Next Xbox to be Revealed Tuesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 21st, Microsoft will be unveiling the Xbox that will compete with the PS4 (and arguably the Wii U) for the next generation of console supremacy. Last time, Sony fumbled with the launch of its Playstation 3 and all but drove console gamers into the embracing arms of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Microsoft has held its dominance in the console war between the two companies throughout this generation largely due to this head start and is looking to retain its title.

So what’s going to be the main focus of the reveal? A new graphics processor that makes everything look life-like? A terabyte of internal memory? Actually, the focus is likely to end up on the non-gaming aspects of the console much like the Playstation 4’s emphasis has been.


Let’s face it; the next generation of gaming isn’t going to be that much more graphically superior to last generation. It had to reach a stagnant point some time. But, now that the focus is away from graphics, functionality becomes the major topic. What can it do that the other consoles can’t?

Video streaming, Skype calling, and third party device integration are expected to be the major key points of the big reveal. Gaming will likely be saved for the upcoming E3 announcements. Check back tomorrow for all the details regarding the next Xbox’s official announcement.

Source – CNET

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