NASA And GM Develop Iron Man Style Robo Glove (Video)

NASA and GM have developed a new Robo Glove that is designed to make working with heavy tools and equipment a lot easier, the glove uses pressure sensors which are located in the fingertips to automatically tighten actuators that are located in the fingers to provide extra grip.

Without using the glove you may need to exert 15 to 20 pounds of force to grip a tool, but with the glove the force needed is reduced to between 5 and 10 pounds.

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Bomberman Team Fortress 2 Style Mod Created (video)

If you enjoyed the original Bomberman game, you are sure to enjoy this Team Fortress 2 take on the original game using Demomen from Valve’s TF2.

The new TF2 Bomberman game mod has been created by a pair of industrious modders in under 24 hours and brings a fresh approach to the traditional Bomberman game. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

TF2 Bomberman

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Apple HDTV Coming In Quarter Four?

Apple recently launched their new Apple TV 3, and we have previously heard rumors that Apple are working on their own HDTV, which will come with some sort of new TV subscription service.

According to a recent report, Apple are expected to launch their Apple HDTV in quarter four of 2012, due to some information received from various supply chains.

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Miselu Neiro Net-Enabled Android Social Music Keyboard Unveiled (video)

Miselu a Silicon Valley startup company has unveiled their new web connected Neiro keyboard. Which is powered by Android and has been created as a social instrument.

As well as the 25-key MIDI-controlling keyboard the Neiro is also equipped with a multitouch display. Allowing users to also use applications and online services to enhance their music making skills. Watch the video after the jump to see Miselu’s Neiro keyboard in action.



Miselu's Neiru keyboard

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BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard Announced (Video)

RIM has launched a new accessory for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, the PlayBook Mini Keyboard, which connects to your RIM tablet via an encrypted Bluetooth connection.

As well as featuring a full sized keyboard, the PlayBook Mini Keyboard also comes with a built in touchpad, and it van also be used a a case for your tablet, have a look at the video below.

BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard

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PoiseCam Ergonomic iPhone Video Capture Grip (video)

Anyone who has used their iPhone to capture video footage over long periods of time will already know it can get a little awkward and uncomfortable after a few minutes.

This is where the new PoiseCam iPhone 4 camera grip concepts comes in. It’s been developed by Mark Johnson and is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to make the jump from concept to production. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Nokia Holding Windows Phone Event In China March 28th

It looks like Nokia could be about to announce a new range of Windows Phone smartphones for China, as the company has announced that they are holding a special event on March the 28th.

According to a recent report Nokia will unveil a range of Windows Phone devices and also some carrier partners for China, and the first Windows Phone handsets from Nokia are expected to go on sale in China in early April.

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Modern Warfare 3 : Black Ice, Black Box and Negotiator Maps Arrive On Xbox 360 (video)

Modern Warfare 3 gamers who are part of the Call of Duty Elite premium membership will be pleased to learn that three new maps have now landed on Xbox 360 ready to play.

The new maps included in the DLC are Black Ice, Black Box and Negotiator, which bring with them three different styles of game play. Watch the video after the jump to see behind the scenes descriptions of the new maps and what they are going to add to the Modern Warfare 3 game.


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Apple To Release 4G LTE iPhone Later This Year?

Many of us were expecting Apple to announced a 4G LTE iPhone when the iPhone 4S was unveiled last year, and now we the recent release of the iPad 3 which comes with 4G LTE, we are starting to hear rumors that this years iPhone will come with 4G LTE.

Apple have obviously sorted the battery issues that stopped them releasing a 4G LTE iPhone last year with the new iPad 3, and according to Digitimes Apple’s next generation iPhone will feature 4G.

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Galaxy Note 10.1 To Retail For 729 Euros?

Samsung announced the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 last month, and now it looks like we may have some possible pricing for the new Galaxy Note, according to the guys from Phandroid it will retail for 729 Euros.

Of course this price has yet to be confirmed by Samsung, and we suspect the pricing would include the S Pen stylus, the device will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Codex Cube LCD Concept Watch

TokyoFlash has published another very unique concept watch on to its website called the Codex Cube. Which is equipped with three LCD screens showing what at first glance look like alien markings.

The Codex Cube has been submitted by Firdaus (Malaysia) and Heather (USA), and to read the time on the watch you start in the top left for the hours and then drop down for the minutes, moving to the right for the seconds.

Codex Cube Watch

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