200 inch Full HD Glasses-Free 3D Display Uses 57 Different Display Angles

A new 200 inch display has been unveiled that shows video from 57 different angles, enabling people to walk around in front of the screen and see behind corners or objects as they are shown on the screen. The amazing new full HD glasses-free 3D display has been developed by NICT, in collaboration with JVC Kenwood and is a great example of how display technology is being pushed to its limits.

The 200 inch screen weighs in at 500kg and consists of a condenser lens which focuses the light creating a sharp image, and a special diffuser film which lowers the horizontal diffusion angle, creating a smooth transition between the different viewing angles. Watch a video after the jump to see the screen in use.

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Garmin Unveils ANT+ For iPhone And Garmin Fit App For Android And iOS

Garmin have unveiled their new Garmin Fit system for Android and iPhone smartphones which lets you track metrics such as speed, pace, distance, time, calories and with the help of Garmin accessories displays heart rate and cadence. The application also includes features which map and automatically uploads workouts to Garmin Connect.

Garmin has also unveiled their new Garmin ANT+ adapter for iPhone devices which has been designed to allow you to monitor and record your heart rate and cadence directly on your phone and is now available for $49.99.


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More Nokia 800 Windows Phone Photos Leaked

Nokia is expected to unveil its first Windows Phone device tomorrow at Nokia World 2011 which takes place in London, one of the devices that we have been hearing a lot about is the Nokia 800, which is rumored to share a similar design to the Nokia N9.

We have already seen a leaked press photo of the Nokia 800, and now the guys over at The Next Web have got their hands on some actual photos of the new Nokia 800.

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LG DoublePlay Lands On T-Mobile 2nd November

T-Mobile and LG recently announced their latest Android smartphone, the LG DoublePlay, and now it looks like it should be available from T-Mobile in the US from the 2nd of November.

The LG DoublePlay comes with dual displays, with a main 3.5 inch multi-touch touchscreen display and a smaller 2 inch secondary display, which is located in the middle of the slide out QWERTY keyboard.

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Walnut And Cherry Wood Fujifilm X100 Cases Provide A Unique Natural Finish

If you have been interested in the recent limited edition leather Fujifilm X100 we featured here on Geeky Gadgets last week. Before you part with your hard earned cash you might also like to consider these very unique wooden case finishes for the Fujifilm X100.

The unique wooden Fujifilm X100 casings have been created in walnut and cherry wood and brings a fantastically different natural finish to the camera. The wooden case modifications are offered by Aki-Asahi Custom Camera Coverings.

Wood Fujifilm X100

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Apple’s iPhone Cameras Compared (Photos)

Apple recently released its fifth generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S which has the best camera in an iPhone to date, and is quite an improvement over the camera found in the iPhone 4.

Apple released its first iPhone back in 2007, which came with a built in camera, and now we get a look at how the iPhone’s cameras have improved over the years, which you can see in the photos below.

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Linux Kernel 3.1 Update Brings Range Of New Features Including Support For NFC And Nintendo’s Wii Controller

After a few weeks delay due to a security breach at the kernel.org website, Linus Torvalds has released Linux kernel 3.1 update which brings with it a range of new features. The new Linux version took around 3 months to develop and includes enhancements that improve the speed or expand the capabilities of both the KVM and Xen virtualisation systems.



Linux Kernel 3.1

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Worlds First Flying Ball Drone Unveiled By Japan’s Ministry of Defence (video)

The Research Department at Japan’s Ministry of Defence has this week unveiled their new creation which is apparently the the world’s first spherical flying machine, and immediately reminded me of the flying ball drone from Star Wars.

The flying ball drone has been designed to hover like a helicopter, and take-off and land vertically from any terrain. The benefit of the ball shape allows the craft to fly forward at high speed using wings, which a helicopter can’t do. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and its features explained.

Flying Ball Drone

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Droid 2 Global And Droid Pro Get Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update

Motorola has started rolling out the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update to a couple of devices, which include the Motorola Droid 2 Global and the Motorola Droid Pro, and the update has been released as an OTA update.

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread update brings a range of new features to both devices, including a number of bug fixes, and if you haven’t got it yet, you can get it manually by heading to your settings menu.

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Nokia Shows How The Nokia N9 Is Made (Video)

Nokia’s N9 smartphone will only be available in some countries around the world after Nokia announced that it would no longer be producing MeeGo based devices, and it wont be available in the US, which is a shame as it could have been a popular device from Nokia.

Later this week we will see Nokia’s first Windows Phone device, one of which is rumored to share a similar design to the Nokia N9, and now Nokia has released a video showing how the Nokia N9 is made.

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Bluetooth SIG Re-brands Bluetooth 4.0 To Bluetooth Smart Ready And Smart

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has today announced two new brand extensions to its globally recognised logo today in an effort to create consumer awareness around compatibility for new devices implementing Bluetooth version 4.0.

The new designations of “Smart Ready” and “Smart” have been created to inform consumers of a given device’s capabilities, and make it easier for them to manage devices. As shown in the diagram below Bluetooth Smart Ready devices are fully backward-compatible with older Bluetooth devices as well as other “Smart Ready” devices, while Bluetooth Smart devices can only connect to Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.

Bluetooth Rebranding

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