Music publishers caught faking billions of YouTube video views

It’s funny how music publishers are determined to stamp out piracy through lawsuits, pushing hard for new laws, and advertising campaigns to highlight how bad piracy is and then they get caught breaking the law themselves. When it comes to bolstering revenue from YouTube videos, they don’t mind breaking the rules and generating billions of fake views.
Google has caught three music publishers doing just that, and deleted billions of video views in response. The culprits are RCA, Sony/BMG, and Universal. They were all caught using online services in order to generate more views for specific videos to create more interest as the videos are seen as being popular and in turn get more exposure. The views also generate revenue for Google and the music publishers from the adverts positioned next to them.

RCA added 39 million fake views to its videos, Sony/BMG added 847.7 million, but Universal had well over a billion fake views removed from videos. Corporations are truly sickening sometimes.

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