Notion Ink Adam Tablet 15 Hours Plus Battery Life

With the imminent release of the Notion Ink Adam Tablet coming closer and closer. Founder Rohan Shravan has announced that the battery life on the Notion Ink Adam Tablet will be a minimum of 15 hours +. With the possibility of up to 2o hours with the 24Wh user replaceable battery.

Notion Ink Adam Tablet

Be warned these are figures for the $498 transflective version, not the $399 LCD model that will use considerably more juice. The most power hogging elements on Adam are (in decreasing order) LCD, Wi-Fi, 3G, Speakers (in full power mode)

Another important feature with the Notion Ink Adam Tablet is the use of its USb ports that allow you to view 1080p movies, videos, directly from the USB without actually transferring it into the Adam memory to view. You will also be able to connect keyboards and perhiperals to the tablet via the integrated USB ports.

Via Engadget

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  • mike


    Can anybody tell me if and when the Notion Ink Adam is actually going to be released and where they will be made available for purchase?

    Lord konws we’ve waited long enough? Thank you, Mike

  • mike

    Opps….. I meantr to say “Lord knows we have waited long enough?