Omate TrueSmart Watch Shipping Dates Announced

Over the weekend the developers behind the Omate TrueSmart Watch have released details on when they will start shipping their new smartwatch to backers. Revealing that shipping will start this month and extend into December depending on your Omate TrueSmart specifications.

Omate TrueSmart Watch

As with the popular Pebble smartwatch the Omate TrueSmart watch raised funds via the Kickstarter crowd funding website. Its powered by a Dual Core Cortex A7 1.3GHz processor and fitted with a 1.54’’ TFT created by LG display offering a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Running a custom Omate UI 1.0 based on Google’s latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

Other features of the new Omate Smartwatch include a 512MB + 4GB memory that is expandable using microSD 8/16/32GB cards together with a 600 mAh battery offering up to 100 hours standby time.


Omate TrueSmart Watch

The Omate TrueSmart smartwatch is different to others as its fully waterproof and been designed as a rugged watch rather than just a wrist connection to your smartphone. Omate have now listed an up to date working view of the shipping schedule :

1. 512MB+4GB (2100MHz EU 3G): Mid Nov
2. 512MB+4GB (1900MHz US 3G): Begin of Dec
3. 1GB+4GB (1900MHz US &2100MHz EU 3G): Begin of Dec
4. 1GB+8GB (2100MHz EU 3G): Mid Dec
5. 1GB+8GB (1900MHz US 3G): Mid Dec

“After the recent delays we are now to shipping the first units to our backers. We can tell you that we the latest production prototypes, including all changes as per our last update, have passed internal testing and is ready for production. Also the Developer Edition software has been finalized and is ready to be loaded onto the production models. We now have green light for production and assembly to start this monday!

Production will run in batches according to the different models, the 512MB/4GB model being the first in line Immediately followed by the 1GB/4GB model for those of you who chose to upgrade. As for shipping we have a much clearer picture now that there is a production schedule. The priority is to launch the developer edition with rooted software followed by the standard edition.  “

Source: Kickstarter

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