Aeryon Scout Quadrocopter Transforms Into Spycopter Using VideoZoom10x (video)

If you are lucky enough to own an Aeryon Scout, a new VideoZoom10x payload is now available, and has been designed to transform your Aeryon quadrocopter into a James Bond style spycopter.

The VideoZoom10x payload weighs just 200 grams and adds a stabilised ten times optical zoom video capability to the Scout’s family of payloads, with a useful range of around 300m. Watch a video of the new VideoZoom10x payload designed for the Aeryon Scout in action after the jump.


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iFixit Tears Down FBI GPS Tracking Device

iFixit the team that brings us detailed knowledge of the insides of all our favourite gadgets has partnered with Wired to bring you a peek inside an FBI car-tracking device.

The device was loaned to iFixit by an unknown owner and is similar to the one Yasir Afifi found underneath his car. After it was discovered Afifi’s friend Khaled posted photos of the device on reddit, where a reader identified it as an Orion Guardian ST820, which is made by a company that deals exclusively with law enforcement.

FBI Tracking Device Dismantled

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Update, New Features Revealed

We have already heard about some of the features that will be added to Windows Phone 7, in the next major release, version 7.5 Mango, and now we have some more details on some new features.

It looks like Windows Phone 7.5 will feature, Bing Audio, that will let you search for music, you will be able to let your phone listen to a track with the microphone, and then your Windows Phone 7 device will identify which track it is.

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HTC Facebook Phones ChaCha And Salsa, Now Available To Pre-Order

If you are patiently waiting for the launch of the new HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha Facebook phones, you will be pleased to know they have taken a little step closer to launch and are now available to pre-order.

The official launch date for both phones is June 26th 2011 but the Facebook phones are now listed on Amazon for the following prices, ChaCha at £249.99 and the Salsa at £319.99. The two phones have been labelled the Facebook phones due to the dedicated Facebook button on the front of each and the way Facebook has been integrated into the handsets.


HTC Salsa HTC ChaCha

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Apple’s Brand Value Pushes Google In To Second Place

According to the advertising firm WPP’s “BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands” report. Apple has now surpassed the search giant Google and taken number one slot for the worlds most valuable brand. Apple’s brand has undergone outstanding growth, growing 859 percent since 2006, with an increase of 84 percent to $153 billion this year alone.

The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study, commissioned by WPP and conducted by Millward Brown Optimor, identifies and ranks the world’s most valuable 100 brands by their dollar value, an analysis based on financial data combined with consumer measures of brand equity.

brand values 2011

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iDoorMat Lets You Swipe Your Feet The Apple Way

If you class your self as a little bit of an Apple fan you can now greet your vistiors with the perfect door mat, and make sure they swipe their feet in the correct Apple motion to enter your house with this iDoorMat, printed with “slide to unlock”.

No this ins’t  a quick photoshop trick the mat actually exists and is available to purchase. Its constructed from 100% high quality processed coconut fiber and the has a base made of PVC.


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iPhone WiMAX Sleeve Provides 4G Connections

If you have 4G connections available to you, but your let down by the iPhone’s lack of 4G connectivity. Korean Telecom has unveiled its new Egg Series iPhone WiMAX Sleeve the KWF-B2500, might help, as it allows you to add 4G connectivity to your iPhone 4 together with a little extra battery power in the process.

The new iPhone WiMAX Sleeve adds and extra 1500mA battery power capable of providing up to an extra 5 hours of 4G surfing. But it also brings with it a little extra bulk, adding 2.4 ounces or 68g in extra weight and a third of an inch, around 8mm in extra thickness.

iPhone WiMAX Sleeve

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LG Optimus Black Review

We got our hands on the new LG Optimus Black last week, which is LG’s latest Android smartphone, and we have been testing it out over the weekend, so we thought it was about time to let you guys know what we thought of the LG Optimus Black.

The LG Optimus Black is an Android 2.2 device, it comes with Android 2.2.2 out of the box, although LG have said that they intend to updated it to 2.3 shortly after release. The Optimus Black is due to launch in the UK and Europe later this month and it is scheduled to launch in the US next month.

LG Optimus Black
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BeBook Live Android Tablet Arriving In June (video)

BeBook has announced this week that it will now begin shipping its new BeBook Live  7-inch Android Froyo tablet in June this year. The new Android tablet will be equipped with a 1GHz Samsung Cortex A8 processor supported by 512MB of SDRAM.

Internally it will only be fitted with 4GB of storage, but it is equipped with a MicroSD card to expand this up to 32GB if required. Watch a promotional video of the new BeBook Live Android tablet after the jump.

BeBook Live Tablet

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Notesy The Dropbox Linked Minimalist iOS Note Taking App

If you are looking for a very quick and simple note taking application for your iOS device, the newly updated Notesy for Dropbox might be your perfect note taking companion application.

I have plenty of note taking apps on my iPhone but the reason I like Notesy so much is because of its simplicity, and of course the link to Dropbox which makes it much easier to update my notes when I am in front of my desktop or on my laptop.


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Firefox Fork To Create Online Anonymity Tor Browser, Goodbye Torbutton

Tor is a tool used for anonymising web browsing and communications through encryption and proxy servers. Tor’s plugin,Torbutton for Firefox is well known and has provided and easy way to securely enable or disable the browser’s use of Tor browsing to prevent IP address leakage, cookie leakage, and general privacy attacks and provide the user with online anonymity when required.

Well plans are now afoot to drop the plugin and create a standalone fork of the Firefox browser to allow secure Tor browsing from within a separate Tor browser.

Tor Browser

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HP Unveils Sandy Bridge Equipped Pavilion dv4, Envy 14 And Mini 210

As well as their new ProBook And EliteBook Notebooks HP have also launched, newly refreshed Pavilion dv4, Envy 14 and Mini 210 systems. The Pavilion dv4 and Envy 14 systems are equipped with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors.

The dv4 is fitted with the HP CoolSense technology feature can recognise where the device is positioned whether on the table or on your lap and then distributes the power element, therefore making it hotter or cooler.

HP Envy 14

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