Man sues Google After Street View Catches Him Urinating In Garden

You can’t make this stuff up. An unidentified French man is suing Google because a picture of him urinating in his own back garden appeared on Street View. Maybe he just wanted to fertilize the soil? Someone should tell him that peeing in the garden will only produce pee, not peas.

He was relieving himself at the same moment the Street View car passed through his small French village in Maine-et-Loire. The camera was mounted high enough on the car to see into the garden, and caught a full, though slightly blurred view of him.

Soon enough his neighbors started talking, probably pointing and laughing and making up funny names for him and he then found the image of himself on Street View. So now he is suing Google for making him “an object of ridicule” and causing him undue distress. Google is basically downplaying this case, however, the man was on his own property when the photo was captured, and it was taken without his permission, so he has a good case. We will have to wait and see what the courts think.

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  • sfantu

    The lucky bastard … Wonder how much he might get . 😀