Motorola Sells Out of Moto X On Wednesday Within Minutes

After a problematic start on Monday, Motorola announced that the two-day Cyber Monday sale will continue on Wednesday and next Monday, offering a $150 discount on the off-contract Moto X, until allotted Moto X units were sold out. Motorola announced via Google+ that the company is sold out of all the promotional Moto X units on Wednesday in under 9 minutes after the deal went live.

Moto X

Thanks for shopping! Moto X is sold out at it’s promo price today. At noon ET on Mon, 12/9, register for your unique code while supplies last.

If you failed to get one for yourself, you can try your luck again on Monday, December 9th. Motorola defined the ground rules and mentioned that users have to sign up on their holiday website to get a promo code, which will give users a discount of $150 on their Moto X purchase, which can be customized via Moto Maker website as well. For those who’re looking for the developer edition, you’d be disappointed to know that it was also sold out earlier this week, so you have to go with the customized Moto X. Make sure you’re ready at noon on Monday, 9th of December if you want to purchase a Moto X.

Did you get your hands-on the discounted Moto X?

Source: Motorola (Google+), IntoMobile

Image Credit: GigaOm