Nintendo Wii Mini lost features to keep cost at $99

Nintendo announced the Wii Mini not very long ago, even though most of us wonder what the point is, since it strips away the Wii’s Internet connectivity, ability to play GameCube games and is without an SD card slot. It looks like all of those lost features were necessary to keep the Wii Mini within its launch price point of $99.99.

Okay, that makes sense.(Not really) But why is the Wii Mini launching only in Canada right now? Well, the country is being used as a test market for Nintendo’s stripped down Wii Mini. Depending on the console’s success in Canada, it could make its way to other countries soon.

Since the Wii U currently retails for over $300 and the Wii is retailing for around $150, it could do well. Then again, it is lacking in everything we want.

Source Ubergizmo

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