Black Ops Escalation DLC Trailer “Call of the Dead” Has A Great Cast (video)

Get ready for more Zombies in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation map pack with ‘Call of the Dead’, which stars George Romero the famous horror director himself. Together with Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy), Robert England (Freddy Kreuger), Danny Trejo & Michael Rooker who plays Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead.

The new Black Ops Escalation content will first be arriving on the Xbox, due to the three year exclusivity deal between Activision and Microsoft. Arriving on PC and PS3 shortly afterwards. Watch a trailer of the new Black Ops Escalation DLC after the jump.

Call of the Dead

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Transparent iPhone 4 Back Panel Now Available To Buy

You might remember back at the beginning of this year when I wrote about a way you could remove the paint from the back panel of your iPhone to make it transparent. If you thought that idea was good, but didn’t have the time to remove the black paint using thinners. A quicker alternative in now available in the form of a transparent iPhone 4 back panel which can be easily fitted to your iPhone.

Transparent iPhone 4 Back Panel

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Sony “Ultra Mobile” And “Freestyle Hybrid” PCs

At the end of yesterdays unveiling of Sony’s new tablet devices, Sony also unveiled a couple of teaser images of its PC developments in the form of the Sony “Ultra Mobile” And “Freestyle Hybrid” PCs.

No specifications have been released regards the two new PC systems which might at this moment only be conceptual artwork released by Sony to gauge enthusiasm.

Sony Freestyle Hybrid

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Toshiba Unveils 1mm Thick, 7 Inch LCD With Integrated Touch

Toshiba has unveiled a new super thin 7 inch LCD screen its been developing, that measures just 1mm thick, and also includes integrated touch technology and has a much lower power consumption.

The new low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) TFT LCD uses a new technology to incorporate the touchscreen technology allowing the screen to be 57 percent thinner, by combining the sensing system on top of the display module.

The LCD screens have also been designed to reduce reflections and now have a reduced surface reflection of around 10 percent compared to other LCD screens.

Toshiba LCD

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Evernote 2.1 For Mac Update Brings Audio Note Recording And Sharing

Evernote for Mac has just received a new update that brings with it a couple of great new features, that make note taking and organisation within Evernote even easier. The new update brings the Evernote Mac version more in line with its Windows version now providing Mac users with note sharing.

Together with the ability to now take Audio Notes from within Evernote, and marks the first desktop app from Evernote that allows you to record an Audio Note.

Evernote For Mac

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Seamless App Allows Continuous Music From One Apple Device to Another

If you have ever been enjoying a tune on your Mac desktop or MacBook, but needed to pop out of for some reason, and would like to continue listening to the track on your iPod or iPhone, while you are mobile. Its always been a chore to jump to the track and position on your mobile or iPod. Until now.

A new app called Seamless now allows you to continue listening to your music from one Apple device to another seamlessly without dropping a beat, by just the press of a button. Watch the video after the jump to see how easy the process is.


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Steve Jobs In Carbonite iPhone Case

We have featured a number of different Carbonite iPhone skins and cases here on Geeky Gadgets including the Han Solo iPhone decal.

But if you are an Apple fan and looking for something a little different to keep your iPhone 4 protected, this quirky mashup, brings both Star Wars and Apple  fans together, with the Steve Jobs In Carbonite iPhone case.

Steve Jobs In Carbonite iPhone Case

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Qik Video App Allows Video Calls Between Android And iOS (video)

A new update from Qik now allows users using their Qik Video Connect software to make cross-platform video calling. Using Android phones with version 2.1 or higher, iPhone, iPad 2 and Apple’s iPod Touch with a camera, to connect via video calling.

Video calls can be made using the Qik Video Connect app via either 3G, 4G, or WiFi and the app allows either the front or rear cameras to be used on compatible devices. The new Qik update has also boosted video quality and now puts less of a drain on battery life than in previous versions. Watch a demo video of the new Qik Video Connect in action after the jump.

Qik Video Calls

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PSN User Information Is Compromised, After “External Intrusion” Reports Sony

Sony has today revealed that the “External Intrusion” their Playstation Network suffered last week has indeed compromised user account details. Sony announced that an “an unauthorised person has obtained the following information” of PlayStation Network/Qriocity account holders.

The list pretty much covers all user data held within a PSN users account, together with sub accounts data and user credit card numbers. Sony warns PSN users, to protect try and protect themselves against possible identity theft or other financial loss, by remaining vigilant to review credit card account statements and to monitor credit reports.



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Casio G’zOne Commando Rugged Mobile Arrives April 28th

Casio has today announced that its new rugged G’zOne Commando smartphone will be arriving on April 28th through Verizon. The Casio G’zOne Commando has been designed to withstand the most extreme conditions and has been built for outdoor use in mind.

Using the G’zGEAR software you can transform the phone from a business or everyday smartphone, into an outdoor tool with eight modes to enhance the active, adventure-driven lifestyle.

Together with Triple Sensor technology used to provide onboard apps with direction, acceleration and temperature data, including its Earth Compass, Walking Counter, Adventure Training, Trip Memory, Tide Tables, Thermometer and Sun/Moon Star Gazer apps.

Casio G'zOne Commando

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Lobster Shell Golf Balls Will Soon Be In A Cruise Ship Near You

With so much garbage floating in the ocean these days and forming small ‘islands,’ it’s a relief to learn about small time inventions like this new golf ball. A chemical engineering student from University of Maine created these lobster balls to address the problem of golf balls ending up in bodies of water (and choking alligators). The lobster shell ball is made of pulverized lobster shell and a couple of really cheap by products.

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Find Your Missing Pets With This Loc8tor

Aside from giving your pet a smartphone so they can get in touch with you when lost, the Pet Loc8tor tracking device is a viable option. Pictured below is the remote control with one of the two accompanying beacons in use on the dog’s collar. This seems to be ideally suited for dogs and cats cos we’re not sure about birds. What if your pet parrot flies off to Brazil? How will you find him/her?

Pet Locator

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