at hand. What WhiteyPaint does is similar to a gloss, just paint it in three layers over a surface and when it dries you can write on it. Seen below is a vivid example of how WhiteyPaint can be used creatively in a retail setting. Don’t worry, as it has other practical uses as well.

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Nothing Beats Having Your Own Beehive For Honey

The bad news is in the unfortunate case that the bees escape their man-made habitat, havoc ensues. Worse if it happens in your living room. Anyway, seen below is a sexy new concept from Philips, that ubiquitous European brand from Holland responsible for so many other gadgets. With this latest home accessory though Philips brings fresh honey to your eager fingertips.

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Google May Offer Pay TV Business

Now this would be interesting. I am all for more competition in the cable and satellite industry, those of us in rural areas rarely have many options. Google is said to be considering the launch of a pay TV service to combat the cable and satellite providers out there.


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Swype Beta Android App Update Brings Auto Updates And More Accurate Predictions

Swype has rolled out a new update to the Android application which now brings the announced over the air (OTA) updates which will automatically update your app to the latest version from here on, making it significantly easier for you to keep up to date with the latest version.

Other new features to roll out with the latest update include a new context-based prediction engine which will continually learn from the text you’ve already typed, which it will then use to make more accurate predictions in the future.


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European Commission To Investigate Samsung’s 3G Patent Case Against Apple

Samsung is trying to get the iPhone 4S banned in Australia, the company is accusing Apple of violating some of its 3G patents, which Apple holds licenses for, but Samsung says they licenses don’t apply in Australia.

Now it would appear that the European Commission is interested in Samsung’s case against Apple, and the case could possibly land Samsung in trouble with the EU, as they are investigation whether the case against Apple violates EU competition laws.

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RED Scarlet 4K Camera Launched

On the same day that Canon has unveiled it new cinema camera the C300 Red has also launched their new Scarlet which now records in full 4k resolution. Providing 4096 × 2160 pixels resolution for video, and an impressive  5120 × 2700 for still images, together with a max frame rate of 120 fps.

The new Red Scarlet  records in Redcode RAW format and, and is capable of shooting at 1K at 120fps which beats the new Canon C300 which is only able to output to 1080p even with its 4k sensor.

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