Lenovo Sisley Smartphone Leaked

Lenovo Sisley

Some photos of a new smartphone from Lenovo have been leaked, the device will apparently be called the Lenovo Sisley, and the design of the handset looks very similar to Apple’s iPhone 6.

The Lenovo Sisely will apparently come with a 5 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, there are no details on the exact processor as yet, although it could be a MediaTek processor.

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Refold Cardboard Standing Desk Is Portable And Recyclable (video)

Cardboard Standing Desk

Refold has created a unique cardboard standing desk designed for anyone in the market for a portable desk, that is both lightweight enough to be carried by a single person and also 100% recyclable.

The innovative cardboard standing desk has been created by New Zealand-based design company Refold and has been designed to combine innovation and offer environmental awareness, as well as provide a working surface for standing. Watch the video after the jump to learn more.

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iPhone 6 Launching In 36 More Countries This Month

iphone 6

We already knew that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would be launching in China on the 17th of October, and now Apple has revealed more countries the device will launch in before the end of October.

According to Apple’s press release, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will launch in 36 more countries and territories this month, you can see details below of what countries the devices are headed to.

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Twitter Will Allow You To Tweet Money In France


Twitter has teamed up with French bank BPCE, and Twitter uses in France will be able to send money to their friends using a new payments by Tweets service.

Users on Twitter in France will be able to send the money without know their friends bank details, all the information they will need to send money is their Twitter username.

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Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones Raise Over $770,000 In Under A Week (video)

Cat Ear Headphones

A new start-up company called Axent Wear launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign earlier this week looking to raise $250,000 to help fund a new cat ear headphones.

The successful Indiegogo campaign has already passed $770,000 in under a week and still has 26 days left on its campaign to run. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the cat ear headphones that are taking the Indiegogo website by storm.

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Huawei Honor 6 Extreme Edition Gets Official

Huawei Honor 6 Extreme Edition

Huawei has launched a new version of their Honor 6 smartphone, the latest model is called the Huawei Honor 6 Extreme Edition, and it comes with higher specifications than the original devices.

The Huawei Honor 6 Extreme Edition features a new Kirin 928 eight core processor which comes with a clock speed of 2.0GHz, the handset also features 3GB of RAM.

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This Is The New Oppo N3 Smartphone

oppo n3

Oppo have been teasing their new Oppo N3 smartphone over the last few weeks, the handset will launch at a press event in Singapore on the 29th of October.

Now we have the first official photo of the new Oppo N3, the photo above was posted on Weibo, and as we can see it will feature one camera which can be rotated 180 degrees to be used as the front and rear camera.

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Powers PlayStation First TV Series Trailer Looks Promising (video)

Powers PlayStation

Fans of the Powers comic that also own a PlayStation games console might be interested in the first new trailer for the upcoming Powers TV series that is being made exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation Plus service.

Powers is a PlayStation original TV series that Sony is releasing for free to its PlayStation Plus members, and which has been produced by Sony Pictures Television, the studio behind the likes of the Breaking Bad TV series.

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Ultimus Qi Wireless Charger For iPhone 6 And Galaxy Devices (video)

Wireless Charger

Owners of the new iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 that would prefer not to plug-in their smartphones to charge them. Are sure to be interested in this new Qi wireless charger called the Ultimus Qi.

The Ultimus Qi has been designed to provide a slim wireless charging case for the new Apple iPhone 6 as well as supporting Qi-compatible smartphones and small tablets. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about this new Qi charging station and its features and benefits.

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The Ring Smart Wearable Lets You Control Your Phone, Google Glass Or Smartwatch

   Smart Wearable-2

Smart wearable devices are becoming more and more popular with manufacturers and new line of wearables launched over the last few years providing smart rings, one such new device is aptly named The Ring.

As you can see in the video below The Ring has been designed to provide users with a gesture-based smart wearable that allows you to control a variety of different applications on your smartphone, Google Glass or smartwatch.

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