Microsoft Zune Marketplace Finally Closing Its Doors

It’s been a long time coming but in the next week or so Microsoft will be finally closing the doors on its Zune Marketplace which is being replaced by the new Microsoft Marketplace.

It was originally expected that the Zune Marketplace would be closed around August 22 of this year however Microsoft has extended its life a little longer until November 22, 2013.

Zune Marketplace

On November 22nd Microsoft’s Zune’s Marketplace will stop selling and renting content, and won’t allow users to browse TV content. But purchased Zune Marketplace content will be available to users via the Xbox Video service.

Microsoft users that still have Microsoft Points still in their accounts will be able to convert those to their local currency, enabling them to then be used to purchase items within the Xbox Video and Music stores. Microsoft explains:

“Zune Marketplace customers who do not own an Xbox 360, or do not transition their Microsoft account to local currency on an Xbox 360, can continue to use Microsoft Points on Zune Marketplace for a limited time. After this limited time, these Microsoft Points will be retired, and you will no longer be able to rent or buy content with Microsoft Points on Zune Marketplace. Therefore, we encourage you to spend your Microsoft Points now.”

For more information on the closure of the Zune marketplace and Microsoft points jump over to the Microsoft Xbox website for details.

Source: Tech Crunch

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