Voztec Helmet Splits In Two During Emergencies (Video)

It took a particularly dreadful accident to create the Voztec. See, John Vozzo was left incapacitated after a nasty skydiving incident. With both legs broken, he had little else to do but contemplate the deeper questions of life and a new helmet.

Helmet? Yes, particularly what became the Voztec, which is a whole line of specially made helmets for outdoor enthusiasts. With the help of business partner Mark Bryant, the pair have been prototyping several different models of the Voztec, which opens up like a clam.


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IBM Hard At Work On Building 120 Petabyte Data Drive

For a proper sense of proportion, the resulting storage space is enough to fit two dozen billion mp3 files. It’s ample proof that IBM isn’t done in yet, to think before World War 2 the same company sold mere office peripherals and coffee grinders. Not kidding, but Thomas Watson eventually became embarassed by the latter and dropped them. If he didn’t, maybe fast food chains today might have IBM made coffee grinders.

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Bender Crochet Dolls Come With Cerveza

Ah Bender, a true metalhead with an attitude to boot. The most foul-mouthed ‘bot to ever be graced with artificial intelligence. Wait, what intelligence? Anyway, seen below are a couple of ‘baby’ Bender crochet dolls made 100% of yarn. No use kidding our readers, it’s not like we’re looking at a case of metallic exoskeleton covered in the soft stuff cats like to paw.

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EA Thinks PS Vita Has “Better Chance” Of Beating iPhone Than 3DS

For once, we find ourselves in agreement with industry figures prognosticating some aspect of the industry’s future. Quick, alert the media! Oh… wait. So, it turns out that despite that fancy screen that looks like you can poke a hand inside it, the 3DS is still getting its backplate handed to it by a device with glass where buttons should be. EA VP Frank Gibeau, however, thinks Sony may have the answer that eluded Nintendo.

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R2-D2 Ice Cube Tray: This is the Ice you are Looking for

If you are a geek that likes sci-fi odds are Star Wars is right up there in the running for your favorite films. Star Wars is so popular that decades after the films hit theaters, merchandise is still very popular. We have talked about the Han Solo ice cube trays in the past and now I have found these Star Wars R2-D2 ice trays.

R2-D2 Ice Tray

The trays have one large R2 ice mold and four smaller ones. The molds look accurate and would be great for a Star Wars themed birthday or party. These would also be great for a sci-fi Halloween party. You can order the R2-D2 trays up right now.

You can also use them to mold Jell-O, chocolate and any other similar material. A since tray will cost you a bit more than $9. Buy them you will, hmmmmm.

Bacteria Turns Old Newspaper To Car Fuel

This just in from a lab in New Orleans: A team of scientists have discovered a bacterial strain that reduces old newspapers to a viable substance whose applications include car fuel. The hero of this particular breakthrough is TU-103. The magic part is when it comes into contact with cellulose derived material, e.g. paper, it produces butanol.


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RFID Implants A Bestseller In Mexico

Not to cast the North American country in a bad light, but given the drugs and cartels situation over there, security has deteriorated to an unbearable level for many of the common citizens. One company now aspires to make a difference by selling RFID tracking devices enabled by a GPS unit. The capsule shaped RFID implant is inserted in the fleshy folds of a client’s shoulder, allowing them to be tracked when kidnapped. But does it work?

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Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, Official First Look Trailers (video)

Earlier this month we reported on the new Counter-Strike currently under development by Valve that will be ready for release sometime in 2012. Well today Valve has released a couple of official trailers showing what we can expected from the new game once its arrives.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago. The trailer also hints at cross platform multiplayer gaming but details on how this will actually work have yet to be released. Watch the trailers after the jump, including a little gameplay.


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Awesome Urwerk UR-1001 Pocket Watch

If when you think of a pocket watch you picture a gold coloured circular styled victorian timepiece.Iit might be time to have a rethink, after feasting your eyes on this modern take of the traditional pocket watch in the form of the awesome Urwerk UR-1001.

The Urwerk UR-1001 has been constructed out of a single block of metal, and the complications within the watch enable it to track time from one second to a 1000 years.

Urwerk UR-1001 Pocket Watch

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iPhone 4s Leaked Case Images Reveal New Antenna Design?

Adding further speculation to the immanent launch of a new iPhone 4s, images have now come to light that reportedly show a new iPhone 4s case with modifications to the phones antenna.

The new case design has been revealed to the Mac Rumours website who indicate that the iPhone 4S will now have two antenna breaks at the bottom of the casing. Its believed that the breaks are there to provide support for different mobile frequencies.

iPhone 4s Case Design

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