Apple To Remove Incentive App Installs From Apps

It looks like Apple is removing app install incentives from the iOS App store, in an attempt to clean things up in the app store. Some developers have been using incentives within apps to get users to download more of their apps.

For example some iOS games, require in game credits to proceed further in the game, and to get these in game credits, certain developers have been making people download another one of their apps.

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Portal 2 Insane Cube Tricks (video)

If your still have a few problems getting to grips with the Portal gun in the recently launched Portal 2 game the video by Schrobotindisguise after the break will show you a few neat tricks that can be preformed using the cube.

Before the inevitable challenge chambers and leader boards Schrobotindisguise has decided to set a few of his own challenges to increase the re-playability of Portal 2.

Portal 2 Cube Tricks

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Bose Founder Dr. Amar Bose Leaves Shares To MIT

Its been announced by MIT, Dr. Amar Bose founder of the Bose, private company that creates high end audio products. Has donated his majority share holding of the company to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The shares don’t come with voting rights, so MIT won’t have any say in how the company is run, and MIT are also not allowed to sell the shares. Instead, MIT will profit from cash dividends whenever the company chooses to issue them. In 2010 Bose Corp. reported a revenue of more than $2 billion.


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Alpha Bike Next Generation Concept Drops Chains And Gears

Five mechanical engineering students from the University of Pennsylvania were provided with one year and a significant sponsorship budget and to design and create a next generation bike, the result : The Alpha bike.

The new Alpha bike concept drops the traditional gears and chains and replaces them with a drive system integrated into the frame of the bike. The drive is provided by a new SWIFT Drive Technology which is an Integrated Free-Fixed Transmission that uses an electromechanical actuated clutch to switch the bike’s configuration between fixed-gear and free-wheeling modes.

The SWIFT Drive combines a number of different materials to provide the best match to provide strength and lightness and is constructed from a number of different components made from Titanium 6Al4V, AMS-6514, Bronze and 6061-T6 Aluminium.

Alpha Bike

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Nokia Launches Pink N8 Smartphone

Nokia has added another color to the Nokia N8, with the launch of the Nokia N8 Pink, and apart from the new paint job it shares the same specifications as the N8.

As a reminder the Nokia N8 features  a 12 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and a Xenon flash, the camera is capable of recording HD video in 720p and it also features HDMI out.

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I-O Data Unveils USB 3.0 3TB External Hard Drive

I-O Data has added a new external hard drive to its range with a massive 3TB of onboard storage and which is fitted with the latest USB 3.0 ports allowing for extremely fast connections and data transfer when compared to the older USB 2.0 ports.

The new HDCA-UT3.0K is supported by Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and the 3TB external storage can also be used to record TV shows or movies from your HDTV if the TV has a USB HDD Recording mode.


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Ultrafast 100 Terabit Per Second Optical Connection Sets New Speed Record

Researchers in Japan have unveiled new optical connections that are capable of transferring more than 100 terabits of information per second through a single optical fibre. To try and put this in perspective, the data transfered per second through the connection is equivalent to three solid months of HD video or the contents of 250 double-sided Blu-ray discs.

The new fibre optic connection uses a number of different technologies which slices the optical spectrum into many distinct channels which can then be used to simultaneously carry information at different frequencies, providing a much greater possible bandwidth.

fiber optics

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Apple’s iCloud Service Found In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

We have been hearing for quite some time that Apple is developing a cloud based service fro iTunes, and also that they are working on a new version of MobileMe.

Now the guys over at (translated) have found something new in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, codenamed ‘Castle’, it looks like it refers to Apple’s new iCloud service, and apparently Apple intends to use the service for more than just streaming music.

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Radiation Level LED Watch Is One Awful Concept

For the simple fact that it’s neither radioactive nor can it measure radiation like a Geiger counter. Seen below is a very 80s inspired concept for a gimmicky timepiece that does just that—tell time. Ignore the “readings” and the symbols. All this watch is capable of is give hours and minutes. Since there’s no dial, the time is indicated on the long bars at the bottom and the five minute red-orange-yellow-green pattern on the upper left. There’s minutes to the right—the radioactive symbol.

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