New Apple TV In Action (Video)

The guys over at PCMag have put together a video showing all the new features of the Apple TV, we get a good idea of how it works and you can see many features of the Apple TV in action below.

Earlier today we also heard what was inside the new Apple TV, including the same A4 processor as in the iPhone 4 and Apple iPad as well as 256MB of RAM and even 8GB of storage.

New Apple TV

Head on over to PCmag and check out their review of the new Apple TV.

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Updated 1st October 2010.

The iPhone Dev Team have now managed to jailbreak the Apple TV, full details at the link below.

Apple TV Jailbreak.

Updated 6th October 2010.

We have now completed out Apple TV review, you can see what we thought of it at the link below.

Apple TV Review (2010)

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