Update On iOS Developers Being Sued For In App Purchases

Last week we told you that a company had started sending out legal letters to a number of iOS developers, claiming that the developers were infringing on their patents by using in app purchases on their apps in Apple’s App Store.

Now it turns out that the company behind these letters has been identified as Lodsys, and they have revealed what they are after from the developers, which obviously includes developers paying them a fee.

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YikeBike Fusion Electric Folding Bike (video)

YikeBike well known for their folding electric bikes, and first featured here on Geeky Gadgets back in 2009 have just unveiled a new addition to their range the YikeBike Fusion.

The new Fusion folding YikeBike has been designed to provide a more affordable entry point into electric biking and is priced at a $1,995 rather than the more expensive carbon fiber YikeBike, the Carbon which retails at $3,795.

yikebike Fusion

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Nokia Kills Off Its ‘Ovi’ Brand

Nokia has announced that it will no longer be using the name ‘Ovi’ for its Ovi Services and Ovi App Store, instead Nokia will simply be replacing the word Ovi with Nokia, so now we will have Nokia services and the Nokia App Store.

Nokia is obviously trying get rid of its old image, and develop a new one which the company is obviously hoping will help them sell more smartphones.

Nokia Ovi

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Leaked : Lenovo All-In-One ThinkCentre Edge 91z

Lenovo’s new all-in-one ThinkCentre Edge 91z specifications have been leaked unwittingly or not by Lenovo itself via a PDF which it has published on a Lenovo partner’s web page.

The specifications reveal the new system will include options to equipped the all-in-one’s with Intel Core i7 Quad Core CPUs and 1G ATI Discrete Graphics Cards (optional), together with solid state drives (SSD) for storage and a super fast “No waiting 20 second Boot Up” if required.

ThinkCentre Edge 91z

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Mopho DJ App Looks Awesome (Video)

Mopho DJ is an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that has been developed by Nicholas J Bryan, a student at Stanford University, and it uses two analog turntables along with an iPhone or an iPod Touch on each platter.

When the turntable moves, the information from the iPhone or iPod’s accelerometer is sent wirelessly to a laptop, the data which is sent back is used to play music tracks as if they were vinyl records, have a look at the video of it in action below.

Mopho DJ App


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HTC Sensation 4G Arriving June 8th For $199?

A leaked photo of a new sales ticket for the HTC sensation 4G has now revealed a retail launch price of $199, when the new HTC Sensation 4G is bought on a contract and $549 when purchased outright.

The team over an Android Central unveiled the new sales ticket photo and its give-away 061211 number sticker, which is thought to point to a launch date, of the 12th June of the new HTC Sensation 4G via Target.

HTC Sensation 4G

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Boxee Box Update Silences Surround Sound

If you have updated your Boxee Box to the latest 1.1 version and are experiencing a few silent problems with your surround sounds. Don’t worry Boxee Box are aware of the problems and are looking to roll out a new update to fix the issues very shortly.

The problem is due to the way the new 1.1 Boxee Box update has tinkered with its handling of the stereo PCM audio sources for users with surround sound systems.


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RIM Recalls 1,000 BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets

RIM has announced that it will be recalling over 1,000 of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, due to a software fault, as some models were shipped with a faulty operating system.

The fault stopped people running the initial setup of the tablet, although RIM has said that not many of the devices with the faulty OS had actually reached many customers and that they were still with retailers.

BlackBerry PlayBook

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HP Ultra Thin x2301 23 Inch Monitor

HP has just unveiled a new ultra thin monitor its just added to its range in the form of the HP x2301, a 23 inch LED monitor that measures just 9.8 mm thick.

The new HP x2301 is a 1980×1080 (1080p) resolution, multi-faceted Micro Thin LED monitor, featuring HP’s LED backlighting which illuminates the display and an edge lit illumination around the screen and finished with a brushed-aluminium bezel.


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Samsung Galaxy S II Official Demo (Video)

We recently got our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S II, and were impressed with it, now Samsung has released an official video which gives us an in depth look at the new Samsung Galaxy S II.

The video below shows Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface in action, and it gives us a good look at all the features on the Samsung Galaxy S II as well as the hardware, plus we can also see how games perform on it.

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Amazon Launching Android Family Of Devices Later This Year?

Amazon recently launched their own version of Google’s Android Market, called the Amazon App Store, since then we have been hearing more and more rumors that Amazon are working on their own Android tablet.

Now it seems that Amazon may have more than one Android device in the works, and could be launching Android powered smartphones and tablets according to a recent report by Android and Me.

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Fujitsu LOOX F-07C Dual Booting Smartphone Becomes Official (video)

We first featured leaked imagery of the new Fujitsu LOOX F-07C dual back at the beginning of the month, when a printed brochure was accidentally revealed to the world, detailing the new smartphones specifications.

The brochure has now been confirmed as legitimate and reveals that the new Fujitsu LOOX F-07C will definitely dual boot between Windows 7 and Symbian OS’ and is equipped with a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. Its powered by a Intel Atom Z600 at 1.2GHz and the GPU on the smartphone is an Intel 600 GMA with Direct X 9.0 support. Watch a brief video of the new device after the jump.

Fujitsu LOOX F-07C

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