Moto X+1 To Come with Over 20 Backplate Options

Back at the Mobile World Congress 2014, Motorola mentioned that Moto X successor will see the light of the day later this year. Later, we found out it will be known as Moto X+1, thanks to the well-connected @evleaks.

Earlier today, the prolific leaker posted another tweet with a wide range of color options for the upcoming Moto X+1, which includes over 20 backplate options.

Moto X+1

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Headed to Boost Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S5 is already up for sale in over 100 countries across the globe at major carriers and retailers.

If you’re tied to Boost Mobile, you be glad to find out the handset will make its way to the carrier next month. The carrier has created a pre-registration page for the Samsung Galaxy S5, revealing the handset should go on sale in May, so users tied to the carrier might have to wait a little longer.


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Age of Empires: World Dominion Coming to Major Mobile Platforms (video)

Age of Empires is one my favourite strategy games. The game received its fair share of success on the PC, and it seems it will make its way to major mobile platforms as well.

Microsoft has announced Age of Empires: World Dominion will make its way to iOS, Android and Windows Phone in the coming months. There’s no exact launch date announced, but it should hit the respective app stores later this year.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom Spotted at the FCC

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom has seen its fair share of rumors in the past few weeks. The handset was spotted on the benchmarking websites as well, detailing some of the specifications of the handset.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom (CM-C115) was spotted on the FCC, which is usually the last stop before the handset makes its way to retail shelves.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active WIll Come With 277 Apps

Last year, Samsung released a number of versions of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4, and it appears this year’s going to be the same as well.

We’ve seen several rumors that Samsung is working on the Galaxy S5 Active, which will, surprisingly, launch on all major mobile carriers in the US, unlike last year when it made its way to AT&T only. According to a new tweet from @evleaks, Samsung Galaxy S5 Active will come with 277 APKs, meaning it might come with 277 apps.


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Verizon Disables PayPal Payment Support on Galaxy S5

Samsung implemented the fingerprint scanning technology on the Samsung Galaxy S5, which can also be authorized to make payments via PayPal. PayPal even announced earlier that it’s commencing the support for this feature in 25 different markets.

If you’re using the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the Big Red, you be disappointed to know Verizon has disabled the PayPal feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5.


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Rogers Offering Samsung Gear 2 Neo for $49 If You Purchase the Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 went on sale in over 150 markets worldwide, along with the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit.

If you’re based in Canada, Rogers is offering a pretty attractive deal on the Samsung Galaxy S5 for users who also want to purchase the Gear 2 Neo smartwatch. The company is offering the smartwatch for $49 if you purchase the Galaxy S5 from the carrier, which is quite a deal since the smartwatch is originally priced at $219.99 in Canada.

SAmsung Galaxy S5

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Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview Coming As Early As Next Week

Microsoft revealed their latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system earlier this month at the annual Build 2014 conference. The update should reach existing Windows Phone devices in the coming months, and Lumia handsets too in the form of Lumia Cyan update.

Previously, it was reported the developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 will come in the first quarter, now, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore tweeted that it will be available for users as early as next week.

windows phone 8.1

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OnePlus One To Hit 16 Countries Globally

The folks at OnePlus will unveil their highly anticipated OnePlus One smartphone on April 23rd for sub-$400 price tag. The company has posted a lot of teasers, and posted information about what the users can expect from the device in terms of specifications.

They even compared it to the flagship devices, and told them customers why OnePlus might be a better option once it hits retails. According to a new image posted on the company’s social accounts, the handset will hit retail in 16 countries.

OnePlus One

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Comes With The Same Region Locking, Appears to Be Worse than Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came with a big problem, the region locking which means the handset can be activated using a SIM from where it was purchased before using it on any other network.

For those of you who thought that Samsung has listened to their outcry should know that this problem is present in the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 as well, and it turns out to be worse than the one found in the Galaxy Note 3.

samsung galaxy s5

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Cases for iPhone 6 Leaked with A Larger Display

In the past few days, we’ve seen countless rumors hinting at the launch of an iPhone with a larger display, possible two versions with one carrying a display size of 4.7-inch while the second one boasts a phablet like 5.7-inch display.

We’ve seen a number of concept renders of the alleged handset, and now, some leaked images of the cases for the two devices have popped up, hinting further about the large screen iPhone to hit retail later this year.

iphone 6

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Developer Edition for Verizon Coming Soon?

Android is customizable. Android Geeks who have a habit of tinkering with their device, and make software changes to their devices have a lot to worry about before they root their phone, such as warranty issues, locked bootloaders, etc.

Normally, Samsung devices come with unlocked bootloaders, making users tinker with their device as they please, but some carriers prefer to keep it locked. Recently, Samsung Galaxy S5 Developer Edition for Verizon was spotted at Samsung’s website, hinting at the possible launch of the device for the Big Red.


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