Airships To Take To The Skies Once More

The bottom line is airships have been a lousy idea ever since the Hindenburg exploded in the 1930s. (Oh the humanity!) In retrospect, considering the number of accidents—a plane just crashed in Indonesia this week—and  terrorist acts perpetrated on passenger airlines, it’s hard to tell which transportation medium is more viable in the long run.

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On Art And Videogames

If you ever cared about video games, this little story we’re about to share has great historic import. To cultivate and improve the humanistic values of the greater society it serves, the U.S. government created the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). What it does is bestow grants on artistic endeavors in whatever form. This means publicly funded works that have the official stamp of arthood. For the longest time, however, low brow videogames were denied access to this funding mechanism.

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A Few Words About The Mysterious Stealth Helicopter In Pakistan

Unless you live in outer space, most human beings on Earth are familiar with at least the barest details surrounding the raid on a walled compound in the quiet suburb of Abbottabad. Okay, so Mr. Bin Laden got iced by a Navy Seal, but mysterious details and myths have floated up since that fateful night time wet work. One of the most fascinating involves what’s pictured below. There’s more tasty juice after the jump.

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Ringbow Controller Could Change Touchscreen Computing

We add “could” for the simple reason that it’s a prototype. Just recently unveiled/previewed at a demo event earlier this month, the Ringbow is perhaps the first of its kind. What it does is be a non-mouse for tablet users. Why is this supposed to be useful? Since touch screens are very touch intensive, wouldn’t it be more convenient to have a dedicated controller for clicking?

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Special Virus Could Program Brains To Eat Less, Lose Weight

Thanks to copious amounts of cheezeburgers, there’s now too many obese people on Earth, mostly in developed countries. Since diet plans and working out in gyms doesn’t work for everyone, researchers at Johns Hopkins may have found a viable means of regulating food intake. A series of tests involving mice reveled that inhibiting a specific protein controls the mammals’ appetites, by doing this, the food intake is better controlled.


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The Crovel Can Do Anything!

Well, almost. Crovel? That’s crowbar and shovel stuck together. Curently being marketed as the ideal outdoor tool for rugged survivalist escapades, the Crovel goes a step farther than other portable shovels by having a crowbar hook at the other end of the spade that can work as a handle.

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Veltop Want To Keep Cyclists From Getting Soaked

By selling portable canopies that can be assembled in moments, like the Veltop Classic pictured below. It attaches to the handle bars and comes with a stiff windscreen and foldable parts like the sunroof and see through side flaps. The whole point of this portable roof is for cyclists to keep mobile no matter the downpour.

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Opinion: Why Sony & PSN Will Probably Be Fine

The previous week has probably been as dark as any in Sony history. This is seriously going in their Wikipedia page, right next to the BMG rootkit mess, the laptop battery boondoggle and any other synonym for unfortunate incident you can think of. About the only silver lining to this whole PSN fiasco is probably that it’s shifted attention both from the Wii 2 announcement, and let’s face it, Sony couldn’t have timed it better if it tried (except maybe during E3, but that would have been.. counter-intuitive) and the George Hotz lawsuit.

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LA Noire Occupying Three Xbox360 Discs

Despite Microsoft testing out a new disc format, it’s currently stuck with the old 9 GB a pop DVDs. And that can only mean one thing for ambitious titles that tend to bring entire cities and possibly hundreds of thousands of virtual people to life. PS3 exclusivity, zing! Or they can just go the multi-disc round, like LA Noire is. “Please insert the next game disc to continue.”

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Sony May Be Facing Third Attack Over Weekend

By now, if you’re a PS3 owner and habitual PSN user you’re either contemplating a life without multiplayer, elbow deep in some sort of Hamachi installation/ ingenious tunelling scheme or busy getting the hang of Halo on your new Xbox while wincing at the occasional pang of guilt and flashback of your PS3 going in the pawn shop window. We kid, we know you’re out there feverishly refreshing PlayStation Blog and waiting for a sign. Unfortunately, this newest rumor suggests you may have more to wait.

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