Sony Announces New 8MP And 13MP Camera Sensors For Smartphones

Sony has announced two new camera sensors designed to be used in smartphones, and both of these new sensors use a new RGBW matrix which adds a white pixel to the normal RGB layout.

This is designed to improve light sensitivity and produce better photographs at low light, and Sony has said that normally adding a white pixel would reduce image quality, they have managed to implement it whilst improving the image quality.

Sony Camera

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Resident Evil: Retribution Movie Trailer Released (video)

Sony Pictures has this week released a new video for their upcoming fifth title in the Resident Evil movie series, Resident Evil Retribution. The new full length trailer shows a glimpse of what we can expect from the new movie when it arrives later this year on September 14th.

Resident Evil: Retribution, will star Milla Jovovich as Alice and star Michelle Rodriguez and Sienna Guillory, watch the new trailer after the jump to whet your appetite.

Resident Evil Retribution Movie

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Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 60,000 Apps

The last data we had on the number of applications available in Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace was back around the end of December, where we heard that there were around 50,000 applications available.

It looks like the Windows Phone Marketplace has now reached over 60,000 applications, and it took Microsoft just under a month to reach their latest milestone.

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Awesome Fully Automated Lego Brick Sorting Plant (video)

Any Lego master builders out there that have a large amount of Lego bricks they need to sort. Might be interested in this fantastic Lego sorting plant which has been created to demonstrate a factories manufacturing execution system.

The Lego builders over at BrickIt work commissioned by the Dynaway company to build the miniature sorting plant. Which has been constructed using around 37,500 Lego bricks together with 28 motors, 22 sensors including touch, colour and ultrasonic, together with 7 Lego Mindstorm NXT controller bricks. Watch it in action after the jump.


Lego Sorting Plant

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Counter Strike Unofficially Ported To Android Tablets (video)

Counter Strike fans will be pleased to know that an unofficial port of the game, has now arrived on Android tablets. The classic first person shooter has now been repackaged and ported to the Google Android operating system by the developers over at XDA. Recoding the entire game utilising the Unity3D platform.

The Android version of Counter Strike supports full multiplayer games and is available right now to be downloaded and installed, with either Facebook or Kongregate versions available. Watch the video after the jump to see Counter Strike multiplayer being played in matrix mode on Android tablets.

Counter Strike Android

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Google Sky Map Goes Open Source (video)

Over the weekend Google has announced that their Google Sky Map which was launched for Android smartphones back in 2009 and was created by a number of Googlers from the Pittsburgh office during their 20% development time. Will now be moving into the community of open source in a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University who will further development Sky Map in a series of student projects.

Google’s Sky Map’s development will now be driven by the Carnegie Mellon University students, with Google engineers remaining closely involved as advisors. In addition Google has also open-sourced the app so that other astronomy enthusiasts can take the code and augment it as they wish.

Google Sky Map

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White Samsung Galaxy Note Goes On Sale In The UK

Samsung has announced that a white version of their Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone has launched in the UK today, and the device will be available exclusively from UK retailer John Lewis.

Samsung have also said that the device will come with £250 worth of free music, films and e-books to the first one hundred customers, and it will stay exclusive with the retailer until February.

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Petzl Nao Self Adjusting LED Head Torch (video)

Petzl the maker of head torches and other camping accessories has unveiled a new product addition to their range, in the form of the Petzl Nao head torch. Which has been designed to adjust its beam depending on where you are looking.

Whether you are looking straight ahead or looking down to read a map the Petzl Nao head torch can recognise the intensity and type of light you might require to shine from its LEDs, and will adjust it’s beam accordingly. Watch the video after the jump to see the new Petzl Nao in action.


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Samsung’s We Got Samsunged Advert To Be Shown During Super Bowl (Video)

Apple and Samsung are engaged in around twenty different court cases around the world, and there certainly is no love lost between the two companies, with each one suing the other for various patent claims.

Samsung’s latest advertising campaign has been poking fun at Apple, and their latest advert has been revealed an it will be show off during this years Super Bowl, although you can see the video below.

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Apple iBooks Passes 350,000 Textbook Downloads In Just 3 Days

According to Global Equities Research, the company which monitors Apple’s iBook sales via a proprietary tracking system, has today revealed that Apple’s new textbook service has already passed 350,000 downloads, just 3 days after being launched.

Together with around 90,000 downloads of Apple’s iBooks Author, its free textbook creation tool, during the same time period. Only last week we brought you the news that Apple had launched its new iBooks 2 and iBooks Author service, and already they look to be a success.

iBooks 2

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Optical Turntables (video)

The Product design studio based in Berlin has created a very unique sound system using optical sensors rather than the tradition needle. The optical turntables were created for the premiere of Volkswagen’s new Beetle at the 2011 IAA motor show.

Rather than using vinyl disks like a traditional record player the new optical turntables uses discs with concentric geometric patterns printed on them and then placed below a glass surface to produce music. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Optical Turntables

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