iPhone 5 To Feature 4 Inch Display?

We have been hearing more and more rumors about the iPhone 5 over the last few weeks, on Friday we saw a photo of a case which is reported to be for the new iPhone 5, and this would mean that the iPhone 5 would feature a thinner design than the existing iPhone 4 and also a larger display.

The guys over at Mac Rumors have put together some renders, based on a reported iPhone design document and have come to the conclusion that the iPhone 5 will feature a 4 inch screen.

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Lenovo Claims Samsung Sold 20,000 Galaxy Tab Tablets Out Of 1M Shipped

Samsung hasn’t released any details on how many of their Galaxy Tab tablets they actually sold last year, the company announced that they had shipped a total of one million Galaxy Tab tablets, but never released any actual sales figures for 2010.

Now a Lenovo executive is saying that out of the 1 million Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets that were shipped to retailers, Samsung only actually sold 20,000 units, which is a pretty bold claim.

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VooMote Zapper iOS Universal Remote

Voomote have unveiled their new all-in-one universal remote iOS application and Zapper which combine to provide everything you need for an entire home entertainment experience, says VooMote, including TV Guides, social media and more all from your iOS device.

The neat little VooMote Zapper connects to your iOS devices dock connector, doesn’t require any batteries to function and is equipped with 4 IR LEDs. The Voomote iTunes application is free to download and provides a universal remote control panel and TV guide at your fingertips.

VooMote Zapper

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The World’s Tallest iPod Dock, Yours For $560,000

We have featured quite a few different iPod and iPhone docks here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is probably the world’s most expensive iPod Dock and definitely the worlds tallest iPod dock.

The AreoDreamOne has been created by Jean Michel Jarre and it stands a massive 11 feet tall and measures 16.3 inches in diameter, and as you can see from the photos it even has a built in ladder so you can climb to the top and dock your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the AreoDreamOne.

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LG Dual Play TV Enables Two Gamers To Share the Same Screen

LG is hoping to attract console gamers to its new range of 3D Cinema TV’s with the addition of their new Dual Play technology. The new Dual Play feature enables two gamers to play on the same screen without the need for split screens, allowing them to see two different views on the same screen.

The new Dual Play technology was showcased this week at the IFA technology conference in Berlin and requires users to wear specialised eye wear whilst playing compatible 3D Xbox games.

LG LW980T Dual play TV

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Google Engineer Proposes With Google Maps, Android Smartphone

Google engineer Ari Gilder decided to propose to his girlfriend Faigy, although he didn’t take the traditional route with a candlelit dinner, instead he devised a unique way to propose using Google Maps and an Android smartphone.

Ari arrange for Faigy’s boss to give her a Nexus One smartphone preloaded with Google Maps, he then sent his girlfriend on a scavenger hunt around New York City, and she had to visit various places around New York, at each one she was asked a new question.

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Sony Announces 360 Degree iPhone And Bluetooth Speaker Docks

Sony has unveiled a new range of iPhone speaker docks at this years IFA, which are designed to be used with your iPhone and iPod as well as other MP3 players and smartphones.

There are two models the Sony SRS-BTV25 and the Sony RDP-V20iP, the first model, the Sony SRS-BTV25 comes with Bluetooth A2DP, which means that it can be used with a wide range of MP3 players and smartphones.

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Amazon Testing New Tablet Friendly WebSite Design

With the launch of Amazon’s new Kindle device edging closer and Tech Crunch reporting that they have actually laid eyes on the device. Amazon has also announced that they are now testing a new web design for its online store front which has been specifically designed for tablet devices.

Amazon reports it has already started rolling out the new design to some users in the last days of August for testing and first screen shots reveal a new user interface with a much more streamlined look and easier navigation for touchscreen devices.

Amazon tablet website design

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Altec Unveils inAir 5000 AirPlay Speaker

Altec has this week unveiled their latest Airplay speaker in the form of the inAir 5000, that is equipped with three separate amps. The new stylish Altec inAir 5000 AirPlay speaker will be pitching itself against the B&W and Philips AirPlay speakers that are currently available on the market, and has been designed to radiate sound out at a multitude of angles providing improved sound quality when compared to traditional speaker systems say Altec.

inAir 5000

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Google’s Eric Schmidt Says Buying Motorola Is About More Than Just Patents

We recently heard that Google will be buying Android smartphone and hardware manufacturer Motorola for a price of $12.5 billion, many people have speculated that the purchase is for Motorola’s patents, so that Google can protect its Android OS from the likes of Microsoft and Apple.

Now Google’s former CEO, and current Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt has spoken out about the purchase of Motorola, and according to him the deal is about more than just Motorola’s patent portfolio.

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SFPD Admits Helping Apple With iPhone 5 Prototype Investigation

More news on the missing iPhone 5 prototype, that was apparently left in a bar, last week we heard that Apple has visited the house of a man in San Francisco, and we had heard that Apple security employees searched the mans house with San Francisco Police.

When  this was revealed there was no police report of the incident, and when the SFPD were contacted nobody seemed to know anything about the lost iPhone 5 prototype.

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Zip Zip Unveils Building Block External Hard Drive Range

Zip Zip has unveiled a new line of external hard drives which they have designed to be compatible with building blocks, enabling you to include them in your creations or simply stack them neatly on top of one another.

Zip Zip well known for its building block USB drives has now added the external hard drives to its range in either 500GB or 1TB capacities and both sizes are USB 3.0 compatible and are supported by PC and Mac systems.

Zip Zip Hard Drives

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