IKEA Rolls Out Solvinden Solar Lamp

After reading the specs on this latest from Sweden’s mega-furniture retailers IKEA, it really doesn’t live up to the hype. Then again, a product review  this post ain’t. Sure, IKEA is the best at what they do, with a business model and heritage that’s the envy of well, every single retailer on Planet Earth. But let the numbers reveal the weirdness.

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Lego Replica Of District 9 ARC Pew Pew Gun

Unlike sappy alien movies of a bygone age (E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, etc.) District 9 climaxed at an awesome scale. The main characters raided an arsenal of prawn DIY weaponry—including this ARC rifle—and fled to the Prawn slum, only to come head to head with an army of private security. What ensued was a savage gun battle…

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ePowered Razor Scooters Are A Menace To Society

One of them shoots fire and the other is a sidewalk vandal’s dream. Since Razor Scoters he been taking a beating in the popularity department these last few years, the company has been at pains reinventing their iconic product for a new generation. To capture the hearts and minds of today’s younglings (and a few adults who don’t want to pay for gas), two new models were recently unveiled.

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Sauna Pants Are The Real Hot Pants

Not kidding. It can go up to more than a hundred inside these things. The brilliant people (this is meant sarcastically) behind these Sauna Pants wanted a wearable outfit for shedding excess weight in the waist/hip area. We’re not sure that extreme heat and moisture in one’s lower body erogenous zone are a good combination either.

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Free Portal 2 DLC Coming For All Platforms

It’s only the first piece of DLC that Valve isn’t charging you for, but we’re talking multiplayer and single player content for all three platforms. The update will contain “new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more.” Not only that, but Valve even got Microsoft to agree to let players have the update for free. Probably by getting Sony to do it first.

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PSN Breach Being Looked Into By FBI & Homeland Security

If this were a Hollywood movie, this is where the guys who breached PSN security would need to start typing extra fast, because Sony is getting a little help from its friends, the US government. We guess FBI and Homeland security are now official members of the Sony Defense Force. Now unless North Korea and China come out and declare Xbox Live as their favorite platform in the next few days, this should pretty much end any fanboy flame war on the spot.

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Marvel Universe MMO Will Be Free To Play

We’d ask what took so long, but we’re afraid they’d actually answer. Marvel has finally revealed some new details about its upcoming MMO that’s sort of like that other superhero MMO. No, not City of Heroes. And what better time to announce new details about said MMO than now that that MMO is out of commission for half its fans.

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Snug QTVan Is A Real Cutie

It’s like a mobile home for dwarfs. Meant to be pulled by scooter, the QTVan’s inside is a cramped bed space that has just enough spare room for an LCD TV and perhaps a game console or two. We think the QTVan’s target market are homeless people, kids on the run, and outlaw bikers who don’t want to endure the rigors of the highway.


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Bethesda Advising Fallout New Vegas Owners To Decline Newest Update

We had been hearing some reports that the new Fallout New Vegas update brought with it some issues, but if Bethesda is telling people to refrain from installing it until they’ve replaced it, we guess it’s pretty bad. That is, unless you don’t consider losing your saved games bad. Us, we’re pretty sure there’s a picture of a deleted save game under the word “bad” in the dictionary right now, though it’s probably hard to tell.

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Gears Of War 3 Might Have Had Master Chief Cameo

If Microsoft wasn’t “squeamish” about that sort of thing. The news comes via Gears of War Creative Director Cliff Blezinsky, who says that that fanfic you’ve got moldering in your dresser drawer, he’s already tried to make it a reality. Well, not in those exact words. “I’ll let you in on a secret. I actually approached Microsoft on getting Master Chief into the game,” CliffyB confided.

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Star Wars Droid Wallpapers Carry Messages For Sensitive Guys

Sometimes our true feelings are difficult to convey, especially when an uncaring world would rather mock us than commiserate.  Such is the curse of our times. We’re so interconnected but at the same time incapable of true intimacy.

Okay, the syrupy stuff over with, below are a few examples of wallpapers that express people’s deepest anxieties. Don’t be afraid, cos it’s okay to feel sensitive once in a while. To feel like you’re the only one who cares.


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