Google Closes Android App Inventor Service

As with a number of its other services Google has now announced the closure of its Android App Inventor. A tool that was created by Google to enable anyone to be able to create Android apps with no programming skills.

Unfortunately Google has now notified all its users via email that the service will now be closing on December 31st and all user data will be deleted from Google’s Servers. So if you have projects that you would like to keep login to your App Inventor account and hit the “Download all projects” button to receive a handy zip file. with all your projects.

Android App Inventor

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Nokia Lumia 800 Design Process, From Concept To Launch In 8 Minutes (video)

You you area fan of the Nokia Lumia 800 or just interested in the design process from concept to launch, you will be please to know that Nokia has put together an 8 minute video, showing the processes involved and the design as it evolved. The video after the break takes you from initial design sketches to wax models right through to the production device.

Nokia Lumia 800

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$79 Amazon Kindle Costs Amazon $84 To Manufacture?

Amazon announced their new $79 Kindle, which will launch next week along with the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch, the device is supported by adverts in the US and Amazon will be selling it for $79.

Now according to a recent report by iSuppli, the new Kindle actually costs Amazon $84.25 to make, which would mean that Amazon is losing $5.25 on the sale of each device.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Radiant Quest System, Will Customise Your Game As You Play

With their new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game launching tomorrow Bethesda is still revealing nuggets of gold about their new creation. In an interview with Wired Skyrim director Todd Howard revealed that Skyrim will feature a never-ending stream of procedurally generated content. Providing gamers with a never ending number of quests to complete.


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Evoluce Kinect SDK Provides Developers With An Alternative To Microsoft’s (video)

A new SDK has been released today for Microsoft’s Kinect by German company Evoluce to provide developers with an alternative to Microsoft’s own Kinect SDK software.

The new Evoluce SDK for Kinect and Windows 7 is now available and has been designed to aid developers create noncommercial applications with a natural user experience. Watch the video after the jump to see the Evoluce Kinect SDK in action.

Evoluce Kinect SDK

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Infinity Blade II Gets Previewed

One of the coolest games on Apple’s iOS devices has to be Infinity Blade,  Infinity Blade II will launch next month, and the guys over at IGN have been testing it out to see what Infinity Blade II will be like.

According to the guys over at IGN, Infinity Blade II will come a significant update over the first game, and the new version will be much longer than the first version.

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MacBook Superdrive USB Enclosure

If you have removed your Macbook Superdrive to add more onboard storage with a SSD or secondary drive a new enclosure has been unveiled by Macway which will now allow you to recycle your old drive using their new MacBook Superdrive USB Enclosure.


MacBook Superdrive USB Enclosure

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iPhone 4S Features A Siri Friendly Proximity Sensor (Video)

We have already seen the iPhone 4 and other iOS devices running Apple’s Siri, which comes exclusively with the iPhone 4S, and yesterday we heard that Apple has no plans to bring Siri to other iOS devices.

Now it would appear that the guys over at iFixit may have discovered the reason why Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S, as it features a different proximity sensor than other iOS devices.

iPhone 4S

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Glooko App Downloads Data From Major Glucose Meters To Help Track Diabetes

If you suffer from Diabetes you might be interested in a new iPhone application that allows you to download your readings directly from any of the 6 major glucose monitoring devices on the market using a specially designed connection cable.

There are plenty of glucose monitoring applications already available on Apple’s app store but almost all require manual inputting of the data. This is what makes the Glooko system and app different.


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