Mad Catz Unveils Official MLG Arcade FightStick

Mad Catz has this week unveiled a new line of Official Major League Gaming (MLG) Professional video game controllers they have created for use with PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The new Official MLG Tournament Edition FightStick have been created to appeal to the serious fighting game enthusiast and competitive gamers, and will be a limited edition controller finished with exclusive MLG artwork.

The Tournament Edition FightStick uses arcade-quality components supplied by legendary Japanese arcade manufacturer, Sanwa Denshi, and features a Japanese-style ball-handled joystick and 30mm action buttons placed to match the Vewlix arcade cabinet configuration.

MLG Controllers

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Custom Made R2-D2 Bike Helmet

Star Wars fan and pastry artist by day and freelance illustrator and artist by night, Jenn Hall has created a fantastic motorbike helmet in the style of R2-D2. Complete with blinking light on the side.

After a number of layers of different coloured spray paint, sanding, some custom add-ons created from PVC pipe and a few hundred cans of clear coat to finish off, the R2-D2 masterpiece was then ready to wear.

R2-D2 Bike Helmet

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New VAIO Z Series Teardown (video)

Ever wondered what goes inside the new Sony VAIO Z Series notebook? Well Sony have released a new video showing the components and baring all with a VAIO Z Series being dismantled by a Sony technician.

Sony engineer Shinji Oguchi is a creator of the newly announced VAIO Z laptop and is currently on his first trip to the United States from Tokyo. Watch him open up the VAIO Z like a pro and dismantle it piece by piece explaining how the new VAIO Z laptop differs from past VAIO Z models.

New VAIO Z Laptop

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MusicTandem iPad App Automatically Creates And Streams Playlists From YouTube Videos

If you enjoy listening to music and watching music videos a neat little application has been created that allows you to automatically create playlists from YouTube videos allowing you to then play them when ever you fancy.

Once installed all you need to do is still back and allow MusicTandem do the work. Simply type in one of your favourite artists, tags or genre to start watching a continuous stream of music videos and discover new artists.


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Sony A77 Detailed Specifications And More Photos Leaked

More information has been leaked from Germany this time about the new Sony A77 specifications together with a few new images of the camera that is shortly to be launched by Sony.

The A77 will be equipped with a 24.3 MP Exmor HD CMOS sensor supported by 19 points AF sensor with 11 cross sensors. It will also include ISO 100-16000, with expandable ISO 50 option, 1920 x 1080 60p/24p AVCHD 2.0 together with P/A/S/M manual controls while recording video.

Sony A77

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Acer Iconia Tabs Receiving Android 3.2 Update

Acer is reported to be currently rolling out a new update to its Iconia Tab A500 or A501 tablets taking their operating systems from Android 3.0 Honeycomb up to 3.2. The update brings with it a few new useful features such as the ability for you to scale up the smaller apps, originally designed for smartphones, to the full screen size of the tablet.

The update also provides performance tweaks and speed increases and now enables the ability to sync media from the SD card.

Google Android

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8GB iPhone 4 Launching Next Month?

Apple is expected to launch a more budget friendly 8GB iPhone 4 next month that will roll out with the launch of their new iPhone 5 next generation device, according to reports from Reuters. Two source close to the Apple production line have confirmed to Reuters that Apple has already begun production of the cheaper 8GB iPhone.

Currently the 16GB iPhone 4 is the smallest and cheapest iPhone Apple sells, but its thought by some analysts that the cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 could help Apple boost sales in emerging markets.

8GB iPhone

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Google+ Post Updates Now Viewable Within Gmail

Google has started rolling out a new Gmail People Widget that will provide the ability to be able to view recent posts from the Google+ social network directly from your Gmail account. Once you have access to the widget any Google+ posts that have been sent to a circle you are a member of will show on the righthand side of your Gmail account. As in the image below.  In the future Google may tweak these privacy settings when the Google+ social network moves from its current beta development stage to full public access.

Google Gmail

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HP Launch Compaq 8200 Elite All-in-one Streamline Desktop System

After the announcement last week of the failure of HP webOS devices, HP has gone back to what it knows and unveiled a new all-in-one desktop PC system. The new HP Compaq 8200 Elite launched this week offers a wide range of configuration options allowing you to tailor the  all-in-one desktop specifications to your exact requirements.

The Compaq 8200 Elite can be equipped with an Intel 2nd generation Core vPro Processor of your power choice, supported by up to 8GB of RAM. Its display is a HD LCD monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution; 1000:1 contrast ratio; 250 nits typical image brightness; 160 degrees vertical viewing angle; and 170 degrees horizontal viewing angle.

Compaq 8200 Elite

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Apple Rolls Out iTunes 10.4.1 Update Adding Full Screen OS X Lion Support

Today Apple has released a new update to its iTunes software taking the the version to 10.4.1. The new update now allows you use iTunes with OS X Lion’s new full-screen app support, enabling you to navigate between full screen applications with gesture controls.

The update also brings with it new bug fixes and tweaks. Fixing a problem where the media keys on some third-party keyboards work inconsistently with iTunes. Together with addressing issues some user might have experienced while adding artwork to songs and videos.

iTunes Update

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LG Launches Its First 3D Notebook, The LG Xnote A530

LG has this week launched its very first 3D capable notebook in Korea in the form of the new LG Xnote A530 3D Notebook. Specifications released by LG for the LG Xnote A530 still remain a little limited at the moment, but what we do know is:

The newly launched 3D LG Xnote A530 Notebook will be powered by a Intel’s second generation Core i7 processors support by 8GB memory with graphics provided by a NVIDIA’s GT555M graphics card. The notebook will feature a 15 inch 1920×1080 resolution screen allowing for high definition 1080p playback, together with two web cameras allowing users to capture either 2D or 3D photographs and video.

LG Xnote A530

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