Microsoft Gives Us More Details On Windows 8 Tablets (Videos)

We have already seen quite a few different videos showing Microsoft’s new Windows 8 platform running on both tablets and PC’s, and now Microsoft has released a new video of Windows 8 running on a tablet.

The tablet in the video is the Samsung Windows 8 prototype that we saw previously and this time we get to see how Windows 8 will look on tablets in both landscape and portrait modes.

Windows 8 Tablet

A Windows 8 PC is really a new kind of device, one that scales from small, touch-only tablets to laptops and desktops. While reimagining Windows 8, we designed it to deliver a great experience regardless of the form factor or screen orientation. Tablet devices allow for ergonomic flexibility, allowing you to hold the device in whichever orientation is most comfortable to you and best suits your content.

You can find our more information about Windows 8 for both tablets and PCs over at the Microsoft Blog.

Source Win Rumors


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