Mitsubishi Unveil 92″ 3D Cinema TV

Today Mitsubishi have unveiled their latest monster 3D Cinema Television fitted with a massive 92 inch screen. The new Mitsubishi display is powered by DLP technology and features a built-in 3D emitter, 4 x HDMI inputs, Bluetooth for audio streaming, multiple speakers, rear speaker and subwoofer outputs, the JADE Activity-Based User Interface, and a 120Hz sub-frame refresh rate.

Mitsubishi 92 3D Cinema TV

As you would expect a 92 inch display isn;t going to be cheap and being equipped with Mitsubishi’s new 3D technology and DLP technology bumps the prices even higher to a hefty $6000 price tag. But then again for 92 inches of 3D technology the price doesn’t seem all that outrageous, or does it?

Via Ubergizmo

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