Sony Xperia S Fast Charging Feature Detailed

We recently heard that Sony’s latest Android smartphone, the Sony Xperia S would come with a fast charging feature, although at the time we didn’t have any information on how this would work.

We now have some details on how the fast charge feature on the new Sony Xperia S will work, you will be able to plug your device in for 10 minutes and this will give you one hour of talk time on the Xperia S.

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Skyrim 1.4 Update Released With Creation Kit And Workshop Preview Trailer (video)

Skyrim gamers looking forward to the new 1.4 patch being rolled out by Bethesda, will be pleased to learn that its now been released and is available to download through Steam.

Unfortunately console gamers are going to need to wait just a little while longer for the patch, which is hoped will arrive for Xbox 360 and PS3 within the week. The new Skyrim 1.4 patch is hoped to solve a number of issues that PS3 players have been experiencing that causes the game to lag.


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Vizio’s 21:9 CinemaWide LED HTDV Coming In March

Vizio showed of a number of cool new products at CES 2012 last month, one of those was their new 21:9 aspect ratio LED HDTV, and now the company has announced that the device will launch in March.

The Vizio 21:9 CinemaWide LED HDTV will retail for $3,500 when it launches in March, and the device will let you watch widescreen movies without the need for the black bars that you get on standard HDTV’s.

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Android Google Docs Update Enables Offline Access To Documents

A new update to Android Google Docs application has rolled out this week bringing with it a new feature that provides the ability to store documents on your devices for offline access when required. Google has added the new offline Docs feature to help you when an internet connection might not always be available, enabling you to always be connected to files.

Once back online again via a WiFi connection Google Docs automatically updates your offline files. If needed you can also manually update files anytime via a data connection by opening the file or tapping ‘Update’ from the Offline section of the app.

Android Google Docs

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Raspbmc Transforms A $35 Raspberry Pi Into A XBMC Media Center (video)

A new Raspbmc operating system has been announced this week which has been designed to transform a $35/£25 Raspberry Pi mini computer into a XBMC media centre. XBMC had already been tested on the Raspberry Pi but the release of the new Raspbmc operating system makes installing a breeze.

If you haven’t already heard about the new $35/£25 Raspberry Pi computer, its a tiny palm sized PC thats equipped with a ARM-based processor originally designed for educational institutions, but has captured the hearts of hobbyists and geeks worldwide. Watch the video after the jump to see team XBMC member Keith walks us through the Raspberry Pi device, demonstrates XBMC functionality in this proof of concept port, and plays some 1080p videos.

Raspbmc Raspberry Pi

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ADzero Bamboo Android Smartphone Announced

A company called ADzero has developed a Bamboo Android smartphone, and the device is expected to launch later this year, the handset was developed by the company and a UK student at Middlesex University, Keiron Scott Woodhouse.

The design started out as a concept, and it was then picked up by ADzero, who have developed it into an Android smartphone, and the device features a casing which is made from bamboo.

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Apple Releases OS X Lion 10.7.3 Update

Apple has released a new update for its Mac OS X software, the latest version is OS X Lion 10.7.3 and the update comes with a range of improvements and bug fixes.

The OS C Lion 10.7.3 update adds in support for a range of new languages, which include Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, and Ukrainian, as well as a range of bug fixes.

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Motorola Droid 4 Coming To Verizon February 9th For $199?

Verizon and Motorola announced the Droid 4 last month, and now it looks like we may have a possible launch date for the device, the 9th of February, which is next Thursday.

According to a recent report the Motorola Droid 4 will be available on Verizon Wireless from February the 9th for $199 when you sign up to a new two year contract with the carrier, although this has yet to be officially confirmed by Verizon.

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iPad 3 To Feature Quad Core A6 Processor?

We have been hearing rumors about the iPad 3 for the last few months, the device is reported to come with a new Apple A6 processor, and now it would appear we may actually have some information about the A6 processor.

According to a recent report by the Boy Genius Report, Apple’s iPad 3 will feature a quad core A6 processor, as they have apparently obtained some information on the hardware in an iPad 3 prototype.

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MSI Outs Three New AMD R7950 GPU Video Cards

Today marks the launch of three new video cards for gaming enthusiasts and overclockers from MSI. All through the video cards use the new AMD R7950 GPU inside and have different cooling solutions and presumably different clock speeds. The coolest of three cards uses MSI’s custom Twin Frozr cooling solution.


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