Gears Of War 3 Gets 3D, Jaggies As Trade-Off

It must have been an exceedingly strange feeling for Epic, being on the outside looking in at a type of graphics technology they couldn’t quite support in their games when they’ve spent the past decade or so setting the standard for game visuals in the industry. Even the compromise they reached with the 3D technology they did manage to implement for Gears of War 3 doesn’t seem to satisfy them.

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Lego Universe Getting Free Trial

We here at Geeky Gadgets love universes since we’ve pretty much been living in one for a while now and it’s working out swimmingly. Probably the only thing we love more is LEGO because… well it’s LEGO alright? Three year olds don’t need an explanation for that one and neither should you. All of which should make our reaction to the news that Lego Universe is getting a free to play trial entirely predictable.

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Cool Shot Glasses Look Like Canon Camera Lens

If you are the sort that like to take shots of your favorite adult beverage and likes to drink those shots out of odd glasses this is a win for you. A set of shot glasses that look like lenses for a Canon camera have landed called the Shot Glass Lens Set. The glasses are designed by DERELIQ Designs.

shot Glass Lens Set

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Fancy Water Pistol Umbrella Can Get You In Trouble

In light of last week’s awful rioting, carrying an umbrella with a pistol attached to the handle is a bad idea. Can’t expect the police to be in a jolly mood these days. If you’re wondering how this works, don’t fret. It’s basically an umbrella that funnels water down to the pistol on the handle, thereby allowing the holder to squirt passers by. Take it from us: This will get you in trouble.

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Emotigraph Mechanically Conveys Your Emotional State

Not sure if these were staples in most 19th century homes but the Emotigraph sure is retrogressive. It’s actually another weird invention by Matthew Garten, who is no stranger to Geeky Gadgets. Last time Matthew was featured, however,the man was ears deep in his steampunk phase. The Emotigraph is wholly different. An almost Rube Goldberg device full of small working parts, how it works is pretty delightful.

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Mr Freeze Batman: Arkham City, Trailer (video)

If you are looking forward to the highly anticipated release of the new Batman: Arkham City game later this year. This new trailer released by Warner Bros this week introduces yet another new villain in the form of the new Mr Freeze.

Mr Freeze will be joining the all-star cast of classic characters and murderous villains within the new game. Watch the video after the jump to see Mr. Freeze in action.

Mr Freeze

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Omnifer Braille iPad Case

A new concept has been developed you the iPad which allows visually impaired users to be able to read information from an iPad using Braille. The ingenious Omnifer Braille iPad Case uses tiny gas pockets which expand when exposed to light to provide braille on one side of the iPad’ screen as text is streamed from messages and email into a custom application.

Omnifer iPad case

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What Does Google’s Purchase Of Motorola Mobility Mean For Android?

Google just announced that they are purchasing Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, but what will this mean for Google’s Android OS, which is supposed to be an open software platform.

In Google’s announcement, Google has said that the purchase of Motorola Mobility will strengthen Google’s patent portfolio, which they say will enable them to better protect Android from ‘anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple and other companies’.

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Converse Dual Keyboard Real-Time Translator iPad App

A new iPad has been developed by Riot, which allows two people to be able to use the same iPad and “Converse” in different languages. Converse uses a single iPad and dual keyboards at either end of the screen, enabling two people to be able to communicate, with instant translation and display on the same screen.

Converse iPad App

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Quantum Phantom Allows You Control Your PC With Your Web Camera (video)

An interesting and innovative concept called Quantum Phantom has been created and developed over the past year by engineer and self-described dreamer Ben Wu.

Quantum Phantom has been designed to allow users to be able to control the cursor on your Windows system with a web camera. The concept allows a user to move windows, write and even draw on the screen without the use of anything other than a web camera. Watch the video after the jump to see the Quantum Phantom concept in action.

Quantum Phantom

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Google To Buy Motorola Mobility For $12.5 Billion

Google has announced that they will be purchasing Motorola Mobility in a deal worth $12.5 billion, and will mean that Google will now been in the hardware business for Android smartphones and tablets.

Motorola has produced a range of smartphones and a tablet, the Motorola Xoom which use Google’s Android OS, and the deal will come as a surprise to many, and probably Google’s other manufacturing partners who produce smartphones using Google’s Android.

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