Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone Now Available In China

Xiaomi Mi4

Last week the new Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone was announced, the handset has now gone on sale in China, and the 16GB model of the device is now available for the equivalent of $320 and the 64GB model available for the equivalent of $400.

Both models of the handset are available in two colors, black and white, and this is for the WDCMA version of the handset, the CDMA model launches in August and the LTE version in September.

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Xbox One pre-orders have started in China

xbox oneFolks in China have been waiting to get their hands on the Xbox One and I’m sure that many Chinese are happy that Microsoft’s next generation console is now available for pre-order in the country. Yesterday some alleged Xbox One promotional materials for China leaked out, and already the Xbox One pre-order has gone official in the world’s most populated country.

It is sure to sell like crazy. We can expect some big numbers from Microsoft when it launches. The Xbox One will go on sale starting in September thanks to a partnership with China Telecom. However, major online retailer JD.com is already taking pre-orders from today onward.
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Sony Xperia C3 Spotted Alongside Xperia T3

Sony Xperia C3

Not too long ago, Sony announced its best selfie smartphone dubbed as the Sony Xperia C3. The handset is expected to launch sometime in August in China, later followed by other countries.

Recently, some images of the Sony Xperia C3 surfaced from Chinese shores, alongside the Sony Xperia T3. There’s a detailed photoshoot of both devices, and compare them to give the viewer an idea of the size differences between the two.

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Hilton Hotel Will Soon Allow Users to Use iPhones As Door Keys


Standing in long lines in front of the hotel reception is the last thing any person would want, but it seems things are about to change in the near future, at least for Hilton Hotels Group.

Hilton has announced the company is going to invest $550 million to give customers the ability to use their smartphones as room keys. The company expects to complete the roll out of the new feature across its hotels across the globe by 2016.

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Nokia X, X+ And XL Software Update Released

Nokia X

Microsoft has announced that the Nokia X range of smartphones, which run Google’s Android OS, are getting a software update, and the update is being released for the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL.

The software update for the Nokia X raneg of devices will bring some of the features that are available on the new Nokia X2, and this includes the new app switcher feature, plus OneDrive, Oneoite and Outlook email, plus an updated Nokia Store.

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Android 4.4.3 Update Lands On European HTC One M8

Android 4.4.3 Update

Last week the U.S. version of the HTC One M8 received the Android 4.4.3 update, and now owners of the handset in Europe will be pleased to know that HTC has now released the update for the European HTC One M8.

The Android 4.4.3 update has now started rolling out to unlocked HTC One M8 handsets in Europe, and the update should be available as an over the air update for your handset.

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Google Maps Ellis Island and Liberty Island for Virtual Tours


If you have ever used Google Maps, you know that the search giant has been using cars, bikes and people to carry camera systems though all sorts of landmarks so you can tour them virtually. For a while, Google has been working to get permission to map Ellis and Liberty Islands so that we can all take virtual tours of both historic landmarks.

Last week Google began that mapping project with a guy named Alberto Elias wearing a Trekker backpack with an orb atop fitted with 15 camera lenses and a laser along with GPS. That laser is able to get the precise distance from the backpack to specific objects. Google has wanted to make the virtual tour of Ellis and Liberty Islands for a long time, but both locations are operated by the National Park Service.

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