iPhone 4S With Dual Mode Leaked In Latest iTunes

Apple’s annual iPhone event is almost upon us, tomorrow Apple will unveil the new iPhone 5 along with the iPhone 4S, and now more evidence of the existence of the iPhone 4S has been discovered.

Yesterday we showed you some photos of the iPhone 4S, which were obtained from inside Foxconn’s factory in Brazil, and now references to the new iPhone 4S have been found in the latest version of Apple’s iTunes.

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Korean Designers Invent Wi-Fi Enabled Corks

Ah wine, beverage of the old gods. No other alcoholic beverage feels as good as a glass of wine at meal time. But for wine to soothe your senses of taste, it needs the right temperature. Usually corks do this job well enough, but two designers have come up with a better solution.

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50/50 Savings Bank Puts Fresh Spin On Saving Dimes And Pennies

No flashy lights, no LED bulbs, no Bluetooth. There really isn’t much to the 50/50 except is stores money, a habit that seems to have gone out of vogue.

The novelty of this particular ‘savings bank’ is there are separate parts for different future expenditures. As indicated by the pic below, each of the two parts can be designated via a small white board.

Piggy Bank

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Holy Cow! Google To Open Its Own Retail Stores

In London. Actually, a so called Chromezone has already gone live over at Tottenham and it’s primarily a hub for people to buy laptops. If you’re wondering how come you missed the launch, that’s because the Tottenham Chromezone only opened its doors on Friday. Plans for another store are already underway as well. Read more after the break.

Google Store 02

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The Guy Behind The Flip Camera Is Now Into Grilled Cheese Franchises

Several years ago, the Flip video camera became such a huge hit it was acquired by Cisco for half a billion dollars. Sure, it made the guy who first marketed and founded the company behind the Flip rich, but it also guaranteed he had no more say in his product.

Thus, the Flip isn’t as exciting as it once was. In fact, it’s gone for good. The big news now is Jonathan Kaplan is at it again in a whole different industry. He wants you to eat grilled cheese.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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AlphaDog Pack Robot Can Carry Enormous Loads

The story goes that in the early stages of the protracted Afghan war, U.S. special forces rented a donkey from a nearby village. Rather than carry them across steep mountain passes, the donkey was supposed to haul their extra gear. The problem was, when they got to the mountain, they realized they needed another one. What ensued was a moment of awkwardness.


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Ew! Be Traumatized By This iPhone-Android Make Out Video

This might be an abomination for partisans of either camp, but it is a fine testament to the make love not war mindset. Seen below is a very slight hint at what to expect from the riveting video. It’s really about what happens when both the Android mascot and an iPhone bring down their barriers and feel each other’s body heat. Warning: this could prove a little too racy for the blushing set.


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Game of Thrones RPG? Yes, Please

Apparently you don’t always need to be a huge developer with a string of AAA franchises to your name to secure the rights to an amazing IP. A gleam in your eye, a song in your heart and a happy-go-lucky attitude could serve in good stead, as first it did Chair Entertainment in 2010  with their Orson Scott Card collaboration and now Cyanide with not one, but two Game Of Thrones games.

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iPhone 4S Photos Leaked?

Apple are holding their annual iPhone event next Tuesday, the 4th of October, where we are expecting to see the new iPhone 5, and we have also heard rumors of a new iPhone 4S.

Now the guys over at Gizmodo Brazil, have obtained some exclusive photos of the iPhone 4S, and the photos come from inside Foxconn’s factory in Brazil, and the iPhone 4S features a different model number than we have seen previously of N90A.

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General Motors Developing New Type Of Front Center Airbags

There used to be a time when the catch phrase ‘What’s good for GM is good for America’ rang proud and true. Now it doesn’t seem to apply considering the sad depths Detroit has sunk. This doesn’t mean the great automakers are throwing in the towel despite repeated trouncings from foreign rivals.

GM recently announced that it’s developing a new kind of airbag that goes poof from a different part of the car. Intrigued? More details after the jump.

GM Airbags

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Weird Flying Carpet Experiment Makes The Magic Real (Video)

The truth is it’s not exactly a carpet that’s floating around a lab at Princeton. More like a plastic sheet that has an electric current running through it. The creation of a grad student inspired by a paper he read by some MIT prof, the footage of the experiment has since gone viral. Innovation at its best, ladies and gentlemen. Below is a fantasy stock image of a flying carpet, because the real footage (after the jump!)  looks awful.

Magic Carpet

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