Jeb Corliss Flies Through Chinese Mountain With Wingsuit (Video)

Some of our readers will remember stuntman Jeb Corliss and his Wingsuit, his latest crazy stunt also involves the Wingsuit, a parachute, and a GoPro hero video camera, and this time he decided to fly through a hole in a Chinese mountain.

The video below shows Corliss flying through a hole in Tianmen mountain, Hunan Province, in China, and he jumped out of a helicopter at 6,000 feet and then glided towards the mountain.

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MeeGo Replaced By Tizen Linux Based Mobile OS

Even before the MeeGo mobile operating system had a chance to establish its self it has already been scrapped and will be replaced by a new Linux-based platform, Tizen. Only yesterday we reported that the new Nokia N9 powered by the now extinct MeeGo mobile OS, had started shipping to some countries.

Today Intel announced the news that MeeGo will no longer be developed and has joined Linux Foundation and LiMo Foundation in support of the new Linux based mobile OS Tizen. Which is expected to start appearing on devices in the first quarter of 2012.


Nokia N9 MeeGo

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9-String Kelstone Guitar Plays Like A Piano (video)

If you have never come across a Kelstone before its a 9-stringed fretted instrument which you play with both hands on top of the fretboard and if you can play the piano you shouldn’t have many problems playing a 9 String Kelstone guitar apparently.

The Kelston guitar has a range of 5 octaves tuned in fourths with the open strings being: B-E-A-D-G-C-F-Bb-Eb, watch a video after the break showing how the unique Kelstone guitar in action and its unique playing style.

9-String Kelstone Guitar

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Battlefield 3 : $1.6 Million Worldwide Conquest Competition (video)

Virgin Gaming, and EA DICE have partnered to create a Battlefield 3 online competition with $1,600,000 in cash prizes available to win if you and your team have the skills. For a chance to enter you need to be a member of Virgin Gaming where you will receive details about the competition and be able to take part once it kicks off in 2012.

Battlefield 3 has already won 50 awards at gaming industry’s major trade shows and is set to become on of this years hottest games. To whet your appetite a little more the Battlefield 3 / Jay-Z  “99 Problems” full-length gameplay trailer is available to view after the jump. Enjoy!

Battlefield 3 competition

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Second Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet To Launch Early 2012?

Amazon has a press event scheduled for today, where the company is expected to announce its first  Android Tablet, which is rumored to be called the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Now according to a recent report by Ryan Block from gdgt, Amazon is going to be launching a second Kindle Fire tablet in early 2012, and the reason for this is because it has apparently been scheduled for some time.

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Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit Shuts Down Kelihos Botnet

Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit has this week announced they have chalked up another victory against spammers and malware pedlars. By shutting down the huge Kelihos Botnet which was responsible for delivering around four million spam email messages every day.

Kelihos, also known as “Waledac 2.0” due to its suspected ties to the first botnet Microsoft took down, is not as large as the Rustock spambot, but still represents a significant victory in Microsoft’s fight against botnets.


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Motorola Droid 4 Condenamed ‘Maserati’, Will feature Slide Out QWERTY Keyboard

Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of the new Motorola Droid 4 smartphone, which is reported to be codenamed ‘Maserati’, so instead we will have to make do with this photo of a Maserati Gran Turismo.

According to a recent report, the Motorola Droid 4 will be codenamed ‘Maserati’, after the famous Italian sports cars and it will apparently come with a slide out QWERTY  keyboard and will come with 4G LTE.

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Toilet Paper Printer (video)

Mario Lukas has created a very unique type of printer that uses toilet rolls for its printing paper rather than traditional A4 sheets. Lukas created the unique printer as an entry into a hardware hacking contest “Mach flott den Schrott” run by German technology magazine c’t.

Lukas build his Toilet Paper Printer using old printer parts and has even equipped it with an Ethernet port to control exactly what you would like to print. Its primarily been designed to print Tweets and Facebook posts but can also be used to print RSS feeds as well. Replacement toilet rolls can be added by opening the left side of the printer.  Watch the video after the jump to see the Toilet Paper Printer in action.

Toilet Paper Printer

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Belkin Emerge 024 iPad 2 Case Color Coordinates With Your Smart Cover

If you are a little worried that the back of your iPad 2 is exposed to bumps and knocks when using Apple’s Smart Cover. Belkin have launched a new case that will suit you perfectly and even allows you to color coordinate the back of your ipad 2 with the color of your Smart Cover.

The unique Emerge 024 design has a perforated pattern and comes with colored inserts allowing you to match your Smart Cover. The Emerge 024 case is constructed from polycarbonate and has a soft-touch finish.

Emerge 024 iPad 2 Case

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Lionsgate Buys Dead Island Game Movie Rights (video)

Lionsgate have announced today that they have now purchased the movie rights for the new Dead Island video game that was recently launched. Lionsgate say they will be using the original haunting trailer as the basis for their new film which is now currently under development.

When first released back in February the trailer won a number of industry awards, including a Golden Lion at Cannes. You can view once again after the jump, but be warned if you haven’t already seen it’s a raw heartbreaking horror trailer NSFW. Enjoy!


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