Man files lawsuit against Pinterest, says they stole his ideas

Theodore F. Schroeder filed a lawsuit against Pinterest, claiming that the idea for the website was his and that they stole it. The co-defendant listed on the filing is Brian Cohen, who was one of the earliest investors in Pinterest, and who had worked with Schroeder on projects called Rendezvoo and Skoopwire.
Cohen also rejected several Pinterest-like features for Rendezoo. After the pair went their separate ways, Cohen became an investor in Pinterest and the site is alleged to have used some of Schroeder’s ideas, possibly passed along from Cohen. If all of that is true, it certainly would look suspicious.

The major ideas that Schroeder claims were stolen include content boards and infinite scrolling. Rendezoo was said to have targeted females and of course Pinterest has a huge female membership which is looked at as suspicious as well. The site has responded by saying that the lawsuit is “baseless” and will be “aggressively fought”.

Source Phone Arena

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