SOFT Rocker, The Solar Powered Lounge Chair

We have featured quite a few different solar powered devices here at Geeky Gadgets, and now one have the SOFT Rocker, which is a solar powered lounge chair that is designed to charge your gadgets.

The SOFT Rocker features a built in 35 watt solar panel, that is used to charge a built in battery, and it features a couple of USB ports so you can charge you gadgets whilst you are chilling out in the chair.

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Barnes & Noble Launching New eReader This Month

It looks like Barnes & Noble is getting ready to launch a new eReader, which could be the successor to the popular Nook Color, although there are no details as yet on what the exactly plan to introduce.

The information was found within a recent SEC filing, which states that Barnes & Noble will launch a new eReader on the 24th of May 2011, which could either be a new Nook Color or possibly a Nook Color 3G.

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Green Lantern Theatrical Trailer Unveiled (video)

The first Green Lantern theatrical trailer has just been released by Yahoo for the highly anticipated launch of the new movie, arriving in glorious 3D on June 17th.

The Green Lantern movie is based on the DC comic book superhero of the same name and will star  Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and the movie has been directed by Martin Campbell. Watch the new Green Lantern trailer (flash) after the jump, and let us know what you think. Will you be going to see it in 3D?

Green Lantern

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Apple Developing A Wireless Backlit Keyboard?

One of the features I most appreciate on both my desktop PC and Macbook Pro keyboards is their backlit illumination, and it now looks as if Apple maybe developing their very own wireless illuminated keyboard.

Details have been uncovered within the System Preferences of the new range of iMacs launched by Apple this week, that point to the possibility of a new illuminated keyboard from Apple in the pipeline. As you can see from the indicated checkbox in the screenshot below.

Apple Backlit Keyboard

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Recycled Film Roll USB Drives

If you are looking for something a little bit different to store all your photos or data, then have a look at these fun flash drives from the guys over at Photojojo, the Recycled Film Roll USB Drives.

As the name suggests, these fun USB drives are made from recycled film rolls, and each one comes with 4GB of built in storage, which is enough to store around 1,000 photos.

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Google Increases Gmail Contact Limit To 25,000

If you were finding Google’s Gmail contacts list a little limiting for your social and business needs, only allowing you to store 10,000 contacts within your Gmail account. You will be please to know today Google have increased the limit with Gmail to now accomodate 25,000 contacts within your account, making room for even more friends and business contacts.


Gmail Contact Limit 25000

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Apple, Google, Intel And Many More Accused Of Fixing Workers Pay

A new lawsuit has been filed in California, which accuses some of the worlds top technology companies of fixing workers pay, and the suit lists companies like Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe and many more companies.

The lawsuit has alleged that the companies have violated antitrust laws, and that they have conspired to fix employee pay, as well as working out ‘no solicitation’ deals between each other.

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Worlds Smallest Donkey Kong Cabinet (video)

If you are a Donkey Kong fan how would you like to try your skills on the worlds smalest Donkey Kong cabinet arcade game. The game is 1/8th the scale of a full size cabinet with a 19″ arcade monitor, and runs Mame with real controls Based on a GP2X wiz handheld running.

The tiny Donkey Kong Cabinet was inspired by by patrickl’s Pocket Galaga which is 11 inches tall. Watch the video after the jump to see this tiny arcade cabinet in action

Worlds Smallest Donkey Kong Cabinet

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Facebook And Google Looking To Strike Deal With Skype?

It looks like both Facebook and Google are interested in Skype, according to a recent report from Reuters, both companies are looking to form separate deals with Skype which are unrelated.

According to the report Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been in talks with Skype, and apparently Google has also held early talks with Skype about forming a joint venture.

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HP Unveils Pavilion dm4x Equipped With Sandy Bridge CPU

HP hase today announced the arrival of a new laptop to its range the HP Pavilion dm4x which is equipped with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processor and Turbo Boost Technology.

The Pavilion dm4x is equipped with a 14 inch screen and is supplied running either Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional, with a number of configuration options available. Allowing you to install one from the choice of three Intel Core i5 and one Intel Core i7 processors. Together with a choice of 4, 6 or 8GB of RAM and a 1GB Radeon HD 6470M graphics card with a choice of storage from 500GB up to 750GB.

HP Pavilion dm4x

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Murdoch’s The Daily iPad Newspaper Lost $10 Million In First Quarter

Rupert Murdoch launched the first iPad only newspaper, The Daily, a couple of months ago, and during a recent earnings call, News Corp released details on how much they had spent on the iPad only publication.

The Daily lost of total of $10 million during its first quarter, although these costs would include setting up this new publication, and development costs, and according to News Corp the Daily is taking in revenue of around $500,000 per week.

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