Max Payne Coming To iOS April 12th and Android April 26th

Want some Max Payne action on your iPhone? How about your Android device? You got it. Rockstar Games has announced that Max Payne will be coming to your iOS and Android devices in the very soon. It will be available for Apple products like the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, along with the iPod touch 4 and iPad on April 12th.

It will arrive two weeks later for Google devices on the 26th. Max Payne Mobile promises HD graphics, high resolution textures and exclusive content through Rockstar’s Social Club service. Plus, a lot of bullets flying. We don’t yet know which Android devices will be supported, but they promised to publish a full list soon.

Get ready for a ton of mobile shooting and bullet time. You can finally have Max on the go.

Source Engadget

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