New Slimmer Intel NUC Mini Desktop Systems Unveiled

Intel NUC

Intel has this week unveiled its new range of Intel NUC mini desktop computer systems that build on its previous mini NUC PC systems and which are now smaller measuring just 4 inches square and now half the height of previous versions within the Intel NUC range.

The Intel half-NUC range was first teased back in September of this year and this week Intel have released some new images of the next generation mini desktop systems revealing just how small they are going to be.

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Steam Holiday Sale 2014 Commences December 18th 6pm GMT First Auction Underway

Steam Holiday Sale 2014

After a leaked email was published over on the Reddit website revealing that the Steam Holiday Sale 2014 would start later this month on December 18th 2014.

It has now been confirmed by the Eurogamer website that the Steam Holiday Sale 2014 offering a wealth of games for Steam members to enjoy will run from December Thursday 18th 6pm GMT until Friday, January 2nd 2015 thanks to Valve.

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Apple iPhone 7 A9 Processor Production Started By Samsung

iphone 7

According to a recent report, Samsung has started production of the Apple A9 processor for next years iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, we previously heard that Samsung would be making the processor for Apple.

The news comes in a report from the Korean ETNews, who has said that Samsung has started production of the Apple A9 processor at a plant in Austin in the US, and the processor is being constructed using 14nm FinFET technology.

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101 Touch Keyboard Offers A New Perspective On Computer Control (video)

Touch Keyboard

Computer users that are looking for a new and innovative way to interact with their systems might be interested in the 101 Touch keyboard which has launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website with the aim of raising £180,000 to help take the concept into production.

The 101 Touch Keyboard has been designed to offer a next-generation keyboard to users providing a new perspective to computer controls its creators 101touch. Watch the video below to learn more about the 101touch project and see it in action.

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New Pipo X7 TV Box Runs Windows 8.1Powered By Intel Atom Bay Trail

Pipo X7 TV Box Runs Windows

A new TV box has been unveiled by Chinese hardware manufacture Pipo this week in the form of the Pipo X7 which is capable of running Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system with Bing.

As well as being able to stream content from the usual suspects such as YouTube, Netflix and Hulu due to running Windows 8.1 you can also view and run Microsoft Office applications, Minecraft, Internet Explorer or any other Windows applications you might have installed. Providing a desktop environment on your large screen HDTV.

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Apple Online Store Now Takes PayPal


Apple has now added a new payment option to its online store in the UK and US, you can now make purchases from the Apple Store using PayPal.

PayPal has been available previously as a payment option in Apple’s iTunes store and also the App Store, and now the company has added PayPal to their online retail store.

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Scrolls Digital Collectible Card Game Launched By Mojang (video)


Gamers patiently waiting for the new Scrolls game created by Mojang, the developers of the hugely popular Minecraft game will be pleased to know that it has now been released on PC, Mac and Android tablets.

If you haven’t already played the Scrolls game there is a free version available that then can be upgraded in game via a $5 purchase. If you’ve already bought Scrolls or participated in the Alpha or Beta Scrolls development stages the full final version of the new game will be automatically be unlocked.

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Xbox One Sales Hit 1.2 Million Units In November

xbox one

It looks like November may have been Microsoft’s best month to date for sales of their Xbox One console, and now Microsoft has confirmed that they managed to sell a total of 1.2 million Xbox One consoles last month.

Microsoft released the sales figures yesterday citing research firm NPD, and according to the company, the console was the top seller in the UK in November.

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Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster is confirmed for PS4

ffxxThere was a mistake made on the Square Enix store earlier this week which brought up the possibility that Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster may be released for the PlayStation 4 soon. I know that many Final Fantasy fans would love that. The cover art for the game leaked through Square Enix Boutique which is the publisher’s online store for France.

It was confirmed that it wasn’t a fake. And now we have an official announcement from the publisher. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster has been confirmed to be releasing for PS4. Awesome! That will make fans very happy.
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Hulu offers free TV shows for Android users this holiday season

huluplusandroidThe holidays are a busy time for all of us, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t have some time to watch your favorite shows. Well Hulu wants to help you catch up with some of your favorite shows during the holidays, with a little gift.

Previously using Hulu on your Android device meant that you would need to pay for a Hulu Plus account. However just for this holiday season, Hulu has decided that they will give Android users the ability to stream videos for free. This is regardless of whether they have a Hulu Plus account or not. That’s a nice gift for the holiday season.
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Samsung Tizen Smartphone Delayed Again

samsung tizen

It looks like the Samsung Tizen smartphone has been delayed again, this is not the fist time the launch of the device has been delayed, and it has been pushed back a number of times this year.

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, Samsung were expected to launch the device in India yesterday, although it looks like the handset has been delayed again.

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Official Indiegogo Android App Launches

Indiegogo Android App

Those of you that enjoy backing crowd funding projects are sure to be pleased to know that one of the major crowdfunding websites Indiegogo has today released its official Indiegogo Android application.

Allowing interested crowd funders to peruse the projects on offer before they invest and risk their hard earned cash on a possible project that has te risk of completely failing if not correctly executed.

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