NanoStudio iPhone Music Editing App (video)

If you are looking for a way to edit your sounds or music on the move then this neat little iPhone app by Blip Interactive might well be the solution.

The application offers a virtual recording studio with 4 virtual analogue synths, pads, a sequencer, sample editor, mixer and 10 effects units, together with a huge range of other features. Check out the demo video after the jump.


The NanoStudio iPhone app is available to purchase for $15 from Apple iTunes

Other features include :

– 4x Eden synths, TRG-16 trigger pads, 6 track sequencer, 7 input mixer with two sends
– Insert Effects – 2 per synth (waveshaper, chorus/flanger/delay)
– Send Effects – 2 (reverb, chorus/flanger/delay)
– Total polyphony – 48 stereo 44.1kHz voices, Buffer latency – 10ms
– Highly optimized code for good battery life and no audio stuttering
– Sampling and resampling
– Transfer samples and final mixes to or from your Mac/PC over WiFi
– Sample editor with 4 levels of undo/redo
– Real-time performance and recording with single or dual keyboards, trigger pads, XY controllers and pitch bend wheel
– 128 global synth presets and 64 per-project synth presets
– 16 trigger pads with configurable loop direction, trigger mode, mute groups, volume envelope and much more
– Realtime record with undo
– 6 track song editor with up to 250 parts/patterns
– Pattern editor with up to 500 events per pattern
– Record unique parts or turn them into patterns for repetitive loops (100 patterns supported)
– Draw note and controller events
– Editing functions include delete, merge, copy, move, note length, transpose, clean and quantize
– Controller editing and automation
– Time signatures 2/4 – 7/4
– 4 levels of undo/redo on every song/pattern editing operation
– Built in help

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