Kandenchi Battery Mouse Is Hardly A PC Mouse

Awkward looking, but Japanese consumers just love their gadgetry. The more deviant it is from the usual run of tech products, the more appealing to them. From the same people responsible for endless silly USBs and other electronic peripherals comes the Kandenchi, a rotund contraption that works like a PC mouse. We have to admit that it’s a fascinating piece of hardware.

Kandenchi mouse

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Airships To Conquer The Skies Of Canada And Beyond

The good news is an airship revolution is going to sweep the world in the coming decade. The bad news is once it begins, a lot of us will live in a world not far removed from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Ugh, that movie was awful. It would be great if the next generation of airships could launch turbo-prop planes like in the old days. Adventure!

Canadian airship

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Fake Wooden iPad Sold To Woman For $180

The moral of this story is do not buy iPads in a McDonalds parking lot. One South Carolina woman did, and she paid with real money, feeling that the transaction was in the up and up. She handed $180 for an iPad that turned out to be a wooden plank with an Apple logo. We’re wondering if anyone has emailed this news to Steve Jobs. (How’s he doing?)

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New Medical Device Preserves Fresh Human Hearts (Video)

Dubbed an ‘organ preservation system,’ the Transmedics machine could revolutionize heart transplants forever. While it’s still being tested by a heart transplanting team at UCLA Medical, the Transmedics is already a certified game changer. What it does is preserve a beating heart until its ready to be transplanted. This marks a huge departure from ‘traditional’ open heart work.


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Alert! Alert! Apple Employee Loses iPhone 5 Prototype

Why are we not surprised? In what’s beginning to reek like a publicity stunt, reports have surfaced that an Apple employee lost his iPhone 5 prototype in a San Francisco bar. Sheesh, you think with the new Apple spaceship campus they’d think of building drinking places inside it so there won’t be ‘accidents’ like this. But wait, like all great mysteries, there’s a distinct fish smell here.

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Elder Scrolls Skyrim Has “More Unique” Content, No MMO Pandering

Don’t let anyone ever tell you Oblivion wasn’t… nice. Especially people who loved Morrowind or some of the other early Elder Scrolls games. Because we will talk your ear off. And at the end of the day I’m pretty sure most of us liked Oblivion. We just didn’t love it. A big reason for that was that most every location felt pretty much the same. “In Oblivion, we did … maybe nine big cities? And here, we decided ‘let’s do five, and make them more unique. There are fewer of the really large cities, but the ones we have here … there’s more to them,” according to Bethesda’s Todd Howard.

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Facebook A Huge Drain On The U.S. Economy, Or Is It?

Shocking, but not really controversial. Also, the numbers behind the claim is a calculation based on unproven ‘hunch’ figures. In a bid to reach an interesting food-for-thought estimate of how much money gets whittled away by the Facebook habit, Michael Fitzpatrick tried some serious calculating. The results, however, pack a wallop.

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Large Underground River Flowing Beneath The Amazon Rain Forest

Four kilometers underneath the Amazon river is a vast subterranean water source with possibilities we can only begin to imagine. It’s called the Rio Hamza after ½ of the scientific duo who ‘discovered’ the enormous water source using calculations. No Indiana Jones adventure here (i.e. Indiana Jones and The Lost River of Death) but it certainly proves that the Amazon has more than a few secrets.

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Custom Fallout 3 Monopoly Game Is Something To Be Proud Of

We’re not going to take any prisoners: Fallout 3 is one of the most insane and brilliant games ever conceived. Aside from reviving the post-apocalyptic genre with a dramatic plot amidst a world filled with mutants and rad roaches, it made all true diehards wish for their own Pip-Boys. Can someone mod an iPhone so that it can be worn on your wrist like a Pip-Boy?

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DOOM & DOOM 2 Get German Approval A Decade Late

Have you ever wondered why bus, rain and street sweeper simulations are so insanely popular in Germany? Up until now our best guess would have been something in the water, or maybe something to do with incredibly tight lederhosen straps, but now there may be a competing theory. Apparently DOOM and DOOM 2 have basically been classified as porn in Germany for the past decade and a half.

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