Modern Warfare 3 Blackout Gains Momentum

When you displease gamers, be prepared to feel their wrath. Modern Warfare 3 gamers are not a happy bunch right now. They have been requesting fixes to bug issues and have not gotten any answers, even though they have given Activision and Infinity Ward many chances. They are being ignored so now they feel that it is time to take action.

Many members of the Modern Warfare Community feel that the only way they will be heard is to have a blackout, so that both companies will pay attention. The movement started out small, but has grown to a large amount of followers. They are mad as hell and they have a date.

April 20th is the day that they plan to darken the MW3 servers, by simply not playing.

Source Ubergizmo

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  • Roxando_antho

    go play bf3 instead ^^ much funner and developer isent a jew when it comes to admitting there wrong and fixing the problems.