Intel SSD 710 Series Breaks Cover

Intel has unveiled a new SSD today that is aimed at the data center in the enterprise market. The SSD has many features that are designed to make it perform as if it uses SLC NAND, but actually has cheaper MLC NAND inside. The SLC NAND is known to be more reliable.

Intel SSD

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Space 3 Concept Phone Is Totally Unbelievable

Take your average touchscreen, multiply it, then combine both screens into one phone. The designers didn’t bother with the engineering part, however, so their concept has to be taken on blind faith that it’s awesome.

According to the available concept illustrations, each touchscreen are independent wireless devices that can be separated or opened like a book. Wenhing Chou and Kok Keong Wong might be onto something.

Space 3 phone

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Your Head In The Clouds? Possible With Mushroom Cloud Tree House

For starters, it’s a strange place for kids to be enjoying their solitude. But as a work of sculpture what Dietrech Wegner has created is a marvel to behold. A study in balancing lightweight materials with aesthetic sensibilities, the mushroom cloud tree house is an eccentric take on a boyhood institution, not to mention a towering display of nuclear might.

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AmazonLocal Coming To Ad-Supported Kindles This Week

Amazon has today unveiled plans to launch its new AmazonLocal on its advert supported Kindle devices. If you own an advert support Kindle you can expect the new adverts to start dropping on to your devices screensavers within the next couple of days.

The Kindle will then allow you to view your city’s AmazonLocal deals and purchase the deal directly from your Kindle, without re-entering your account or credit card information. make it even easier to treat yourself.


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Watch the Evolution Of Music From 1970 In 3 Minutes (video)

Music has changed considerable since the 1970′s and PR company Simply Zesty have put together a funky 3 minute video detailing a few facts which have rocked music over the last 40 years and provided a few of the significant changes that have changed the way we now listen and obtain our music.

Did you know the most expensive guitar ever sold was a Fender Stratocaster for $2.7 million? Or that you got a free bottle of milk when you attended the first Glastonbury festivals back in 1970 for just £1? Watch the The Evolution of Music – Statistics video after the jump for a few more interesting facts.

Evolution of music

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HP Unveils New Range Of IPS Based Professional Displays

HP has today unveiled a new range of IPS based displays, designed for the professional and business markets. The new ZR2x40w-series displays are equipped with new colour accurate in-plane switching (IPS) technology and range from the 20 inch ZR2040w, for $189 with a 1600 x 900 resolution. Up to the 47 inch LD4720tm digital signage displays pictured after the jump.

HP IPS Displays

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Yamaha Restio iPod Docks Announced

Yamaha has announced a new range of iPod docks, called the Yamaha Restio, and as you can see from the photos they look very stylish when compared to some of the previous iPod docks we have seen.

The Yamaha Restio iPod Dock will also come with a slot loading CD player, an AM/FM tuner and a USB port so you can play your favourite tunes from a USB device.

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Worlds Most Expensive Toy Car Costs $4.8 Million

German master model maker Robert Gülpen has created the worlds most expensive toy car which costs 12 times more than the real life version. Gülpen spent 500 hours recreating a model Lamborghini Aventador in carbon fibre and then decorated it with platinum, gold and precious stones. Adding diamonds to the headlights, wheel rims and interior.

Model Lamborghini Aventador

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