OUYA E3 Show To Be Held In Public Parking Lot

OUYA continues to be smart about marketing its yet to be released device, this time by putting  it in front of a mass of people traditionally ignored at press and industry-centric E3 – the players themselves. The company will be setting up in a parking lot outside the LA Convention Center and making sure its booth is packed with games by providing exhibiting devs with everything from equipment to free food.

“OUYA will be present for all three days of the event, and we’ll provide everything you’ll need to put on a killer game demo,” Developer’s Best Friend (actual job title) Kellee Santiago says in a press release (of sorts). “OUYA console…check, controllers…check, TV…check. We’ll also make sure that you’re fed and have plenty to drink while you’re onsite because hydration and nutrition are key. :)”

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