MIDI Air Drums Created Using Arduino (Video)

We have featured quite a few different cool creations using Arduino here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is these cool MIDI air drums which were created using a MIDI device, 3 accelerometers, a light sensor, a USB hub, a pair of sandals and  two hand rakes.

These cool MIDI air drums were created by Maayan Migdal, have a look at the video of them in action below.

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Apple Wins Dispute Over iPods.com Domain Name

Back in May Apple filed a complaint with the WIPO (world Intellectual Property Organization) over the domain name ‘ipods.com’, and now it would appear that Apple will be getting their hands on the domain without having to pay they owner millions of dollars.

The WIPO has ruled in favor of Apple and have ordered for the ipods.com domain name to be transferred to Apple, and we could see similar things happening in the future with other domain names.

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Lego Remote Controlled R2-D2

We love anything to do with Lego here at Geeky Gadgets, especially if it is also related to Star Wars, here we have the Lego remote controlled R2-D2 which was built by Ickelpete for the Lego Space event at the National Space Centre in the UK.

The level of details on this Lego R2-D2 is amazing, and we suspect this took a fair amount of time to build as well as a lot of Lego bricks.

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Google Buys 1,000 Patents From IBM

Google recently lost out to a consortium of companies, which included Apple in the recent sale of various Nortel Patents, Google originally offered around $900 million for the Nortel patents, which eventually sold for $4.5 billion.

Now it would seem that Google has found to some patents to add to their arsenal, and have recently purchased over 1,030 patents form IBM, which cover a wide range of things including the fabrication and architecture of memory and micro processing chips, and much more, the purchase was originally uncovered by SEO by the Sea.

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Adobe Launches HTML5 Adobe Edge Tool

Adobe has launched a new tool for HTML5 called Adobe Edge, and the new software is designed to create animated web content using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Many companies are moving away from using Adobe’s Flash software for creating content and instead moving to HTML5, so it makes sense for Adobe to release a tool which makes use of HTML5.

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Amazon Stop Android Apps Submissions In Germany Due To Apple Lawsuit

Apple hasn’t had much success with its lawsuit against Amazon in the US for the company using the term App Store, the last thing we heard was that the judge dealing with the case had denied Apple’s injunction in the US courts.

It would appear that things may be a little different in Europe, as Amazon Germany has been forced to stop taking application submissions to its Amazon Appstore in Germany, due to the legal action being taken against Amazon in Germany by Apple.

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Google Makes Search More Tablet Friendly

Google has made a number of changes to Google Search to make it more tablet friendly, now when you visit Google.com from your iPad or Android tablet you will see a new simplified layout.

Google has also improved the speed of pages on tablets, and the new layout features larger text, buttons and images making it easier to use, they have also made the images on image search larger and have added in continuous scroll.

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Microbiologist Fashion Designer Makes Milk Clothes (Video)

Smart women. We’d be in very bad shape without them. Who else would save the great mass of humankind from fashion disasters? Actually the true value of women transcends the confines of mere fashion. But alas, this is a fashion-related post. Seen below is are lovely models modeling the latest from Anke Domaske. It’s a milk dress. Wait, what?

Milk Dresses

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Intel Rolls Out Car Security App

What this app does is sync with your car’s security system and save footage onto the cloud. When anything suspicious happens, it streams the data on your phone. Simple, huh? Not quite, as the technology is still in the  testing stage. At least the tests are already netting positive results.

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Fearsome Fire And Flame From Lego Dragon (Video)

Lego designer and enthusiast Aaron Amatnieks certainly has a taste for grandeur. Seen below is his “fire-breathing Lego red dragon.” This should warm the hearts of passionate RPG fans and fantasy geeks in general. Seen below is the highly detailed build in all its fearsomeness.

The cool part of course is when it breathes fire. Naturally, you’re curious as to why the Lego bricks at the mouth don’t melt. Well, lighter flames aren’t that hot to begin with. There’s a nice video after the jump.

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