Google Stops Selling Nexus 5 in Red and White, Black Version Available

Google Nexus 5

Not too long ago, Google launched the monstrous Nexus 6 handset, but the handset comes with a gigantic 6-inch display. If you’re not a fan of big phones, Google is still selling the last year’s Nexus 5 at the Google Play Store.

However, interested customers only have the option to pick up the black color variant of the handset. There’s no option to select white or red colored variants.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Finally Launches On Windows Phone

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Windows Phone owners that enjoy playing a little Minecraft are sure to be pleased to know that Microsoft has this week released a Windows Phone Minecraft Pocket Edition for fans to enjoy whilst mobile.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition has already sold more than 21 million copies on both Apple iOS and Google Android devices and Windows Phone owners can now enjoy the same features thanks to the purchase of the games developer Mojang by Microsoft for $2.5 billion earlier this year.

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Jolla Tablet Raises Over 1.8 Million And Will Now Feature Split Screen


Just over a month ago the development team behind the Jolla Tablet launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help manufacture the world’s first crowd sourced open source tablet.

Initially the Jolla tablet campaign aimed to raise $380,000 to manufacture the Jolla Tablet, although this figure was passed in just a few hours of the camping launching, and now the campaign has finished raising a massive $1,824,055.

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Pidapter Adapter Converts Raspberry Pi B+ Mini PC Pins To Sockets (video)

Raspberry Pi B+

Developers, makers and hobbyists that enjoy building projects using the Raspberry Pi mini PC may be interested in a new adapter called the Pidapter that has been designed to convert the GPIO pin header on the Raspberry Pi version B+ to sockets.

Not only does the Pidapter adapter convert to the Raspberry Pi B+ pins two sockets it also provides handy port pin descriptions to make sure all your connections are in the right places with ease.

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Microsoft Accepting Bitcoin For Xbox Games

Microsoft Bitcoin

If you want to buy a game on your Xbox or want to purchase a Windows App, you now have another option of payment, Bitcoins, as Microsoft is now supporting the digital currency.

Bitcoin can now be used to add funds to your Microsoft account, and you can then use the funds to buy games, digital content and apps with your Microsoft account.

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EE TV Receives New Apps And Support For The BBC Connected Red Button


After launching the new EE TV service at the beginning of November 2014 throughout the UK, and making it available for free for new and existing EE mobile customers that purchase a broadband plan starting from £9.95 or above per month.

EE has today announced that their new EE TV hardware has received a few new applications for users to enjoy and now supports applications for Deezer, Dailymotion, Euronews, Hopster and Cloudio TV.

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Hemingwrite Offers Writers A Distraction Free Digital Typewriter (video)


Sometimes writing articles, books or documents on your computer, laptop or tablet can be a little distracting due to the number of other applications that are available to easily open or are normally running in the background providing pop-ups, notifications and pings to constantly distract you.

If you are one of those writers that feels distracted by the operating system or software running on your computer you may be interested in the new device called the Hemingwrite, that has been specifically created to provide writers with a distraction free environment.

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Sony Attempts To Block Leaked Files


After Sony was hacked recently a number of movies were leaked, along with a range of internal documents, emails, and personal information on Sony employees.

According to a recent report by re/code Sony is attempting to blocked the leaked files from torrent websites, and it is apparently doing this using a denial of service attack, something that is normally associated with hackers.

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ODROID-C1 Quad Core Mini PC Launches For $35

Quad Core Mini PC

Makers, hobbyists and developers that are looking for a quad core mini PC to help develop their projects may be interested in the new Hardkernel ODROID-C1.

The Hardkernel’s ODROID-C1 is a single board mini PC similar to the Raspberry Pi but with a faster CPU. Being powered by a 1.5 GHz Amlogic S805 ARM Cortex-A5 quad-core CPU based on ARMv7 architecture supported by 1GB of RAM.

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