Novero Announces Pair of Bluetooth Handsfree Kits for Installers

Novero is a company that makes some very nice Bluetooth headsets and hands free devices for talking on your phone while you are driving. The only downside to these devices is that you have to remember to charge them up. Cars that come from the factory with Bluetooth don’t need to charge.

Novero has announced a couple new Bluetooth hands free kits that are intended for professional installers to put in a driver’s car. The kits include TheTrulyOne and TheTrustyOne. Both kits are similar and connect to the vehicles power and sound system.

They also both have installation needing no screws and can be updated via USB. The kits support voice dialing and voice texting and email with handsets that offer the features. TheTrulyone costs $159 and TheTrustyOne sells for $119.