Barnes And Noble’s Nook Tablet Ships Early

The official launch date for the Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet was expected to be Friday but today Barnes & Noble have announced that their new Nook Tablet will be shipping early and customers who pre-ordered the device you will receive it today. If you have pre-ordered the Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet to be picked up from a store you will also be able to do this today.

Nook Tablet

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SwitchEasy Sculptural Design iPhone Cases

If you are looking for something a little more original to protect your iPhone from knocks and bumps theses Avant-garde series sculptural design cases by SwitchEasy might well be worth a look.

The new Avant-garde series by SwitchEasy is made up of four textured case designs which include a reinforced frame protector made of polycarbonate to provide impact protection to the most vulnerable areas. Apart from providing a unique look for your iPhone case the sculptured finish also provides extra grip and a tactile finish.


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Amazon Kinde Fire vs iPad 2 (Video)

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, which runs Google’s Android OS went on sale yesterday, and whilst the $199 Kindle Fire isn’t designed to be a direct competitor for Apple’s massively popular iPad, it will be interesting to see how the two devices compare.

The guys over at the iDownloadBlog put together the following video which compares on number of things on the two devices, which include web browsing, boot up times and Netflix streaming.

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Sharp Announces 7 Inch WiMax Android Honeycomb Tablet For Japan

We heard a while back that Sharp has decided to kill off two of its Android tablets, and now the company has launched a new Android tablet which is headed for Japan, the Sharp Galapagos EB-A71GJ-B.

This new Sharp Galapagos tablet features a 7 inch touchscreen display and it comes with Android 3.2 Honeycomb, processing is provided by a dual Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and it also comes with 1gB of RAM.

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E Ink Display Touch Lens, Phosphor World Time Sport Watch Unveiled

Phosphor has unveiled their new World Time Sport Watch which has no buttons but lets you change modes by simply swiping your finger across the screen. Its equipped with a E Ink display that is just 9.3 mm thick and allows you to select from 24 time zones for one display mode, while optionally displaying a second time zone simultaneously.

Phosphor World Time Sport watch

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Google Voice For Android Gets Updated

Google has updated its Google Voice for Android app, and the latest version adds in some new features, which include support for group texting, which means you can now send one text to multiple people at the same time.

Google has also added in support for offline voicemails, which means you will still be able to access your voicemail even when you don’t have a data connection, and the last update is an improved text message notification.

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North Face Unveils Avalanche Airbag Safety System (video)

If you are taking to the slopes this winter and thinking of exploring areas off piste, it might be worth your while equipping yourself with North Face’s new Avalanche Airbag Safety System.

The new Avalanche Airbag Safety System is fitted inside a pack and can be triggered using a pull cord if an avalanche strikes. Watch the video after the jump to see North Face’s new Avalanche Airbag Safety System put through its paces.

North Face Avalanche Airbag Safety System

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Ricoh CX6 Compact Camera Announced

Ricoh has announced the launch of its latest compact camera, the Ricoh CX6 which comes with a 10 megapixel sensor and a new hybrid auto-focus system with a fast AF time of just 0.1 seconds.

The Ricoh CX6 features 10.7x optical zoom, with a 35mm equivalent of 28mm to 300mm, and it also features 40MB of built in storage plus an SD card slot.

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Verbatim Second Generation Pocket Bluetooth Keyboard Launched

If you are looking for a pocket sized Bluetooth keyboard to help you type out those extended emails or documents, you might be interested to know that Verbatim have rolled out a new version of their Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard this week.

The new version of the Wireless Keyboard sports a more compact design to previous models and can now be paired with up to 6 devices at the same time. Its also fitted with quiet soft-touch keys and the built-in media console allows you play, pause and control your digital music.

Verbatim Bluetooth Keyboard

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Amazon Kindle Fire Gets Rooted

Earlier we heard that Amazon had released the source code for the Kindle Fire, and now it would appear that someone has already managed to root Amazon’s first Android tablet.

According to one of the guys from the XDA Developers, he was able to root the Kindle Fire using SuperOneClick 2.2, which means it will be easy to install custom ROMs on the new Kindle Fire tablet.

Kindle Fire

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Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip And Remote Officially Launched

You might remember last week we featured a couple of images of Belkin’s LiveAction Camera Remote as it made its way through the FCC. Well this week Belkin has now officially launched their new Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote together with an iPhone camera grip, which transforms Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch into a traditional digital camera.

The Belkin Camera Grip attaches to the charging connector of the Apple devices and will even easily fit over most cases, says Belkin. It also includes an integrated tripod mount that will attach to any standard tripod, giving you the ability to have even more control over your photography.

Belkin LiveAction

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