Microsoft SkyDrive Website Crashes Opera Browsers With NULL Characters

Users of Mozilla’s Opera browser might be wise to stay away from Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service for the time being, as it’s been discovered that the SkyDrive website is capable of crashing Opera’s desktop browser with NULL commands.

The SkyDrive code includes over 2 million NULL characters, causing the Opera browser to hang and use 100 percent system processor resources, as the browser trys to interpret the NULL values.

SkyDrive Opera

However other browser receiving the same NULL characters within the SkyDrive code such as Firefox and Internet explorer show no signs of problems reading the NULL characters.

For more information jump over to the blog of Opera Core Quality Assurance software tester Hallvord R. M. Steen, who explains that Opera will need to change the way their browser reads the NULL values.

Source: TNW

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