Canon Adds 3D Support To Its Professional Camcorders

Canon have announced that they will be adding significant enhancements to their Canon XF305 and XF300 Professional Camcorders via an update, which includes the ability  to configure the two units for 3D HD video capture.

The new 3D function called  3D Assist allows two XF305 or XF300 camcorders to be setup together to capture true 3D HD video. The new firmware update includes the ability to perform OIS Lens Shift to assist in the optically aligning of two camcorders and a Focal Length Guide to display the zoom position of each camera in relation to each other and help calibrate zoom settings.

Canon XF305

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Time Warner Is Taking Viacom To Court Over iPad Streaming

Recently we heard that Time Warner was forced to remove a number of TV channels from its TV streaming iPad app, as some of the networks were less than happy about their content being streamed to the iPad.

Now Time Warner is taking Viacom to court, in an attempt to make Viacom’s programming available to users of its iPad, and they have filed a request with the court for a Declaratory Judgment.

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Oscium iMSO-104 Transforms Your iPad Into A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Oscium’s New iMSO-104 Oscilloscope Powered By Cypress’s PSoC 3 device transforms Apple’s iOS devices either, iPod touch, iPhone or iPad into an easy to use mixed signal Oscilloscope.

Using the PSoC 3 device in the iMSO-104 allows it to seamlessly manages the two-way communication between the oscilloscope and any iOS device via Apple’s proprietary dock connector. Allowing it to process both the incoming analog and digital signals and is the first to use Apple’s iOS devices.

Oscium iMSO-104

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Facebook Launches Open Compute Project

Facebook started building a new data center about a year ago, the aim of the new data center was to make it more efficient but also build it at a lower cost, and now Facebook has decided to share the information learned from building this new data center with the launch of the Open Compute Project.

The new Facebook data center was build with the help of a number of companies, which include Dell, HP and AMD, and they have ended up with a new data center that is 38 percent more efficient and 24 percent less expensive to build and run.

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Sony’s Music Unlimited Lands On PSP April 14th

We heard a rumor recently that Sony’s Music unlimited service would be coming to its hand held portables, particularly the new Sony NGP when it launches, and Sony has just confirmed that Music Unlimited will be available on the Sony PSP from the 14th of April.

PSP owners will have access to access millions of tunes and it will be available for the PS3 and the Sony PSP, through Sony’s PlayStation Network.

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Barnes & Noble Opening Nook Platform To Developers

Barnes & Noble has announced that they are opening their Nook platform to developers, and are now accepting application submissions from developers, and it looks like they will have a review process to ensure quality apps are available on the platform.

The app review process will be similar to the companies book review process, “app review/acceptance process that will follow the company’s content acceptance policies as with books to ensure the content is appropriate for the Barnes & Noble customer.”

barnes noble nook developer program

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Google Plans To Stream Its Google I/O Conference, After Tickets Sell Out In Less Than An Hour

Google in now planning to stream its Google I/O Conference after tickets sold out for the event in just 59 minutes. The Google I/O will bring together thousands of developers for two days of deep technical content on May 10 – 11th 2011 at the Moscone Center in San Fransico.

The Google I/O developers conference will include seminars and technical sessions, together with bootcamps which will all be focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Google Chrome, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit and App Engine, to name just a few.

Google I/O

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LinkedIn Launches New Android App

LinkedIn has today announced the launch of its new LinkedIn App for Android devices which run Android OS 2.1 or higher. The networking service for business professionals. Its been design to allow you to manage your profile and search for contacts, within either your contact list, or you can search the entire user base.

The new LinkedIn Android App allows you to easily view updates from your contacts, view your contacts’ profiles, add new contacts, post status updates and allows you to respond to invitations you may receive.

LinkedIn Android App

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Packard Bell Liberty Tab, 10.1 Inch Android Honeycomb Tablet

Packard Bell has unveiled a new Android Tablet, which will go on sale in Europe in June, the Packard Bell Liberty Tab, and it will come with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and feature a 10.1 inch display.

The Packard Bell Liberty Tab’s 10.1 inch display will features a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and processing is provided by an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, there is also two cameras.

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Bioshock Creator Ken Levine: Games Better Off Without Sex

Yes, people are still talking about this. No, the conversation hasn’t really moved further than whether it should or should not exist. It was, however, missing Ken Levine’s voice. We’re not entirely sure why he felt he needed to add his input on the subject, but he made Bioshock and everyone else didn’t so he can go ahead and weigh in on the Ivory Coast situation and we’d still be glued to the Internet listening intently.

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Mass Effect Anime In The Works For 2012

We’re not entirely sure how the thinking behind anime adaptations of major game franchises goes, but we figure cash features prominently. Why else would anyone let critically acclaimed franchises like Halo, Dead Space and now Mass Effect be abused in said fashion? Well, besides the chance that it might turn out great, but seriously, how many of those have you seen?

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Portal 2 Comic Launches Tomorrow

In the build up to the launch of their new game Portal 2 Valve is releasing a new Portal comic book, which has been created in house and will be shown in conjunction with IGN who will be hosting the new comic book pages.

The comic will fill in the considerable time gaps between the two games and will feature a new “much-rumored yet never seen character,”.  The comic has been created with the help of Portal co-creator, Michael Avon Oeming.

Portal 2 comic

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