Fake Android Store Discovered In China

We have seen plenty of fake Apple’s stores in China, last year quite a few were discovered and then subsequently shut down by the authorities, but I think this may be the first fake Android store we have seen.

The photo below was taken by Brian Glucroft from Isidor’s Fugue, and the store is located in Nanping in Zhuhai in the Guangdong province.

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Acamar Transformer Windows Netbook Unveiled

Chinese company Acamar have this week unveiled their new Netbook, which has been designed to easily transform from a netbook into a tablet. Which is not radically new I agree, but the Acamar Transformer is equipped with just a 8.9 inch display.

The Acamar Transfomer is equipped with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N450 single core processor, supported by 2GB of DDR3 memory. With storage provided by a 120 GB hard drive.

Acamar Transformer

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CamOne Infinity HD Interchangeable Lens Action Cam (video)

We have featured a number of high definition action cameras here on Geeky Gadgets in the past, such as the GoPro HD Hero. But a new player has now entered the market called CamOneTec who have just unveiled their new CamOne Infinity HD Action Cam.

The CamOne Infinity action camera is equipped with a unique feature which stands it apart from the rest of the action cameras currently on the market, which enables it to use multiple lenses.

CamOne Infinity

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Far Cry 3 Psychedelic Trailer Released (video)

A new Far Cry 3 trailer has been released by Ubisoft this week, which brings with it a more in depth view of the game. The new trailer reveals more action and some of the characters you will encounter on your island experience. Together with copious amount of drug taking and violence.

Far Cry 3

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Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard Sings (video)

Yamaha has developed a new style of keyboard which has been created to also sing. The new Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard is equipped with a extra set of 16 keys which can be used to control consonants, vowels, and the two types of voicing marks.

The Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard now makes it possible to synthesise singing using just hardware. Watch the video after the jump to see the Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard in action.


Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard

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New iPad 3 Crux360 Keyboard Case

Since the new iPad 3 launched last week a number of new cases designed for the tablet have started to become available. One of these is the new iPad 3 Crux360 Keyboard Case, which can be used either with or without a keyboard attached.

Similar to cases designed for the iPad 2 and original iPad, the new iPad 3 Crux360 Keyboard Case connects via Bluetooth, and feature a snap in front design allowing for quick access when the case isn’t required.

New iPad 3 keyboard case

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