Microsoft pulling Zune HD apps and select features on August 31st

Zune may not be dead yet, but it is getting closer to the great beyond. Zune Pass subscribers are now receiving word that the service’s Mixview playback and channel playlist features will be discontinued on August 31st, along with music video streaming from the Zune desktop software. It’s a sad day for Zune users who are ever faithful to their device.
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Sony VAIO Tap 20 Family Touch PC

Today at IFA, Sony unveiled the VAIO Tap 20, hailing it as a Family Touch PC. Like the VAIO Duo 11, the Tap 20 will run Windows 8 so of course they want to take advantage of a touchscreen display. A 20” touchscreen display.
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Nvidia and Epic Games port Unreal Engine 3 to Windows RT

If you find yourself more interested in the tablet running Windows RT on an ARM processor rather than a normal Windows 8 tablet this might interest you. Nvidia has announced that it and Epic Games have worked together to port Unreal Engine 3 to Windows 8 and Windows RT. Certainly most interesting is the thought of running high-quality video games using this game engine on a Windows RT tablet.

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Ego Hybrid Series USB case for Galaxy S III

If you use a Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone and need a new case for your device, a company called ego has a very interesting offering. The Hybrid Series USB case is now available for the S3 smartphone. The case comes in seven different colors and has a slot for an included USB flash drive.

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Smartype Screen Equipped Keyboard, Improves Your Typing Without Changing Your Style (video)

If you are not so good at touch-typing and spend more time looking at your keys rather than your desktop computer screen. A new keyboard has been developed that might be perfect for your typing style.

The Smartype keyboard has been equipped with a screen that allows you to keep your eyes on your keyboard while you type, displaying what you type on the built-in screen. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Smartype project and see the keyboard in action.

smartype Keyboard

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Apple Airplay Direct Launching Next Month?

Sources close to Apple are suggesting that Apple’s new Airplay Direct technology could be launching as soon as next month. Apple’s new Airplay Direct is a new technology that has built on the current Airplay feature in iOS devices, and will allow users to stream audio without the need for a wireless network.

Currently Airplay requires AirPlay certified speakers and a Wi-Fi network to function, but Airplay Direct will only require a set of speakers or music system to work fitted with a proprietary chip created by Apple.

Airplay Direct

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Leaked Samsung Stratosphere 2 specs

Looks like we have some leaked specs for the upcoming Samsung Stratosphere 2 for Verizon, and it looks like a good value for your money in the upper-mid-range. The Stratosphere 2 is sleeker and thinner compared to the original Stratosphere as well.
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