Man sends 3D-printed head as job application

These days, when applying for a job, you have to stand out from the pack. In this case, standing out means using a 3D-printed replica head of the job applicant in question. That’s what New York City resident Floyd Hayes did. He went to the Makerbot store downtown, where we was able to scan his head into a full 3D model.
3d head
He ordered 10 of the 3D-printed heads and shipped them to prospective employers inside a clear container. The label reads “Tiny head, big ideas.” Hays says he actually has a small head in real life, so it is appropriate. Especially when you know some of his story. Then you see that his ideas really are big as well.

Floyd Hayes has a history of nontraditional advertising, like putting a Mini Cooper on the roof of a building for instance. Floyd is pretty awesome in my book.

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