100 Ways To Die In Skyrim (video)

Skyrim is a fantastic game to play if you enjoy open gaming, which allows you to explore pretty much everywhere you can see, as long as you can find a way to get there.

But unfortunately with a barren wilderness to explore, also come the perils of the wild, and YouTube user ‘HunterNormandy’ has put together as 15 minute video detailing 100 ways you can meet your end with Skyrim.

100 Ways To Die In Skyrim

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Motorola Pro+ Hits The UK

The Motorola Pro+ was announced back in August, and now a SIM free version of the device is available in the UK for £269 plus taxes, which works out at around £323, and the device comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The Motorola Pro+ comes with a 3.1 inch touchscreen display with a 640 x 480 pixel resolution, it also features a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and an LED flash, plus a QWERTY keyboard, and 4GB of built in storage.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus 1080p Video Sample (Video)

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with an advanced 5 megapixel camera which is capable of recording full high definition video in 1080p, and now we get our first look at a video recorded in full HD on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Have a look at the video below, it and make sure you watch it in full HD to get an idea of what the HD video recording on the Galaxy Nexus is like, it looks pretty good from the video.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Fix Software Updates In the Works

The iPhone 4S isn’t the only smartphone suffering from battery life problems, the other day we heard that Nokia’s first Windows Phone smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 800 was having battery problems.

Nokia has now released a statement on their support forums, which you can see below,  regarding the battery problems on the Lumia 800, and they intend to fix this by releasing two software updates.

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Microsoft Kinect Enabled TVs In The Works?

We have been hearing a number of rumors that we may see the first Apple TV next year, and Google is working with a number of manufacturers to bring more Google TV enabled devices to market.

Now it would appear that Microsoft is in discussion with TV manufacturers, and they are planning to license the Kinect technology to companies like Sony and Vizio, which would mean HDTV’s with Microsoft’s Kinect built in.

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Siri Used To Control iPad App (Video)

On Monday we showed you a video of Apple’s Siri being used to control a home heating system, this was done by developer @plamoni who had managed to create a proxy server for Siri.

Now another developer has come up with a way to control an iPad app using an iPhone 4S and Siri, he used the code which was created by @plamoni, and the video below shows an app on the iPad being controlled by Siri.

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Autodromo Watches, Inspired By Italian Racing Cars

If you are looking for a new stylish timepiece, which doesn’t cost a small fortune, then you may want to check out these cool looking Autodromo watches, which feature designs inspired by classic 1960’s and 1970’s Italian racing cars.

There are a three different designs to choose from, and they were deigned by industrial designer Bradly Price, and the watch dials take their inspiration from the racing cars instrument dials.

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Another New Battlefield 3 Patch Under Development Says DICE

Earlier this week a massive patch was rolled out for the new Battlefield 3 game to correct a number of issues being experienced by gamers across all three of the supported platforms. It first arrived on PC and is expected to arrive on Xbox 360 and PS3 very soon.

The patch earlier in the week has already fixed a number of issues for PC gamers, but still hasn’t fixed everything. But do not despair as DICE are currently working on another patch which will be released soon to correct issues.

Battlefield 3

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Starbucks UK Now Allows You To Pay Via Your iPhone Or iPod

All Starbucks drinkers in the UK equipped with either an iPhone or iPod can now benefit from the new one-touch mobile app, which has been launched by Starbucks in the UK today. The Starbuck one-touch mobile app will enable you to walk into any of the 700 stores throughout the UK and pay for your drinks using your smartphone.

Starbucks one-touch mobile app

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