Vivo Xshot Will Feature 24 Megapixel Camera with OIS

Vivo is working to be working on a new smartphone that may be turn out to be quite attractive for photography enthusiasts.

The device is not officially announced yet, but we’ve heard about it a couple of times before. It will launch as Vivo Xshot, and is expected to come with a 24MP camera with optical image stabilization and a large f/1.8 aperture which is higher then a majority camera-centric smartphones available in the market.


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MediaTek Shows Off A New Chipset With LTE Connectivity

MediaTek announced its MT6595 chipset some time back, and now, the company has showcased it at the China Electronic Information Expo.

At the launch, the company failed to provide a lot of details about what the chipset has to offer, but we do have some information about what to expect from this chipset. The new MediaTek MT6595 comes with big.LITTLE architecture and comes with integrated LTE support, which is becoming a necessity nowadays.


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Samsung Gear Smartwatches Get Support For 20 Smartphones And Tablets

Samsung has announced that its Samsung Gear smartwatches now support a total of 20 Samsung devices, the list includes Samsung’s smartphones and tablets.

The list of devices that the Samsung Gear 2, the Samsung Gear Fit and the Samsung Gear Neo support include The Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Note 3 and more.

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Samsung To Launch Android Wear Powered Smartwatch Later This Year

Not too long ago, Google released their own smartwatch operating system dubbed as Android Wear. Some OEMs, including Motorola and LG, already announced their own smartwatches running on the platform.

It seems Samsung doesn’t want to be left behind, and mentioned that Android Wear powered smartwatches will come out later this year. However, this doesn’t mean Tizen is dead, the Korean OEM.


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iPhone 6 Mockup Shown Off In A Video

The past few days were filled with a lot of iPhone 6 related leaks. Yesterday, we saw the front panel of the alleged device, as well as the battery which is expected to be a part of the iPhone 6.

Today’s not different either. A video made its way to the internet, showcasing a mock up of the alleged iPhone 6 with a large display and rounded corners.


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Mushrooms Can Mine Gold From Old Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones and smartphones contain a variety of precious metals including gold, silver and copper, although getting these metals out of old devices is costly and not very efficient.

100,000 old mobile phones contain around 2.4 kilograms of gold, 900 kilograms of copper, and around 25 kilograms of silver, although the process of extracting these materials uses toxic chemicals.

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OnePlus One First Image Leaked

OnePlus One is one of the highly anticipated handset to hit retail this year. The device is set to launch on April 23rd, and the company has dropped a few teasers about what the handset will bring at the table in terms of specifications.

We haven’t seen any leaked image of the handset until now. Recently, a user posted an image of the OnePlus One handset, with a never settle back panel of the device, suggesting it might be an early prototype of the device.

OnePLus One

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