Another Setback Strikes RIM, Writes Off PlayBook Inventory

Things are certainly not looking good for Research in Motion Ltd., with its latest announcement adding to a growing list of setbacks for its first tablet. With lower than expected sales of PlayBook, RIM was forced to offer its first tablet at a cheap cost. And now, the Canadian company announced that it will write off its inventory of Playbook tablets.

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Impressive: SandyBox Uses Kinect For DIY Mini-Landscaping (Video)

There no single aspect of the XBox Kinect that is not a game changer in some way. Judging by the number of XBox hacks featured here at Geeky Gadgets, no game console comes close in terms of sheer applications. Now two enthusiasts from the Czech Republic have created a 3D geographic tool called the SandyBox. What it does is project geographical features over a miniature landscape. Don’t miss the video after the break.


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Tamagotchi Releases 15th Anniversary Model

Ah, Tamagotchi, the most annoying game ever conceived that once took the world by storm. Other than the Sims, it’s the only other game that makes pooing look like fun. Tamagotchi sure had its day among the school-going set. Too bad it hasn’t transitioned beyond a specific age group; then again, it really fascinated the tween demographic during its apex a decade ago. It’s still big in Japan, which explains Bandai’s latest move. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Bandai is outing the Tamagotchi iD L that has got a ton of neat features. Learn more after the jump.

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Take A Nap While Sledding: The Snowboogie

Oops! In fact, don’t take a nap while sledding because it’s dangerous. The suggestion was unavoidable though given the shape and size of the SnowBoogie Fantom X. It’s a ‘professionalized’ sled with mechanical controls. It can’t quite perform like a snowmobile (Modern Warfare type escapes are impossible with this clunker) but it does perform pretty splendid down a slope. The controls, of course, are for maneuvering it in case of obstacles.


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The Defibrillator Toaster Brings Your Breakfast To Life

Unorthodox perhaps, but toasters are so boring anyway. It’s about time someone came up with a fresh take on the vital machine that warms our bread every morning, the Defibrillator Toaster.

If toasters weren’t around, gross people would probably stick their bread slices in armpits to warm them. Ugh! However, since this defibrillator is shaped like a defibrillator, don’t think you can put it on your chest and resuscitate yourself. Bad idea! Real life is a far cry from Battlefield 3, people.

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Shotgun Maker Mossberg Outs Impressive JIC Survival Kit

Maybe it’s the gloomy economic forecast for next year but a lot of survival equipment is hitting the market these days. The renowned firearms company Mossberg, a name which evokes mental images of pump action shotguns, are now marketing their very own apocalyptic insurance that comes in an easy to carry package. In keeping with their shotgun-powered ethos, Mossberg have outed the JIC, a stripped down emergency capsule that contains an 18.5 inch 12 gauge shotgun and ammo. With one of these, you are always prepared.

Mossberg JIC

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Heavy Smartphone Use Alarms Health Experts

Having sore thumbs or aching necks lately? That could be a sign of using your smartphone too much, according to some health experts in Britain. Being able to do so many things on your smartphone has its perks, but the downside is that so many times are being spent on such devices that the body might start showing signs of wear and tear.

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