Magnetic Levitating Sculpture Suspends Objects In Mid Air

Magnetic sculptures area a sure sign of chronic geekyness. You just need to have something levitating in your abode to prove you live in a place where science and fantasy coincide. Seen below is a miniature magnetic sculpture that’s being sold in a knockdown kit. Notice the levitating bit that’s defying gravity? It’s a small object caught between the power of two magnets. But keep in mind that since this is a magnetic levitation sculpture, that’s pretty much all it does. Might be a good paperweight but don’t push it.

Magnetic Levitating Sculpture

If you’re wondering about the shape, well, don’t wonder too hard. The laser cut ‘pieces’ were designed in such a way as to support a structure that can pull off the magnet magic happening near its base. As shown in the accompanying pic, it’s also hand assembled so anyone can probably swing it.

The DIY Levitating Magnetic Sculpture Kit is currently selling for $49.99.


Source ThinkGeek



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