New 5.6″ Display With HDMI, VGA or NTSC/PAL Is Perfect For Raspberry Pi And More

If you are looking for a small Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone black display or monitor for your integrated projects you might be interested in a new product that has arrived on the Adafruit store in the form of a 5.6″ display.

The new 5.6 inch display is priced at $150 and comes equipped with a variety of useful connections including HDMI, VGA or NTSC/PAL output, together with audio as well. Offering a resolution of 1280 x 800 or 720p @ 270 PPI.

 5.6 Display with Audio-1

The tiny monitor comes supplied with its own wired PCB with little buttons that let you enter a menu system for adjusting brightness, colour and contrast. Adafruit explain a little about the displays easy setup:

“Make a lovely audio/video setup with a 5.6″ 720p screen with HDMI stereo speaker support. For video, we have a super-sharp 5.6” TFT display with incredibly high resolution – it has 270 PPI! We tried to get the smallest & highest resolution display that would be good for embedded computing usage.

The visible display measures 5.6″ diagonal and is a ‘raw’ LVDS display as is used in a tablet, ultra thin with some mounting tabs around the edge. We include a driver board with HDMI, VGA and Composite inputs as well as stereo 4 ohm at 3W output driving capability. The setup is very easy to use – simply connect a 5-12VDC adapter to the 2.1mm center-positive DC jack, then connect a digital video source to one of the ports and two 4 to 8 ohm speakers to the SPK output pins. Voila, a display!”

For more information on the new 5.6 inch display and to purchase jump over to the Adafruit website for details.

5.6 Display with Audio-2

Source: Adafruit

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