New Steve Jobs action figures coming in time for the holidays

We just passed the second anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, so it really isn’t a surprise that now would be a good time to release the Steve Jobs 2nd Anniversary Tribute Action Figures from Legend Toys. Why not?
jobs figure
Figures are available to honor two different eras of the Apple co-founder. You have 1970’s Steve with a suit and tie and 1980’s Steve with turtleneck and jeans. Sadly, neither has a Kung-Fu grip. Even though the company has already offered the 1980’s version of Steve, they intend to get your money with a new version that has been upgraded with improved clothing.

They are 1:6 scale and come with a replica of an old Apple computer, cut by laser and engraved. Get one for someone special this holiday season. Last year’s model was $199.99, so you can expect to pay at least that this year.

Source Phone Arena

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