Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Removed From IFA 2011 Due To Apple Court Case

Last week Samsung announced a range of new products, one of those was the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, the successor to Samsung’s original Galaxy Tab tablet, and now it looks like Samsung has been forced to remove the Galaxy Tab 7.7, plus all promotional material from this years IFA in Berlin.

According to Florian Mueller from Foss Patents, the reason that Samsung has removed the new Galaxy Tab 7.7 from its IFA stand is because of the ongoing court case with Apple.

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Sledgehammer’s 3rd Person Call Of Duty Unsurprisingly Cancelled

You might remember some big talk from Activision regarding a third person action spin to the gargantuan franchise several months ago. Well, it’s now several months later and that plan seems to have fallen through. “We came on board to make a third-person action adventure game, in the Call of Duty franchise, and we were working on it about six months,” said Glen Schofield, Sledgehammer co-founder.

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Accusations Of Deus Ex Racism Elicit Square Enix Response

Deus Ex Human Revolution developer Eidos found itself in fairly warm water when videos showing  player-NPC interaction revealed a rather… curious NPC called Letitia. Letitia’s jive talkin’ ways have drawn criticism for Eidos, but apparently not enough to warrant more than a fairly tame non-apology. Then again, it was pretty much a non-controversy to begin with, since if showing black characters being poor and speaking in Ebonics is racist, then surely so is every police procedural on TV in the last decade.

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Mysterious New Tablet From Amazon Could Arrive By November

Seven inches and full color. Such is the new darling of Amazon that might take the tablet world by storm before the year ends. Does this send a shiver down your spine? The journalist who leaked these precious details sort of experienced such a sensation. Oh, and those rumors about a 10-inch? True, but it’s coming out much later


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Lifelike Futurama Busts Are Fascinating

Since Futurama fans are legend for their, well, fandom, it comes as no surprise that a project like this would eventually come to our attention. Who is that? It’s the lovable and totally incompetent physician Doctor Zoidberg. Looks different, you say? He’s rendered in a ‘realistic’ fashion, devoid of those Matt Groening flourishes like overbites and bulging eyeballs. There’s a whole gallery of them after the jump.

Prof. Zoidberg

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Women Mistakenly Buys Fake Laptop Made Of Paper

This news is a complete shocker, especially if that wooden iPad incident is still fresh in your memory. Suppressing that chortle for a moment, this is a case of same town, same suspect, same seedy transaction. Two women who hander over $250 for a ‘laptop’ got the surprise of their lives when the box contained a sheaf of papers taped together. Sucks, right?


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S-Walker Is Like Your Favorite Segway But Cheaper

It’s true. German-designed and Chinese-built, the S-Walker is being showcased in the China booth at IFA 2011. Its biggest pull is price, selling for an estimated $3,000.  By the looks of it, it’s also lightweight and a total no-brainer to drive. It would be cool though if it could be outfitted with a few bins so that it’s capable of small cargo.  Could it be hacked for increased performance? Let’s find out.


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iPhonegate: Did Apple Employees Impersonate Police Officers?

This whole barely credible episode over a missing iPhone 5? If it stretches for much longer it just might be adapted into a particularly bad movie. Anyway, in true ‘the-plot-thickens’ fashion, the man who was searched by police and Apple staff after an iPhone 5 went missing in Cava22 has spoken out. His big revelation? It’s puzzling and contradicted by conflicting reports from the authorities.


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Realistic District 9 Prawn Assault Rifle For Sale (Video)

District 9 is one of those rare movies that knocked the world on its butt. It’s also a shining example of independent film succeeding on its own terms. If we’re not mistaken, a lot of people actually wished a full-fledged Halo movie were made with the same production values as District 9. Aside from these distinctions, it finally proved that South Africa is a viable location for movie shoots. If we’re not mistaken, the new Judge Dredd movie is wrapping up over there.

District 9 Rifle

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