Aliens: Colonial Marines Launch Pushed Back Until Autumn 2012 (video)

Gamers hoping to get their hands on the new Aliens: Colonial Marines game expected to be launched this spring, are unfortunately going to have to wait a little longer. An announcement was made by its publishers Sega last night, stating that the launch date for the game has now been pushed back to Autumn 2012.

On the good side though a new trailer has been launched, to show us a little more of what we can expect from the game if we didn’t already know. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Mac OS X Update 10.7.3 App Issue Fix Rolled Out By Apple

If you are one of the users who has been experiencing problems, since upgrading and installing the new Mac OS X 10.7.3 update that rolled out yesterday. You will be pleased to learn that a new patch has been rolled out by Apple, which now hopes to solve the problems.

Shortly after the 10.7.3 update was rolled out yesterday mac users started posting on the Apple forums problems they were experiencing. However the fix does not come directly in response to the bug, but is an official Apple-made software download.

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Dropbox Offers 4.5GB Free Space To Desktop Beta Testers

Dropbox normally provides 2GB of free storage with its accounts as a free incentive to check out their services and features. If you are coming close to your 2GB limited and fancy earning a little more. Dropbox is offering a nice 4.5GB of data storage to users who would like to beta test their. The beta testing update will provide you with 500MB of free space when you hit the automatic upload option, then 500MB more each time you hit the limit up to 4.5GB more total.

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Skype Coming To Windows Phone Later This Month?

Ever since Microsoft announced that they were buying Skype we have been waiting to find out when Skype would land on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

According to a recent report there is now a test version of Skype for Windows Phone available to download for Microsoft employees, and we will probably see Skype for Windows Phone launch later this month.

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Roland iModela iM-01 Mini 3D Mill Machine, Does The Opposite Of A 3D Printer (video)

As 3D printers become more affordable and start to make the their appearance in homes, we are sure to see new enterprises evolve, and owners creating weird and wonderful printed goods.

But as well as 3D printers there is also another methods available if you need to create solid object from blocks, the 3D mill. Rather than adding plastic to make a products a 3D mill uses a small drill bit to remove the excess material from a block of material t create your desired final products. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

iModela iM-01

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Vimeo App Lands On Windows Phone Devices

It’s taken a rather long time to happen but today Vimeo has announced the launch of their official smartphone application for Windows Phone users. Enabling Vimeo users to watch and manage your existing videos, watch videos from your Vimeo inbox.

As well as comments and add videos, watch later queue, or videos you have liked, easily like, comment on, discover new and fascinating featured videos, quickly search for videos on Vimeo, pause and resume uploads, replace existing videos.

Vimeo Windows Phone

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Asus TF300T Android Tablet Leaked?

It looks like Asus may have a new Android tablet in the works, on top of the new Asus Transformer Prime, and this new device comes with the model number of TF300T.

Asus recently announced a new Transformer Prime with a higher resolution display, and that came with the model number TF700T, so this new TF300T could possibly be a budget version.

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