Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB Brings Cable TV To Windows 7 And Throughout The Home

Ceton has wasted no time launched their new InfiniTV 4 USB CableCARD TV tuners after receiving official CableLabs certification. The new  InfiniTV 4 will now be arriving in stores on September 19th and is now available to pre-order for $299.

The InfiniTV 4 with its USB connection makes it easy for you to bring cable TV to any Windows 7-based PC, including laptops, tablets, All-in-One PCs, desktops, towers and  home theatre PCs.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB

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Bloon Is The Simplest Semi-Orbital Craft Ever

Or should it be suborbital? It’s basically a large helium balloon that goes up, up, up until the passengers feel they can touch the stars. The people who got the idea of the ground is a Barcelona based company called zero2infinity and they are now accepting reservations for a 2013-2015 schedule. The whole idea of this project called ‘bloon’ is to make pseudo-space flight a little more exciting adventure without the attendant hardware, i.e. Virgin Galactic.

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Check Out This Ridiculous I.dear Wooden Zoo Whale iPhone Stand

The above is also quite a ridiculous title for a post but it couldn’t be helped considering tis subject: a whale accessory called Wooden Zoo. It also works for the iPod 4G. Seen below is the I.dear in all its glory. Of course, it’s made in South Korea, where an endless variety of electronics trinkets and little toys are the lifeblood of its own unique consumer culture. But the I.dear has its own secret that isn’t apparent upon first glance.

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Dr. R.E. Cycler Robot Crushes Cans Without Remorse

You should be glad it doesn’t crush human skulls. But that’s in the near future, when the War has begun. Anyway, for now they’re just cans. Long story short, high tech firm Florida Robotics built Dr. R.E. Cycler to educate the youth about the recycling process.

What the Dr. does is pretty visceral; each time it’s fed/given a can, it literally crushes it. Awed onlookers can then watch the scrap aluminum collect in what passes for Dr. R.E. Cycler’s stomach. Or they can pose for Facebook pics.

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Ozaki iSuppli Gramo iPhone Charger

Ozaki have unveiled a rather unique iPhone charger and speaker dock called the iSuppli Gramo. The design for the compact speaker dock has been taken from the old gramophone record players of the last century.

The iSuppli Gramo can either be used with or without power. But if you need to charge your iPhone or would like to use the integrated amplified speaker features of the docking station you will need  a power connection.


Ozaki iSuppli Gramo iPhone Charger

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Corsair Launches Two 90GB SATA 6Gb/s Force 3 And Force GT SSDs

Corsair has this week added a couple of new 90GB solid state drives to its range in the form of the Force and Force GT SATA 6Gb/s SSDs. Force Series GT, pictured below has been designed for enthusiasts and uses ONFI synchronous flash memory which is suited for reading video and music files creating read speeds of up to 555 MB/s and write speeds of up to 505 MB/s.

Force GT

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Portal 2 DLC Arriving In September

If you are an avid Portal 2 fan you will be pleased to know that Valve has confirmed their new Portal 2 DLC content hasn’t been delayed and will be arriving around the middle of September.

The new Portal 2 DLC add-on pack which was first announced in April will include new maps, leader boards, and challenge modes for single and multiplayer options.

Portal 2

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Tree Stump Speaker, Inspired By Nature

This unique speaker design created by Thomas Laenner has been inspired by a tree stump and can either be wall mounted or comes in a table top version as well.

The wall mounted version of the stump speaker has been designed to appear as if it were a cut tree growing out the wall. With a small branch acting asa stand for your smartphone or music player.

Tree Stump Speaker

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iFixit Launches Cloud Based Manual Service, Dozuki

iFixit well know for dismantling the very best gadgets around and uncovering their inner secrets. Has today announced that they are launching a new project designed to make technical documentation and how-to’s easily available within a cloud based Wiki-like environment.

The new site is currently in its beta development stages iFixit are looking to launch the new service in the Fall. The name Dozuki comes from a Japanese saw used to make very precise cuts.


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HP Announces TouchPad, Pre, Pixi and Veer webOS Hardware Production Will Cease

Hewlett-Packard has made a surprise statement announcing it will stop making hardware for its WebOS platform which it purchased from Palm. In the announcement HP explained that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones.

However HP has said that they will continue to look for partners to develop their webOS software, which HP acquired from Palm just over a year ago for $1.2 billion and was used on its TouchPad, Pre, Pixi and Veer which will all now be discontinued.

HP Touchpad

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Gresso Extreme X3 The Ultimate Rugged Phone

If you are one of those people that is always dropping and breaking their phone, or you are just looking for something a little more rugged than the standard run of the mill phones on the market.

Gresso has a new super rugged phone called the Gresso Extreme X3 which is capable of with standing the pressure from a 1 tonne weigh, surviving 7m drops on to concrete and can withstand temperatures between -50 and +60° С.

Gresso Extreme X3

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