Amazon’s Kindle Fire Spun Off Into New “Seesaw” Company

Amazon announced its first Android tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire recently, and now it would appear that Amazon is spinning of its Kindle Fire tablet into a separate company called Seesaw LLC.

The guys over at Fusible have discovered that the trademark application for the Kindle Fire brand have been filed under Seesaw LLC, and the filing has been made by Purvi J. Patel of Haynes and Boone, LLP, the same attorney that has filed Amazon’s previous trademarks.

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Romo Smartphone Robot is Cute and Cool (Video)

Kickstarter is a great place to run across some very interesting projects that might actually make it to production. It’s also a great place for people with good ideas to raise the money they need to build their device and sell them to the public. One of the coolest projects I have seen in a long time on Kickstarter is the cute little Romo smartphone robot.


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Dual Core Processors And LTE Headed To Windows Phone Next Year

Microsoft recently released its latest version of its Windows Phone mobile OS, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, and now it would appear that Microsoft has a few things planned for 2012.

The guys over at All Things D have been speaking to Andy Lees at Microsoft, and according to the report Microsoft intends to introduce dual core Windows Phone smartphones next year, along with devices which are compatible for LTE.

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Fear The Tablet Claw, Weapon Of Doom (Video)

What? Relax. The Tablet Claw is totally totally harmless. Trust us.

According to its creators, the Tablet Claw came about after repeated observations of people wielding tablets. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a slim tablet isn’t the most ergonomic of devices. Sure it’s great for a lot of things, but handling? So enter the Tablet Claw. Yeah, the name is a bit too ominous for comfort.

Tablet Claw


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Panasonic Outs Shampoo Robot That Is Not Sexy (Video)

If you ever had your hair done someplace, this new ‘washing robot’ isn’t an exotic surprise. That’s the problem with robotics these days. The technology is available for programming complex tasks, but the machines that perform them look like appliances. Hasn’t Star Wars taught humankind anything?

Panasonic Hair Wash

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SpaceX Working Like Mad On Reusable Launch Rocket

Thank you SpaceX, for keeping the final frontier exciting. SpaceX’s CTO Elon Musk recently announced at a recent press conference that his organization has finally designed a viable launch vehicle that’s extremely cost-effective. For now, let it be called the Reusable Launch vehicle or RLV.

SpaceX rocket

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Comet Full Of Frozen Water Surprises Scientific Community

Identify your present location. Then, as if your eye view were a satellite’s, imagine your present location as seen from outer space. Pan far, far, away from the Earth until you reach the edge of the solar system. Focus on Pluto. Then zoom out a little and note the Kuiper Belt where floats a startling comet called Hartley 2. Say hello to Hartley 2.

Hartley 2 comet

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Rise Of The Apes! Monkeys Go On Benign Virtual Rampage

Don’t worry, it was done all in the name of science. Science! What you’re about to read is a minor breakthrough in prosthetic technology and brain implants. Both involved test monkeys and proved very successful.

In a rare alliance of two prestigious universities from France and America, monkeys were able to control virtual limbs by thinking out their actions, thanks to brain plants. This is as good as hard science fiction gets, only this time it’s real.

Angry Ape

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Scosche Outs iPhone Radiation Detector

Before the action starts, the official status of this fancy new gadget is “Out of Stock”. Don’t worry, since Scosche is hard at work on new models for their best-selling portable radiation detector. It’s originally called the RDTX-Pro, but a new HRDTX is coming next year. The whole scoop after the jump!

Scosche Radiation Detector

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