One Apple iPhone 4S got stolen twice in the same day

iPhones are one of the most popular things for thieves to steal. Apple iPhone and Apple iPad theft has become so popular, especially in New York, that they have a fitting name for the act. “Apple picking”.
iphone theft
In fact, if you remove “Apple picking”, crime in New York would have been down for 2012. Last year in New York there were 16,000 reported incidents of “Apple picking” and that accounted for 16% of all crimes committed. Here is a story that illustrates just how big the problem is. On November 23rd, around 4pm, a 16 year old girl is walking through Prospect Park with her Apple iPhone 4S when three boys appeared demanding her iPhone. One of them got the phone.

The thief went to Flatbush and Bedford Avenue and finds a possible buyer. However, the potential buyer now takes off with the phone. This single iPhone was stolen twice in the same day.

The first thief flags down a cop and tells them how his phone was stolen. They catch the second thief. Meanwhile, the police tell the original victim to call her phone, which is answered by another officer. Long story short, she got her phone back and identified the first thief. Both thieves were booked. This is one crazy story.

Source Phone Arena

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