AlphaDog Pack Robot Can Carry Enormous Loads

The story goes that in the early stages of the protracted Afghan war, U.S. special forces rented a donkey from a nearby village. Rather than carry them across steep mountain passes, the donkey was supposed to haul their extra gear. The problem was, when they got to the mountain, they realized they needed another one. What ensued was a moment of awkwardness.


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Ew! Be Traumatized By This iPhone-Android Make Out Video

This might be an abomination for partisans of either camp, but it is a fine testament to the make love not war mindset. Seen below is a very slight hint at what to expect from the riveting video. It’s really about what happens when both the Android mascot and an iPhone bring down their barriers and feel each other’s body heat. Warning: this could prove a little too racy for the blushing set.


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Game of Thrones RPG? Yes, Please

Apparently you don’t always need to be a huge developer with a string of AAA franchises to your name to secure the rights to an amazing IP. A gleam in your eye, a song in your heart and a happy-go-lucky attitude could serve in good stead, as first it did Chair Entertainment in 2010  with their Orson Scott Card collaboration and now Cyanide with not one, but two Game Of Thrones games.

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iPhone 4S Photos Leaked?

Apple are holding their annual iPhone event next Tuesday, the 4th of October, where we are expecting to see the new iPhone 5, and we have also heard rumors of a new iPhone 4S.

Now the guys over at Gizmodo Brazil, have obtained some exclusive photos of the iPhone 4S, and the photos come from inside Foxconn’s factory in Brazil, and the iPhone 4S features a different model number than we have seen previously of N90A.

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General Motors Developing New Type Of Front Center Airbags

There used to be a time when the catch phrase ‘What’s good for GM is good for America’ rang proud and true. Now it doesn’t seem to apply considering the sad depths Detroit has sunk. This doesn’t mean the great automakers are throwing in the towel despite repeated trouncings from foreign rivals.

GM recently announced that it’s developing a new kind of airbag that goes poof from a different part of the car. Intrigued? More details after the jump.

GM Airbags

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Weird Flying Carpet Experiment Makes The Magic Real (Video)

The truth is it’s not exactly a carpet that’s floating around a lab at Princeton. More like a plastic sheet that has an electric current running through it. The creation of a grad student inspired by a paper he read by some MIT prof, the footage of the experiment has since gone viral. Innovation at its best, ladies and gentlemen. Below is a fantasy stock image of a flying carpet, because the real footage (after the jump!)  looks awful.

Magic Carpet

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Facebook In Big Trouble For User Tracking

The picture below probably captures best Mark Zuckerberg’s complete and total joy knowing he has the lives of millions in his hands. Not literally though, but on Facebook. This week, angry Facebook users from Illinois filed a lawsuit against the friending titan over alleged tracking. What makes the charges so controversial is the tracking took place after the users had logged out. Uh oh.

Mark Zuckerberg smiling


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For Some Reason, Google Goes Into Beer (Video)

Apparently, Google isn’t satisfied being the most diverse internet company in the face of the earth. Out of all the new ventures it could possibly embark upon (like finding a habitable planet in a galaxy somewhere), it decides to partner with a distinguished brewery and produce beer. Whoa, what?

Beer Mugs

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Rumors Swirling Of Alibaba Group’s Yahoo Purchase

In hindsight, maybe firing their CEO wasn’t such a brilliant idea after all. See, Yahoo has this special kind of reputation in the technology scene that may not be too rosy, but despite that, it truly is a valuable asset. Or is it?

It must be, since a lot of big names have been lining up to buy the search engine. The latest from the grapevine hints no less than the Alibaba Group headed by Jack Ma (that’s him smiling below) is going to make a bid.

Jack Ma

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Valve Boss Weighs In On EA’s Steam Competitor Origin

Looks like Gabe Newell really wants to keep things friendly with EA despite the recent drama. Either that, or it’s just a bit of professional courtesy from the grizzled old veteran to the spunky new wannabe. “I think there are still some areas where, as a customer, I’d like to see it improve. It’s not that different from any other system like this. There are positive things and negative things,” he said in a PC Gamer interview. Also, if your entire collection of games is on Steam, you’re going to smile at this next one. And by smile we mean punch a wall.

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PS Vita 3G Downloads Limited To 20 MB

We weren’t expecting Sony to go all Amazon and provide free unlimited 3G service for their beefy new handheld, but the revelation that there will be a 20 MB limitation on 3G downloads of any kind did come as a bit of a disappointment. Mind you, this is exactly the same as the iOS App Store 3G limitation, but the difference is you won’t be using that 20 MB to get any full games downloaded to your device. Unless the games in question are Minis, but that would be predicated on people finding out they exist and braving Sony’s attempt at a digital store to actually buy them.

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