Amazon Launches Cloud Player App For iOS

Today Amazon has launched a new Cloud Player application for iOS devices. Enabling users to stream, download, and manage their music in the cloud.The new Cloud Player app also eliminates the need for users to download files before playing them.

Providing full access to users Cloud Player music libraries, as well as seamlessly adding playlists currently on iPhone or iPod touch devices, and can be  access from your  PC or Mac and allows you to upload your music collection from iTunes or your other folders.

Amazon Cloud Player

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Max Payne Mobile coming to Android on June 14th

iOS users have had Rockstar’s Max Payne for mobile for a while, but where is Android’s version? Here’s the good news, Android users. If you’ve been yearning to experience bullet time on your mobile device, Rockstar has announced that Max Payne Mobile will be arriving on Android devices on June 14th, which is just two days from now.
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Fujitsu LifeBook Ultrabooks Arriving For $999

Fujitsu has announced this week that their Fujitsu LifeBook Ultrabooks will be arriving in the U.S. soon starting at around $999. Two models will be arriving the Fujitsu LifeBook U722 and the Fujitsu LifeBook UH572.

The LifeBook U722 is the higher spec model priced at $1,149, with a 14-inch, 1,280×768-pixel with edge-to-edge screen, and comes equipped with Intel’s i7 Chip, and providing 7 hours of battery life.

Fujitsu LifeBook

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Facebook Camera App For iOS Gets Updated

Facebook has released a new version of their Camera app for Apple’s iOS platform, the new app is called ‘Camera.’, and it comes with a number of performance improvements.

The new Facebook Camera. app is designed to provide more reliable uploads, and also a number of bug fixes, you can see a full list of the updates to the app below.

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Mozilla Marketplace Now Live For Testing

Mozilla has opened up its new Mozilla Marketplace for testing purposes allowing you to to register and take a look at its new offerings, before the site officially goes live.

Currently there are over 200 applications available to download and Mozilla’s Marketplace goes a little further than Google’s Chrome Web Store. By installing your applications into the operating system’s application menu and desktop as quick-access shortcuts.

Mozilla Marketplace

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Apple Announces New iPad Smart Case

Apple has announced the launch of a new accessory for the iPad, the iPad Smart Case, which is basically a new version of their iPad Smart Cover that is design to offer your tablet extra protection.

The iPad Smart Case features the Smart Cover, which is used for the front of your device, although the Smart Case also features a case for the back of your iPad which is designed to protect the casing from knocks and scratches.

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Gigabyte S1081 Windows 7 Tablet Arrives At The FCC

Anyone interested in purchasing the new Gigabyte S1081 Windows tablet, which was first unveiled back in CES earlier this year. Will be pleased to know that the Windows tablet has now arrived at the FCC.

The S1081 Windows tablet runs Windows 7 operating system, with support for 4GB of memory, and comes with optional 29.6Whr battery and 20.25Whr extended battery.

Gigabyte S1081

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No New Apple iMacs Until Next Year?

Yesterday Apple updated a number of its Mac computers, we saw the new Retina MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and also some updated MacBook Pro’s, Apple also provided a minor update in terms of faster processors to their Mac Pro range.

One thing that was missing from the announcement was a new range of iMacs, and now according to a recent report by David Pogue from the NYT we may not see any new iMacs until next year.

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HTC Investigating WiFi Issues On The HTC One X

It would appear that a number of owners of HTC’s latest flagship Android smartphone, the HTC One X are experiencing some WiFi issues with the device.

According to recent reports the HTC One X is suffering from a WiFi issue when the device is held a certain way, this sounds familiar to Apple’s problem when the iPhone 4 was launched.

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Diablo 3 Updated To Accommodate New Retina Macbook Pro Display

It looks like Apple has learned to live with and even embrace its accidental gaming empire, to the point where it’s actually being proactive in going after the core gamer demographic. The big announcements at WWDC this year were certainly iOS 6 and the Macbook Pro refresh, but one of the first applications to be shown off taking advantage of the vaunted Retina display was none other than one of PC gaming’s strongest franchises.

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Real Life Portal Gun Antics With Friends (video)

Within the P0rtal series of games created by Valve you can have some real fun moving items around and creating entrance and exits portals to jump through within the game.

But using a real P0rtal gun in real-life is sometimes not such a great idea.Watch the video after the jump to see how things can quickly going wrong, using a Portal gun with friends in your house.

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Spotify Launches New Android App With Support For Android 4.0

Spotify just dropped us an email to let us know that their new Spotify for Android 4.0 app is now available from the Google Play store, and the app comes with a wide range if new features which you can see below.

The Spotify for Android app has had a complete redesign, and according to Spotify this is their best mobile app to date, we had a quick look at the app previously when Spotify released a preview of it back in April.

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