HTC Sensation XL Hits The UK 24th October

It looks like we have a launch date and some pricing information for the HTC Sensation XL, it will go on sale in the UK on the 24th of October, and will be available SIM free for £486 including VAT.

The HTC Sensation XL features a 4.7 inch multi-touch touchscreen Super LCD display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, processing is provided by a single core 1.5GHz processor and it comes with Android plus HTC Sense.

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Leaked Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Sceenshots

Further to the leak of the new Samsung Google Nexus Prime earlier today more screenshots of the new Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich have also been leaked.

Google’s major new Android update Ice Cream Sandwich will be launched on October 11th thanks to a slip-up by Google who published the date by mistake this morning and then removed it from the Android Developer YouTube channel. Feast your eyes on more screenshots after the jump.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Sceenshots

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Apple To Offer Unlocked iPhone 4S In The US From November, GSM Only

Apple started taking pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S earlier today in both the US and the UK, the US version is only available at the moment with a contract with either Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.

Whilst the UK version is available to purchase SIM free direct from Apple, and now it would appear that Apple will start selling a SIM free version of the iPhone 4S in the US from November, although it would appear that it will only be available on GSM networks, which would mean AT&T.

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Facebook Launches Universal Translator Service

Today Facebook have announced the launch of a new universal translation service that will now allow you to read foreign language posts by translating the posts directly inline on Facebook Pages.

The new Facebook translation service is powered by Bing Translate, and has been added by Facebook to make it easier for you to enjoy public Page content on Facebook regardless of the languages you speak. Now when you see a page posted in another language a “translate” button will appear and once clicked with provide a translated version in a pop-out window.


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SpyFinder Hidden Camera Detector (video)

If you are worried about being caught on tape by a concealed camera, a new device called the SpyFinder might be able to keep your save from prying eyes and keep you off scandalous movies.

The SpyFinder hidden camera detector is a small pocket device that you hold up to your eye and scan your surrounding, as you scan it will point out any hidden cameras that might be watching your every move. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Zotac ZBOX nano VD01 Mini PC Launched

Zotac has unveiled a new addition to its range of mini PC systems with the launch of their new Zotac ZBOX nano VD01 system. The Zotac ZBOX nano VD01 is powered by a VIA’s Nano X2 dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz together with VIA’s VX900H chipset with Chrome9 graphics and ChromotionHD technology, which can be supported by filling 1 x DDR3-1066 SODIMM slot with memory.

Zotac ZBOX nano VD01

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CardFlick Sends Virtual Business Cards From Your iPhone

If you have ever needed to transfer your details to another person from your iPhone a new application has been developed to help you do it in a little more style.

CardFlick has been created to allow you to design and create a virtual business card which you can then use to swap contact details with other CardFlick users with a simply swipe. If you need to send details to a person without the CardFlick app you can simply email it to them.


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Sony Looking To Buy Ericsson Out Of Joint Phone Venture

If has been reported today that Sony Corp is currently in talks with Ericsson to but their share of the mobile phone joint venture. After which Sony can then strengthen its mobile phone business and close the gap on its competitors.

Two industry sources told Reuters today that Sony and Telefon AB LM Ericsson have been talking for weeks about the future of the 50:50 joint venture because the companies must decide this month whether to renew their 10 year old partnership.

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Flickr Windows Phone App Updated With Mango Support

Flickr has today rolled out a new version of its Windows Phone App which now has support for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango firmware together with some great new features.

Within the new Flickr app you are now provided with a built-in camera, composure grid and focus assist, and the application can upload images in the background. The new update also includes performance enhancements and stability tweaks to help make using the application even easier.

Flickr Windows Phone App mango

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Samsung Google Nexus Prime (Galaxy Nexus) Photo And Video Leaked

Earlier we showed you a rendering of the new Samsung Google Nexus Prime, or Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and now it looks like we have our first actual photo, of Samsung and Google’s first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone.

The photo below appeared on, along with a video showing the Google Nexus Prime in action, but it looks like the video has now been pulled from the site.

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Google eBookstore Opens In The UK (video)

Today Google’s eBookstore opened it doors for business in the UK after Google finished signing deals with major UK publishers including Hachette, Random House, Penguin and other publishers.Currently the digital ebook market is dominated by Amazon and B&N but now Google is looking to offer hundreds of thousands of titles for sale.

As in the US, Google eBookstore supports browsers,Android and Apple devices for buying and reading books. Together with E-reader devices, from manufacturers including Sony, Kobo and Elonex.

Google eBookstore

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Corsair Unveils Hydro Series H40 and H70 CORE Self Contained CPU Liquid Coolers

If you are looking for a little extra cooling for your PC processor but don’t fancy getting involved with installing a fully blown liquid cooling system. You might be interested in the new Corsair Hydro Series H40 and H70 CORE liquid coolers which are both self contained units and making them much easier to install than a full liquid cooled system. They are also require zero maintenance which makes them great for hassle free cooling.

Corsair Hydro Series H40 and H70 CORE

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